10 Best Floating Deck Plans-Build a Floating Desk

Floating deck plans offer an innovative approach to outdoor living, presenting a versatile and visually captivating solution for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike. These plans are the blueprint for crafting an elevated oasis in your backyard, creating a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Floating deck plans, exploring their design, construction, and the possibilities they offer for transforming your outdoor area into a hub of relaxation and entertainment.

From choosing materials to selecting the perfect location, we will guide you through the key considerations to ensure your floating deck project is successful. Moreover, we will discuss various design elements, such as seating, lighting, and landscaping, that can elevate your deck’s aesthetics and functionality.

10 Floating Deck Plans

Following are 10 Floating deck plans:

1:    Deck Block

The first choice on our list is exactly what it sounds like something that sits on the ground, supported by blocks, rather than being dug down into the soil. They thrive in mild winter conditions and are thus recommended for such areas.

Floating Deck Plans

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This is because surface soil shifts gradually over time due to seasonal freezing and thawing. Therefore, your beautiful outdoor patio would be for nothing after all your hard work in creating it. It’s not dirt cheap, but less expensive than having a professional construct a deck for your house.

The final tally for this choice was close to $1,600 for the author. This is still an investment, although a smaller one. Plus, you can only do this on a weekend; it took around 100 hours over a few months.

2:    Planning and Layout

Here’s another plan for a layout that will prove you don’t have to hire an expert or spend a ton of time on it. Investing in purely aesthetic renovations is a great way to increase your house’s resale value and give yourself a reason to look forward to coming home every day.

Floating Deck Plans

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As the overall strategy implies, there are many distinct processes involved. The frame and waterproofing, decking, landscaping, and light pole planters follow the design and arrangement.

The process is simple, and this thorough guide will address many of your concerns, such as how to do the necessary research and plan a reasonable budget.

3:    Island Option

This is your final option for a relaxing outdoor space. You have probably observed that the bottom of most island decks is supported by bricks, blocks, or stones, making it easy to move the deck to a new location in the yard for aesthetic improvement or relocation.

Floating Deck Plans

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You should expect to avoid too much trouble or expense in the grand scheme of things. Here is a plan that may be implemented in a few days for a total investment of $750 to $1,100.

Composite decking and concealed fasteners provide a design that requires little upkeep and complements any aesthetic.

You’ll need a cordless drill, a set of drill bits, a framing square, a hammer, a level, a line level, a miter saw, some safety goggles, a spade, and a seed square. As the instructions suggest, you can do this project easily if you have the skills to cut wood and drive screws.

4:    Freestanding Deck Building Guide

This manual offers a great chance to hide unattractive areas of grass and other yard eyesores and gives you a great place to relax outdoors.

Floating Deck Plans

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For this project, the creator used a square shovel, pointed shovel, mattock, pickaxe, mini pick, 72  level, 2′ level, torpedo level, laser level, Sawzall, circular saw, drill, chainsaw, sledgehammer, face shield, ear plugs, ear muffs, face mask, working gloves, boards of different sizes, sealer, and oil.

These materials add up to $700, which may seem like a lot, but they make a huge difference when constructing a deck.

5:    Simple Floating Deck

The following undertaking requires little skill or experience and is ideal for folks not seeking something exceptional. It was designed for a person in short-term housing, so if you rent but want to make it seem more like a home, this is an excellent option.

Floating Deck Plans

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Unlike others, this tutorial will only take a few hours to finish, so it is quite doable throughout a single weekend. In addition, finishing it will only set you back up to a few hundred bucks.

You’ll need a square frame, various-sized wood pieces, and something to place the boards uniformly. You may level it across by placing flat garden stones beneath each corner. Add some pizzazz by constructing your own Adirondack chairs.

6:    Functional Blueprint

This thorough guide is for you if you’ve ever wanted to build a deck but needed help figuring out where to begin.

Its mobility, which allows it to be moved to a different location in the yard whenever the mood strikes, will be appreciated by those with little outdoor space or temporarily residing elsewhere.

Floating Deck Plans

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As you’ve seen in some of the previous tutorials, you may adjust the size and support according to what you already have; this specific choice is 12′ by 12′ and is supported by concrete deck piers.

To construct a level deck, you will need treated studs, timber, ten concrete deck piers, stud steel reinforcements, galvanized nails, additional cinder blocks, and bricks.

7:    The Lowe’s Planning Process

You’ve found the perfect site if you’re looking for another thorough guide to the full planning process and the greatest tips and techniques to make this project your own.

Floating Deck Plans

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The finished product will be a fantastic gathering spot for friends and family to enjoy meals, games, and conversation. Building a detached deck yourself may dramatically improve the aesthetic of your yard without draining your savings.

The required equipment and supplies list reads like a hardware store shopping list: drill/driver and bits, miter saw, circular saw, hammer, tape measure, timber, concrete deck blocks, concrete cap blocks, paver foundation, and more.

8:    Spruce Up Your Backyard

The first step is often the most challenging. Do you have a new do-it-yourself project in mind that you’ve been debating starting because you believe it would take too long? That’s not the case; once you get started, you’ll soon realize you’ve got the feel of things.

Floating Deck Plans

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This particular sketch is more time- and labor-intensive, and hence more costly, than the others. Shovels, a screwdriver, a laser level, a pickax, pier blocks, galvanized screws, galvanized nails, 26 boards, fast-drying concrete, and 26 pressure-treated boards are all going to be needed for this.

The four corners of blocking must be set and levelled; lines must be drawn for the interior blocks; the interior blocks must be set and levelled; the outer blocks must be set; the pressure-treated deck joints must be laid; the perimeter joints must be laid; and the synthetic deck boards must be laid. It’s easy, but it will take more time than previous projects you’ve worked on.

The first step is always the most challenging, as we’ve mentioned. You’ll wonder why you didn’t begin sooner since it’s that easy.

Just make sure everything you do complies with current regulations. Make a PDF copy and print it out for convenience. You and your loved ones will have something to cherish for a long time.

9:    Family Favorite Garden Deck

This is the manual to follow if you want to do anything nicer and more complicated than the other alternatives on this list. It also means you’ll have to put in a lot more time, money, and effort to construct, but it is possible and easy if you have a few helping hands.

Floating Deck Plans

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In addition, you may save money by constructing something yourself rather than purchasing it. The photo clearly shows that the patio extends well beyond the dimensions of the others we have supplied since it is attached to the rear of the home.

This is a terrific method to save money on taxes without sacrificing the beautiful aesthetic of your backyard, and it is particularly recommended in areas where having the deck linked to the home might increase your taxes.

The plan is straightforward, so all you need to do is purchase some high-quality wood. The equipment and supplies required are quite standard; nevertheless, if dealing with wood, it is imperative that appropriate safety gear, including goggles and earplugs, be used.

10:  Installing a Deck Yourself

You don’t need to be daunted by the length of time it took the author to construct the first choice. Next, we have an alternative whose developer claims to have completed the task in 16 hours and under $700 during the Fourth of July holiday.

Floating Deck Plans

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Again, you can do this with a buddy or partner, and it won’t break the bank. Measures 13 ft. by 16 ft. It took around 5 hours on the first day to ensure the foundation was perfectly centered and level and another 8 hours on the second day to complete and inspect the perimeter joists, place the deck planks, and arrange the furnishings.

It’s not as hard as it seems, and while relaxing on the beautiful sun deck, you’ll be glad you did it.

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