10 Best DIY laundry pedestals-Free Projects and Plans

DIY laundry pedestals you build yourself are an ingenious answer to a typical problem in the home. Most washing machines are placed at a low height, making it difficult to load and unload them.

The solution lies in constructing these pedestals yourself. They are often crafted from materials such as plywood and can be altered to provide an optimal fit for your washing machine and dryer.

Elevating your appliances to an appropriate height makes it much easier on your back to do laundry tasks and creates additional storage space underneath for you to keep your materials.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make your own DIY laundry pedestals step by step, whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just looking to improve your laundry room’s functionality and organization.

1. Laundry Pedestal With Large Drawers

This pedestal’s two huge drawers add practical storage space to its pristine white design. Now, you can rest assured that you’ll have ample extra storage space in your bathroom without sacrificing aesthetics.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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The pieces are glued and bolted together after using a miter saw to cut the 24 boards. Plywood is then fastened to the frame once it has been constructed. Put the drawers where you want them by sliding them into position on the drawer slides fitted into the boxed frame.

When placed on the outside of the frame, trim pieces can hide the sharp edges created by the frame. The last step is to cover the entire thing in smooth, white paint, after which two MDF boards are bonded, fastened to the front of the drawers, and topped with trim pieces.

Laundry Pedestal With Large Drawers

2. Washer and Dryer Pedestal Plans

Pedestals with drawers are great for hiding away laundry supplies, but they require frequent cleaning of the space under the machine. If you find that unappealing or squeezing your washer and dryer into a small, awkward location, this do-it-yourself solution may be the way to go. The pedestal is nothing more than an elevated slab; it has no compartments or distinctive characteristics.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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The general contractor suggests constructing a frame from a medium-density fiberboard and bracing it with two joists for further stability. These ensure that the object does not have an unequal weight distribution and does not cause the item to droop in the center.

The pedestal made of solid wooden blocks might be tough to move around while you are working on the project. As a result, putting together the item is strongly encouraged to take place in the washing room.

Washer and Dryer Pedestal Plans

3. Simple Pedestal for Washing Machine Plans

The materials list for this plan is short and simple. You can quickly increase the storage space in your laundry room and get your machines off the floor with plywood, a melamine shelf, wooden planks, and a wooden frame.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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Although the plan includes detailed dimensions, it is recommended that you take your measurements and adapt them to your machine.

It would be best if you also modified the legs to be compatible with your existing laundry baskets. You can paint the frame to coordinate with your laundry room’s aesthetic or keep it a classic white.

Simple Pedestal for Washing Machine Plans

4. Organizer DIY Laundry Pedestal Plans

This do-it-yourself scheme is ideal for those who enjoy neatness and labeling everything. It will help your laundry room seem better, and you’ll have an easier time coordinating your washings.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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The labels on the pedestal’s front can, of course, be changed. You can save time and work by purchasing peel-and-stick alphabets rather than cutting out the letters yourself from vinyl.

In addition, the frame can be painted any color you like or left natural for a classic wooden finish. The secret is to polish and finish the wood to make it look shiny.

Organizer DIY Laundry Pedestal Plans

5. Elegant DIY Laundry Pedestal Plans

Elegant DIY laundry pedestal plans are step-by-step instructions for creating stylish and functional laundry pedestals designed to elevate appliances and enhance laundry room organization and aesthetics.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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Get the dimensions of your washer space and the desired height, and then cut 2x10s to those dimensions using a miter saw. It is all utilizing either a pneumatic or brad nailer; these pre-cut pieces are nailed together to form the sides of the box. When you have finished drilling holes in the top for ventilation, you can add a piece of MDF. The result could be fairly hefty, even though putting it together is relatively easy. Therefore, you may save time by putting the puzzle together in the toilet while waiting your turn.

Elegant DIY Laundry Pedestal Plans

6.12-Step DIY Laundry Pedestal Plans

Make this simple, straightforward design in only 12 easy steps. It’s functional and fits in with the modern, pared-down aesthetic.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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A good chunk of plywood, an MDF board, wood filler, paint, and some screws are needed for this project. After you’ve put the boards together, patch in any holes or scratches with wood filler, let it dry, and then paint it twice for a professional-looking sheen.

Keep the wood natural, but smooth off any splinters or sharp edges. However, excessive sanding should be avoided lest the pedestal’s measurements be altered.

12-Step DIY Laundry Pedestal Plans

7. DIY Floating Washing Machine Stand Plans

The carefully detailed drawings for this thin-framed washing pedestal make the seemingly challenging task of building one appear like child’s play.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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The builder begins by constructing a frame out of 2x4s and joists for stability before adding two sheets of plywood to the top and bottom of the structure. The bottom shelf does not have to support the weight of the washer; like the top shelf, you can use thinner plywood.

Wood filler or caulking is used to patch any damage, and the entire thing is sanded to a smooth finish. You can use 44 wooden blocks trimmed to size for the side pillars.

DIY Floating Washing Machine Stand plans

8. Free Drawer Laundry Pedestal Plans

The appearance of drawers affixed to the base rather than the open storage areas seen in the earlier pedestal variants. If this is the case, then the do-it-yourself project you’ve been waiting for is this well-contrasted wooden construction. These are some suggestions that will also be beneficial for those who have extremely tall machines or top-loaders. The pedestal stands at a height that is neither too high nor too low. Nevertheless, the size of the cabinets may be modified to accommodate higher pedestals if needed.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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The builder recommends routing out spaces for the washers’ feet to rest in, making it possible to set the machines on the stand safely. They won’t vibrate as much while they work because of this.

Free Drawer Laundry Pedestal Plans

9. Single Laundry Pedestal Plans

Each appliance, the washer, and the dryer, has its own set of wheels and base stand in this design. In addition, the materials required to construct these platforms are relatively inexpensive. Pick some up at places like Home Depot or the hardware shop in your area for a not-too-expensive price.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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The top and sides of the washer are created out of plywood planks, and its stability is ensured by legs constructed from posts made from 2×4 lumber. You may finish painting the stands’ exteriors with either a paintbrush or a can of spray paint. Either option is OK.

If you want to conceal the front of the pedestal, place a piece of plywood over it. It has the right alternative if you want a frame that’s easy to move about but only needs a little room to store your laundry materials.

Single Laundry Pedestal Plans

10. Straightforward Laundry Pedestal Plans

This do-it-yourself laundry pedestal is conveniently open on all sides, so there is no front or rear. Its all-white frame and brown edge brackets provide a stark contrast, making the item look simple and sophisticated.

DIY Laundry Pedestals

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The designers of this plan offer the following helpful suggestion: Before screwing the parts together, paint them individually. It will make it much simpler and faster to protect all the surface areas.

Straightforward Laundry Pedestal Plans

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