10 Cheap Patio Paver ideas for Diy in 2023

Cheap patio paver ideas include using cost-effective materials like gravel, concrete, or recycled bricks for paving. Cheap patio paver ideas offer an innovative approach to transforming outdoor living space without straining your budget.

Patios are a fantastic addition to any home, providing an inviting area for relaxation, entertainment, and family gatherings. However, the cost of traditional paver materials and professional installation can often deter homeowners from pursuing their patio dreams.

We’ll explore inventive and affordable patio paver options to help you update your outdoor area on a budget. These concepts allow for many possibilities, from using unconventional materials and DIY methods to trying new designs and layouts.

With these thrifty strategies, you can achieve a charming and functional patio that enhances your outdoor experience and proves that luxury and style need not come at a high price.

Cheap patio paver ideas

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List of Cheap Patio Paver ideas

Here is the list of 10 cheap patio paver ideas

1.      Black Luminosity

Cheap patio paver ideas

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Using a wooden form, you can create these stunning black patio pavers. Wooden moulds, particularly those treated with a waterproof stain, are common because they are cheap and long-lasting.

The black color sticks out since most of your patio is a brown shade caused by the wood. This paver idea may be more affordable if the framework is built in a brick-like structure with numerous sections.

The mix of poured concrete and gravel in the paver ensures that it will withstand the wear and strain that will be inflicted on it by the foot traffic that will occur on your patio. They are available in several different rectangular sizes and may be used to create an attractive floor.

Black Luminosity

2.      Snap-Up Patio Pavers from Blocks

Cheap patio paver ideas

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Here, we see a fashionable border made from interlocking stone pieces, both square and double square, and bigger block pieces. Clean stones will be required to create the setting pitch that serves as the foundation for the pavers.

These stones are porous, allowing water to flow without pooling on the surface. Create a straight Herrington bone template as the starting point for your project.

The interlock forms several basket weave patterns, creating a visually stunning block patio design.  Extend the patio by adding blocks following the established layout. This patio paver project is time-consuming due to the intricate pattern, but the result is beautiful.

Snap-Up Patio Pavers from Blocks

3.      Patio Stones for a fire Pit

Cheap patio paver ideas

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Patio pavers with a fire pit are a mix of pavers and a fire pit made from the same or complementary materials. The goal is to use pavers built from tiny brinks laid out regularly to create a neat appearance.

The brick used for the wall of the fire pit in the middle is the same brick used for the rest of the structure. Bricks are made of clay due to their muddy tone, but you may use different materials and paint them whatever colour you choose.

Since bricks can be made from almost anything, selecting a less expensive material is simpler.

Patio Stones for a Fire Pit-view plan

4.      Patio Stones with Flowers

Cheap patio paver ideas

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These multicoloured floral patio pavers with rubber frames are inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. Beautiful flower-petal-like pavers are the result of the frames’ asymmetrical designs.

The use of contrasting hues lends this design even more distinction, guaranteeing it plenty of admiring attention. Tap the concrete lightly to ensure no air pockets after placing a few rubber frames on a cleaned and prepared floor.

Create a vibrant pattern that resembles the petals of a flower by making use of a variety of colours. The objective is to continue repeating this over and over again with the frames until the whole of the patio floor is covered and protected.

Patio Stones with Flowers-view plan

5.      Pavers made of Patterned Concrete

Cheap patio paver ideas

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Pavers of patterned concrete offer a striking and practical choice for your patio flooring. When arranged in a checkerboard pattern, these pavers create an eye-catching visual effect with a dynamic interplay of contrasting colours.

The concrete is specially coloured to mimic natural stone, ensuring a realistic, lasting appearance. Unlike other materials, these concrete pavers are built to endure over time.

Their colours remain vibrant without fading, and they resist chipping, retaining their original lustre. Additionally, the checkered design enhances traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls, especially when the pavers are wet.

This anti-slip feature is particularly valuable, as smooth paver surfaces can become hazardous in wet conditions. You can enjoy aesthetics and safety with patterned concrete pavers, making them durable and visually appealing for your patio.

Pavers made of patterned concrete

6.      Combination Grass and Concrete Patio

Cheap patio paver ideas

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Create a unique patio by combining concrete tiles and lush grass. To achieve this look, precise measurements and square moulds are crucial. Pour concrete into alternating squares, allowing the others to cure empty.

Once the concrete sets, you can plant grass in the open squares for a natural touch or opt for low-maintenance artificial turf.

Finish by trimming the grass to sit slightly above the pavement’s surface. This blend of concrete and greenery offers a visually appealing and easy-to-maintain patio design.

Combination Grass and Concrete Patio

7.      Stone Pavers for Outdoor Spaces

Cheap patio paver ideas

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Reducing the number of patio pavers needed to cover the area makes a mix of pavers and rocks visually appealing and cost-effective. The little pebbles will stand out against the pavers since they are usually different colors.

This plan is difficult because the stones are loose and might be moved out of the region, necessitating restocking.

A pavers and rocks patio surface expedites drying since water rapidly drains through the pebbles. You may use whatever stones are readily accessible, but it looks best if you stick to stones of the same size, hue, and composition as the pavers.

Stone Pavers for Outdoor Spaces

8.      Red Brick Pavers

Cheap patio paver ideas

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Burned clay, a mixture of clay and lime, is used to create the famous red brick. They’re cheap and available almost everywhere. These bricks are sturdy and durable and need little maintenance during their extended service life.

Red bricks for your patio floor are lightweight and easy to place. If you need pavers on a budget, use bricks. However, more bricks than stepping stones or concrete tiles are needed to cover a patio floor.

Bricks’ diminutive size makes them suitable for various patterns, but this concept showcases a simple brick installation that uses the ubiquitous zigzag motif. Bricks may be inexpensive, but the massive effort required to set them in place belies their low cost.

Red Brick Pavers

9.      Gravel-Covered Stepping Stones

Cheap patio paver ideas

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As a patio floor, you may use a combination of huge stepping stones of varied sizes and gravel of the same colour as the stepping stone. Pea gravel is suggested because of its smooth texture and nice appearance in this setting.

The gravel is safe to walk barefoot, even though the stepping stones are preferable. Line your patio with stepping stones to create a walking area, then fill the rest of the space with pea gravel.

This Pavel patio concept is cheap and simple to implement since gravel is inexpensive, and you don’t have to lay it in cement. Because of how easily they shift, you’ll need to occasionally rake or replenish the stone.

Gravel-covered stepping stones

10. Pavers for Outdoor Patios with Mosaic Designs

Cheap patio paver ideas

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This mosaic patio paver is no exception; the meticulous arrangement of materials in a mosaic pattern always results in a stunning visual effect. Mosaic pavers made from inexpensive pebbles, stones, and gravel set in a rhythmic pattern may give your patio a new look without breaking the bank.

Many tiny stones are used in mosaic patio pavers; therefore, it takes a lot of time to place them in cement properly.

Mosaic pavers require much work to install, but the beautiful pattern you get in return is worth the effort. This mosaic pattern may become your patio’s focal point when executed with the correct colour scheme and stone placement.

Patio pavers with mosaic patterns

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