10 DIY Outdoor Shower Plans Ideas-Build an Outdoor Shower

DIY outdoor shower plans ideas give homeowners an accessible and versatile way to enhance their outdoor spaces. This DIY outdoor shower plans ideas offer the opportunity to create a custom outdoor shower tailored to individual preferences and needs.

Whether aiming for a rustic, natural aesthetic or a modern, sleek design, DIY outdoor shower plans ideas can be adapted to suit any style. Additionally, they are cost-effective and achievable for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels.

This guide explores ideas for DIY’s outdoor shower plans, offering inspiration and step-by-step instructions to transform outdoor areas into tranquil retreats. With DIY outdoor shower plan ideas, individuals can elevate their outdoor living experiences and enjoy the refreshing luxury of an outdoor shower in their backyard.

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10 DIY Outdoor Shower Plans ideas

Here are the top 10 DIY outdoor shower plans ideas.

1.      Outside Lumber and Corrugated Tin Shower

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The warmer months provide more opportunities for activities outside. Therefore, spending much time outside will bring much dirt into your clothing, shoes, and potentially even your face and body.

Therefore, put an end to tracking this dirt into your house by constructing this simple outdoor shower as soon as possible. You will be able to remove all the filth you come into contact with while you are outside, making it possible to enter your home in a clean and uncluttered state.

Building an outdoor shower that can give users high secrecy takes little work or time. You will need some basic plumbing, some straightforward timber, some corrugated metal, and some curtains. It is necessary to connect a garden house for the shower to function.

Outside Shower with Lumber and Corrugated Tin-view plan

2.      Garden Hose Outdoor Shower

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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This article will teach you how to construct a private outdoor shower for the ideal backyard retreat. It will enable you to clean up outside after performing fantastic garden maintenance and other chores before entering your house.

Construct the walls of the privacy shower out of fence boards, make the floor out of tiles that have been painted, set up the drainage with stones, and top it all off with a rain showerhead.

By connecting the garden hose to the shower, you can improve the shower performance significantly. Building a garden shed equipped with an outside shower would be the best project you could take on.

Garden Hose Shower Outdoors-view plan

3.      Easy DIY Off-Grid Outdoor Shower

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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You may get instructions on creating an outdoor shower without public services or the power supply here. It is possible to erect it vertically in your backyard, on the branches of a tree, or in any other outdoor forest.

Determine the layout of the outside area and then level the ground. Installing the wooden walls all the way around will give the place a sense of seclusion, and you should also lay down some flooring.

Install the water pipes and gently suspend the barrel from a tree to channel water through the shower. This idea uses a 20-gallon water storage barrel. Anyone may create one of the best and simplest outdoor shower ideas without a grid.

Easy DIY Grid Outdoor Shower-view plan

4.      Homemade and Fully Functional Outdoor Shower

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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One of the most enjoyable forms of water play found outside is using the outdoor showers. After becoming filthy in the garden or backyard, using them is also essential if you want to enter the house in a clean state.

Therefore, utilize these free inventive ideas and hacks to build an outdoor shower that will last, look great and cost as little as possible. A plastic barrel, pump, cap, PVC tubing, and showerhead are needed to quickly build this amazing outdoor shower.

Your appreciation for the warmer months will increase as a result of this. When the barrel is depleted of its contents, you must refill it. The fact that this shower can be moved outside is, without a doubt, the feature that offers the most convenience.

Homemade and Fully Functional Outdoor Shower-view plan

5.      Outdoor Corrugated Metal Shower Plan

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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You will not let your children or pets enter your house if they are filthy. Therefore, use an outdoor shower that is very simple to construct, can be done in a short amount of time, and requires only a few number of components.

You will need corrugated metal panels, 2x4s, a peeler-core log, screws, water-based wood sealer, and bespoke screws to construct a long-lasting and completely functional outdoor shower.

To construct this incredible outdoor shower, you will need some nylon plumbing pipe, a shower head, a shower arm, elbows, pipes, a gate-valva faucet, hose couplings, C-shaped pipe hangers, and a garden hose. You won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on this project at all.

Outdoor Corrugated Metal Shower Plan

6.      DIY Heated Outdoor Shower

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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With this straightforward and speedy-to-construct outdoor heated shower, you may enjoy a life of luxury even in the middle of the woods. If you rush to construct a hot shower in the great outdoors, you can swiftly and easily centre your attention on an outside tree.

To construct this completely working heated outdoor shower, you will need 2x4s, smooth stones, a nearby tree, a hose, a flexible shower head, rope, and adapters.

These are the essential items. In addition, finish it off with a side table that you can use to store your bathroom necessities, such as your soap and essential oils. Taking a bath in this shower will undoubtedly feel like a trip to paradise.

DIY Heated Outdoor Shower-view plan

7.      DIY Camp Shower

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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Campers are going to be blown away by this wonderful portable outdoor shower. The shower structure is built out of PVC tubing and includes a curtain so that you may have complete privacy.

This outdoor shower is portable so that it can be put in a camper truck or van, and using it will undoubtedly elevate the quality of your summer experience in the great outdoors.

The undertaking is appropriate for all novices and will cost you no more than twelve dollars. The project will be awesome for your camper life and make it possible for you to stay clean while travelling in the great outdoors.

DIY Camp Shower-view plan

8.      DIY Hot-Water Outdoor Shower

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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In this section, you will get instructions on designing and constructing an outdoor shower with hot water. The shower will unquestionably let you experience the pleasure of living outside, and contrary to popular belief, it won’t break the bank to do so.

To construct this outdoor shower with hot water in an manner, you will require a showerhead, paint, treated pine wood, hardware decking, galvanized pattern microfibre tiny roller and tray, anchors, Bondall satin-ground hardwood defender, nickel-plated screws, golden exterior wood finish in satin, and gripset betta weather seal.

Additional necessary items include stainless steel screws. This DIY outdoor shower project is incredibly simple, making it accessible to anyone with minimal effort.

DIY Hot-Water Outdoor Shower-view plan

9.      Simple Outdoor Freestanding Shower

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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This unique design of an outdoor shower that is completely functional but contemporary and minimalistic will win the hearts of any person who enjoys spending time outside. The shower and plumbing connections are built on the heavy-duty wooden beams servicing the vertical shower poles.

The 4x4s will work well as the vertical wood framing for the full outdoor shower project that is being completed. You can convert the garden shed into an outdoor facility by attaching the shower to the storage of the tools.

Adding this component will make the most of your time spent hiking, camping, and moving about in the great outdoors over the summer. The undertaking is not only simple but also quite quick and easy to do in a short amount of time.

Simple Outdoor Freestanding Shower-view plan

10. CartopCartop Solar Camp Shower

Diy outdoor shower plans ideas

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Installing this cartop solar camp shower will save you a ton of money throughout your trip, and it won’t be difficult in the least bit to put up. It will allow you to take a shower wherever you are while you are travelling.

You will need a 10-foot piece of 4-inch schedule-40 ABS pipes, two 4-inch ABS ending caps, a 4-inch ABS T-joint fittings with a threaded top opening up and a 4-inch ABS end cap with a threaded top opening ABS cleanout cover for the T-joint to construct this enchanted shower.

In addition to various other materials, the project calls for one locknut made of brass, an O-ring made of flat rubber, two foam blocks made for canoes, one Schrader valve taken from an aluminium wheel, and so on.

CartopCartop Solar Camp Showe-view plan

How to Build an Outdoor Shower Yourself?

Step 1: Locate the Water Supply Lines

To start, determine how you’ll connect the shower to water. For existing spigots, find their positions. For hot and cold water, locating indoor supply lines might need professional help in finished homes.

If copper wires are involved, you must be very careful while using a blow torch in the wall cavity because doing so requires a lot of skill. If you are not experienced in this type of work, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a plumber.

Step 2: Set the Privacy Wall Posts

In a 4×4-foot area, dig four 3-foot holes. Fill them with 6 inches of drainage gravel, insert 8-foot 4×4 posts, and ensure they’re level. For freestanding showers, add a 10-foot 4×4 post for showerhead support. Wait for concrete to set (usually 24-48 hours).

Step 3: Connect the Water Supply Lines

Once posts are secure, proceed with plumbing. PEX plumbing lines are user-friendly with the right tools, but copper pipes require expertise; consider hiring a plumber. Mount the showerhead and valve for a cold shower, connecting the piping using hangers.

For hot and cold, drill holes for supply lines, add plumbing tees, isolation valves, and redirect pipes. Following the guidelines provided by the shower valve’s manufacturer, connect the cold and hot lines to the device. Install a pipe from the valve to the showerhead, then caulk the area where the water lines leave your property.

Step 4: Create a Drainage Area

Dig a 4×4-foot hole about 1 foot deep. Construct a frame using 8-foot 2x4s and fill it with drainage gravel, compacting it using a tamping tool.

Step 5: Build the Wood Floor

Construct a frame with 2×4 boards to cover the drainage area. Secure it over the area, ensuring its level. Lay 4-foot floorboards with slight spacing, attaching them to the frame.

Step 6: Cut and Attach Privacy Wall Stringers

Install stringers to support the privacy wall. The number needed depends on your shower stall design. Suppose there is neither a gate nor a door; four stringers measuring 44-1/2 inches 2 by 4 will do about booths that stand independently.

Cut six stringers or eight if adding a door later. Mount them using joist hangers and screws, positioning the bottom ones approximately 24 inches above the ground, with the highest being approximately 56 inches above the ground.

Step 7: Install Privacy Wallboards

Begin attaching boards measuring 6 feet 5/8 inches by 5 1/2 inches as a partition for seclusion using 1-inch screws across the stringers, spacing them evenly.

To construct a door or gate, you must add two horizontal stringers 32 inches away from one another. Stringers should have boards attached to them. Check that the gate can be opened and closed easily, and leave a little space in the ground below it.

Advantages of Taking a Shower Outside

  • Refreshing escape from the heat

An outdoor shower provides a delightful way to cool down on scorching summer days. The fresh, open-air setting allows you to rinse under the sun or stars, making it a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

  • Convenient post-beach cleanup

After a day at the beach, an outdoor shower is a practical amenity. It helps you remove sand and saltwater quickly, keeping your indoor spaces clean and reducing the risk of damage from abrasive particles.

  • Enhanced hygiene

Outdoor showers are ideal for maintaining cleanliness after outdoor activities like gardening or exercising. They prevent the transfer of dirt and germs from the outdoors to your home.

  • Connection to nature

Bathing outdoors allows you to connect with the natural world. The cool water, the rustling of leaves, and the feel of natural elements on your skin create a unique sensory experience.

  • Privacy and seclusion

Many outdoor showers are designed with privacy in mind. Enclosed by walls, screens, or lush landscaping, they offer a secluded oasis for bathing in solitude or with a partner.

  • Energy efficiency

It utilizes the sun’s warmth to heat the water, and outdoor showers can be environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Solar-powered options are available, reducing energy consumption.

  • Rinse for pets and gear

Outdoor showers are versatile and can be used for more than just personal hygiene. You can use them to rinse off pets, muddy shoes, or sports equipment, keeping these items clean and odour-free.

  • Increased property value

Adding an outdoor shower can enhance your property’s appeal and value. It’s a sought-after feature for potential buyers or renters, especially in coastal or warm-climate areas.

  • Relaxation and wellness

The sensation of outdoor bathing can promote relaxation and wellness. It’s a wonderful way to unwind, reduce stress, and feel rejuvenated, all while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Put Up a Shower Curtain Outside

  • Determine the size of the space through which the shower curtain will pass.
  • Prepare two equal-sized cloth squares.
  • Join the two parts by sewing along their perimeters.
  • To conceal the seam, fold the top border by half an inch.
  • The top should be pinned down.
  • Use a zigzag stitch to secure the top edge.
  • About half an inch of the bottom border should be tucked under
  • Tack the rim down to the floor.
  • Zigzag sew the hem’s bottom edge to secure it.
  • To complete all four sides, repeat steps 5–9 once more.
  • Hang the curtain from the inside of the bath.
  • Strike up a rod and hang the drape there.
  • Hang hooks from the ceiling or wall above the bath.
  • Put up the drapes.
  • Have fun with your new bathroom accessory.

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