10 Free DIY picnic tables-Picnic table plans for the Perfect Backyard

10 DIY Picnic Tables (September) Updated 2023

DIY picnic tables are custom-made outdoor seating and dining sets, typically built from wood or other materials, allowing individuals to create personalized picnic and gathering spaces. Step into a world where wood, creativity, and outdoor fun collide.

DIY picnic tables aren’t just furniture; they’re your ticket to building memories beneath the open sky. Whether you’re a woodworking pro or new to DIY adventures, creating your picnic table is a gratifying journey.

DIY picnic tables cater to every outdoor style, from traditional wooden designs to inventive modern twists. They’re your chance to choose the perfect size, shape, and finish, making your backyard a personalized paradise.

This guide will dive into the DIY picnic table universe, serving inspiration and simple steps. Get ready to craft your outdoor haven, where laughter, meals, and memories unite effortlessly.

Best DIY Picnic Tables

Following are the best DIY picnic tables

1.      DIY Reclaimed Wood Flat Pack Picnic Table

This DIY Reclaimed Wood Flat Pack Picnic Table is the multipurpose outdoor furniture you’ve been searching for. An incredible piece of patio furniture, this table has a gutter in the middle, perfect for growing plants or storing drinks for those hot summer parties.

DIY Picnic Tables

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It uses salvaged lumber instead of store-bought, more expensive hardwood legs, making this a quick and straightforward DIY project. This planter or ice bucket picnic table may be built on the weekend and won’t break the bank.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Flat Pack Picnic Table-view plan

2.      Octagonal Picnic Table Plans

This Octagon Picnic Table is constructed to endure a lifetime and may be used for various purposes. Once your children have outgrown their enthusiasm for picnics, you can convert it into a sandbox playhouse for them to enjoy in your home or garden.

DIY Picnic Tables

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This item is ideal for parties and picnics but has other uses. This picnic table layout is constructed from pressure-treated lumber, making it long-lasting and suitable for sentimental family get-togethers.

The tops of your picnic tables are made of polythene, which is both long-lasting and resistant to stains. The legs of your picnic tables are made of galvanized steel, which offers strength and stability.

Octagonal Picnic Table Plans

3.      Children’s Picnic Table

This stylish and straightforward DIY picnic table is perfect for your kids. The picnic table’s solid wood construction ensures it will last for years, no matter the climate. It’ll make a wonderful complement to your interior design.

DIY Picnic Tables

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This picnic set’s durable design makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor usage to put it anywhere in your garden. This coffee table may be painted in any color to match your outside space, and it also makes a great present for family and friends.

Children’s Picnic Table-view plan

4.      Ana’s White Octagon Picnic Table

The beauty of this amazing picnic table cannot be overstated. This DIY project for an octagon picnic table designed by Ana White is an excellent construction. It is about eight feet wide, providing enough space for one side to sit and a significant amount of table space.

DIY Picnic Tables

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You may create this wonderful centerpiece for your backyard patio to hold pizza, hamburgers, or hot dogs or use it to play games. This table will serve you well whether you are having a small gathering of family and friends or a big gathering of friends and coworkers.

Ana White Octagon Picnic Table-view plan

5.      DIY Upcycled the Table into the Barn Quilt Table

Please use the waste wood to create an upcycled table for your home decor; its unique design and style will undoubtedly make it ideal for intimate evening meals. It will be an appealing choice for breakfast since all of your family members will be able to sit on it together, the birds will be singing in the background, and it will be blown by cleaner air.

DIY Picnic Tables

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You will have a lot of fun producing it, as it will be a sophisticated alternative that you can use to produce an excellent decorative addition to your house.

DIY Upcycled Table into Barn Quilt Table-view plan

6.      DIY Reclaimed Cable Spool into the Cheap Picnic Table

Converting a cable spool into a picnic table is a fun and cheap do-it-yourself project. This ingenious project is an ornamental focal point for your garden and a comfortable, relaxing place in the fresh air. Adding an umbrella and several stools may improve its look and functionality.

DIY Picnic Tables

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Wrapping the top of the spool with colorful flowery fabric will result in a lovely ornamental element for your house.

This ingenious invention may be used inside the house as a standard tea station and outside as a picnic table. It’s a cheap strategy for improving the look and utility of your home without breaking the bank.

DIY Reclaimed Cable Spool Into Cheap Picnic Table

7.      Hexagonal Picnic Table

The hexagonal picnic table is a stylish and versatile outdoor furniture that seats six people comfortably. Its attractive design and high-quality wood construction make it a crowd favorite, suitable for various settings.

DIY Picnic Tables

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In addition to its primary function as a dining table, it can serve as a trendy bench for social gatherings, offering practicality and style. Choosing lumber for this project is a cost-effective and straightforward option.

Lumber is readily available, easy to work with, and provides an affordable outdoor space. Its natural appearance blends seamlessly with any outdoor setting, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to enhance homes with both affordability and aesthetics.

With this hexagonal picnic table, you’re adding functionality and elevating your outdoor living area with ease and elegance.

Hexagonal Picnic Table-view plan

8.      Additional Feet for Picnic Tables

Enhance your outdoor space with a practical DIY project – adding extra feet to your picnic table. These table feet provide stability, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your meals without the worry of sinking legs on soft ground.

DIY Picnic Tables

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The lovely staining increases the table’s aesthetic appeal and makes it one of the most popular spots in the home for mealtime gatherings. During family game evenings, it transforms into a warm and welcoming setting, perfect for eating, playing, or just unwinding in front of the television.

This simple addition offers both convenience and aesthetic charm, making your picnic table a versatile and valuable addition to your outdoor gatherings and activities.

Additional Feet For Picnic Tables

9.      Fold-Up Camping Picnic Table

It’s a great picnic table created from reclaimed wood, and the ancient tripod base complements the table’s rustic charm and practicality. It’s circular and low, so people can sit around it and eat without raising their legs.

DIY Picnic Tables

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The table’s magnificent appearance is heightened by adding a hexagonal design to the top. If you’re working with a limited budget, you’ll be relieved to learn that the whole project is made of wood.

Fold Camping Picnic Table-view plan

10. Pontoon Boat Plans for a Picnic Table

This Boat Picnic Table Blueprints for Pontoons will add great fun and relaxation to your next trip to the beach or lake. Having something commemorating your time on the lake will make it more thrilling and unforgettable.

DIY Picnic Tables

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The builder of this pontoon picnic table has included detailed directions, dimensions, cutting diagrams, lists of required materials, and more to ensure that you can replicate it exactly. It’s a smart picnic table, among its many other uses, and promises a plush experience when sailing on the lake.

DIY Pontoon Boat Picnic Table

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