10 Free DIY Pizza Ovens Simple and Beautiful Pizza Oven

DIY pizza ovens are homemade cooking devices typically constructed from bricks or clay, designed for baking delicious pizzas at home, adding a rustic charm to outdoor spaces. Dive into the world of DIY pizza ovens, where the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked pizzas wafts through your backyard or kitchen.

Building your pizza oven is an immensely rewarding journey that combines craftsmanship and gastronomy to create a culinary oasis right at home.

These DIY pizza ovens come in different shapes and sizes, from standard brick ovens to portable wood-fired wonders. You can choose the design that works best for your room and style. Imagine how much fun it would be to gather your friends and family around your homemade pizza oven and enjoy the perfect crispy crust and bubbly cheese.

Diy pizza ovens

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List of DIY Pizza Ovens

Following is the list of 10 top DIY pizza ovens

1. DIY Brick Pizza Oven

Diy pizza ovens

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A DIY Brick Pizza Oven can transform your backyard into a charming culinary haven. Not only can you enjoy the presence of adorable critters or the soothing ambience of fountains, but you can also elevate your outdoor space by building a brick pizza oven.

This DIY project not only adds aesthetic appeal but also offers practicality. Imagine the joy of regularly serving delicious, homemade pizzas to your guests in this unique backyard setting.

It’s not just about pizza; it’s about creating an elegant dining area for family and friends, enhancing the overall appeal of your outdoor space, and fostering an inviting atmosphere for memorable gatherings.

DIY Brick Pizza Oven-view plan

2. Oil Drum Pizza Oven

Diy pizza ovens

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Here is an excellent technique to recycle an old oil barrel by converting it into a fully working and inexpensive pizza oven that you can use in your garden. The free pizza oven plans show you how to construct an attached work surface to simplify meal preparation.

These plans are ideal for use on a backyard deck. Your preferred pizza recipe may be used in this oil drum pizza oven, which can be heated up and ready to cook in around half an hour.

Oil Drum Pizza Oven-view plan

3. Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Diy pizza ovens

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How to Construct an Outdoor Pizza Oven is a Question That Is Constantly Asked By People Interested in Making the Most of Useful Scrap That Is Lying Around in Their Backyards.

Since it’s an enjoyable hobby, you should give it a go and devote some of your time to it. To finish the project, you must construct a foundation from bricks, build a chimney to the top, and follow a few other straightforward procedures.

The area you have available outdoors would be perfect for a brick oven that was built outside and would be a fantastic addition to the room. Celebrate significant occasions with your friends and family right in the convenience of your own home by hosting the get-together there.

Build Outdoor Pizza Oven-view plan

4. Clay Pizza Oven

Diy pizza ovens

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Build a pizza oven using these free designs and turn your backyard into a fully functional kitchen. The clay pizza oven is rather huge. It takes just sixty seconds to cook a pizza in it, and it can also be used to smoke meat, bake bread, and perform various other culinary activities.

By constructing a roof over the clay oven, you can transform the space into an outdoor kitchen and dining area that can be used throughout the year.

On chilly winter days, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy the outdoors thanks to the radiant heat provided by the clay oven, which will maintain the room at an ideal temperature.

Clay Pizza Oven-view plan

5. Outdoor Mud Pizza Oven

Diy pizza ovens

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Because of its diminutive dimensions, this do-it-yourself pizza oven idea stands out from the finest. It has a greater capacity for baking and is larger, with an extended interior.

Additionally, it has a high insulation capacity, keeps the heat for a longer period, and has a roof cover to protect it from varying weather conditions.

When it comes to the construction of it, it is both extremely low in cost and quite effective, thanks to all of this.

Outdoor Mud Pizza Oven-view plan

6. Cardboard Solar Pizza Oven

Diy pizza ovens

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Baking your pizzas in a compact and energy-efficient oven is one of the easiest ways to ensure you can. The only thing you will require to use the oven you have built is exposure to a great deal of natural light.

You can assemble a solar oven out of cardboard, aluminum foil, some scrap, and a large glass within a few hours by utilizing the abovementioned materials. You are obligated to carry out this particular experiment.

Cardboard Solar Pizza Oven-view plan

7. Dry Stack Pizza Oven

Diy pizza ovens

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Mixing any concrete or mortar for this do-it-yourself project is unnecessary. Bricks are stacked on their sides in a dry environment to form an outdoor pizza oven, which can be assembled in a little over a day.

Use these free construction plans to start your project this morning, and you can have pizza cooked over a wood fire for dinner tonight. If you already have some old bricks lying around, then the construction won’t cost you anything at all.

Because the radiant heat will also raise the air temperature around you, you can use this DIY pizza oven throughout the year.

Dry Stack Pizza Oven-view plan

8. Traditional Outside Pizza Oven Plans

Diy pizza ovens

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Arrange blocks measuring eight by eight by 16 inches to form a foundation of 32 by 54 inches. After that, a layer of firebricks should be placed on top of it, followed by cap blocks. Make a stove by halving a barrel and placing the halves on firebricks.

Cut a piece of wire mesh about 3 feet by 4 feet and use it to make an arch over the barrel. Construct a door by chopping pieces of redwood 2-by-4 lumber to a length of 14 inches.

You may make an insulating substance by adding water to a mixture of three parts: adobe soil and one part Portland cement. After filling the oven with the mixture from bottom to top, you should use a moist sponge to clean the surface.

After giving the door and can a little wiggle room, cover the oven with wet towels and a plastic sheet. After you have constructed the first fire, you should paint the oven. Your oven is prepared for baking at this time.

Traditional outside Pizza Oven Plans-view plan

9. Wood Fire Oven With Chimney

Diy pizza ovens

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As you tend to the cooking food, the chimney in this do-it-yourself pizza oven will suck the smoke upward and away from your face. Although it only has a diameter of 30 inches, the oven is perfect for a backyard with limited space since it still has enough room to prepare an extra-large handmade pizza.

Follow these free designs and get started constructing one for yourself this weekend. Its brick front and lofty chimney will be easy to construct and look nice.

Wood Fire Oven With Chimney-view Plan

10. Square Pizza Oven

Diy pizza ovens

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Consider constructing this square DIY pizza oven instead of a circular one if your building abilities need to be more up to the challenge of constructing a spherical pizza oven. These free designs will show you how to make a one-of-a-kind square pizza oven by using concrete pavers in the shape of squares.

The pizzas are cooked using wood in the outdoor oven, so the taste of the pizza and any other meal prepared in the oven will be reminiscent of the flavor imparted by a wood fire.

Because of its compact size, it is an excellent choice for construction in a small backyard or for a small family. After improving the paths in your garden, this is also a fantastic method to recycle any old square pavers you have lying about.

Square Pizza Oven-view plan

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