10 Best Online Second Hand Furniture Stores in 2024

Online second hand furniture stores are online marketplaces where private people and commercial enterprises may purchase and sell previously acquired furniture.

The world of furniture shopping has undergone a remarkable transformation in the digital age, giving rise to a flourishing realm of online second hand furniture stores.

These virtual marketplaces have become a haven for those seeking a unique blend of affordability, sustainability, and individuality in their home decor choices. Reusing and recycling are becoming more important to customers in today’s fast-paced society.

Online second hand furniture businesses offer a large range of affordable, eco-friendly pre-owned furniture to this eco-conscious attitude. This article will discuss a journey through the exciting world of online second-hand furniture shopping.

10 Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

Following are the top 10 online second hand furniture stores:

1.  Amazon

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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Amazon to locate the best discounts on books, household goods, and more. Many may not know that Amazon offers old furniture, but it doesn’t surprise you. Amazon has almost everything but haircuts. Amazon has everything from 19th-century antiques to 1990s trendy furniture for sale.

Seller shipping policies and prices for used furniture on Amazon vary. You may expect the same service as when buying other products from Amazon since you’re buying from them. You may also trust Amazon when you buy used furniture.

2.      Craigslist

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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The earliest local internet marketplace for buying and selling used furniture had to be on our list! Like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist is a good location for local used furniture listings. Craigslist lets you see the furniture before buying it, unlike online second-hand furniture businesses that ship directly to you.

All postings are local and picked up from the owner at a known place. Craigslist, like Facebook Marketplace, lets you browse local listings. Once you locate one you like, contact the seller to schedule a meeting. You can pay the asking price or bargain with this setup. The number of used products on Craigslist is staggering.

3.      Chairish

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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Bohemian chic is your style on Chairish. An online flea market, Chairish is stylish and modern. It’s a user-friendly website and app for design-forward furniture. Their online store sells used, handpicked household goods.

Chairish has great antiques, designer discards, and unique brands. Their great assortment offsets their higher prices than other online second-hand furniture businesses.

Each listing has many photographs to assist you in understanding what you’re buying. Free pickup is typical for local Chairish ads, but you can also pay for shipping. Unsatisfied customers can return items to Charish within 48 hours.

4.      Offer Up

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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Offer Up is one of my favorite locations to find gently used furniture near me. For those unaware, Offer Up is the Uber of internet shopping. While they have a desktop-friendly website, their app is the easiest method to navigate their listings and locate great second-hand furniture discounts. Offer Up is user-friendly and displays listings in photo galleries, making it appealing to visual learners.

Their app lets you rapidly contact local sellers of almost anything. Like Uber, buyers and sellers are rated based on past transaction reviews. Thus, you can rest assured that you’re buying from a trustworthy seller and know who to avoid on the app.

5.      AptDeco

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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AptDeco has become popular in nearby cities and states, not just New York. AptDeco offers many appealing features in addition to its wide selection of affordable used and antique goods. They offer insured shipping, free returns, and a money-back guarantee.

This online second-hand furniture store in New York City delivers to Upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and more. Another benefit is that AptDeco is expanding its handpicked second-hand collection to other major US cities.

6.      Etsy

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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Etsy is a terrific place to find used furniture, even though its brand is based on arts and crafts. Prices and delivery fees vary per seller, but exploring the listings will guarantee you discover something interesting.

Etsy, like Offer Up, lets you interact with sellers online, allowing you to study the item and vendor before buying. Vintage and used furniture with DIY flair can be found on Etsy. Hand-crafted furniture is available since they are known for their custom-made goods.

7.      1stDibs

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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1stDibs is a top online marketplace for high-end, boutique, and vintage furniture. If you want copies of famous antique or vintage objects, their prices are greater but worth it. This site may not be for price-conscious used furniture shoppers. Before searching, you can adjust their website’s pricing limitations to your budget.

1st Dibs is perfect for people with deep pockets and a taste for luxury. They claim to capture the magnificence of Paris flea markets online while setting the standard for amazing design.

8.      eBay

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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They are well-known as an online auction house, thus furniture is only one of the many things you may find in their vast database. Those interested can participate in an auction for the product they need, but they can also use the “buy it now” option to avoid the bidding process altogether.

A few of these products are eligible for free shipping, and eBay also offers information on the item’s condition. Reading the description is a must if you want to learn more about the piece of furniture and regardless of whether it has any possible defects.

Remember that the seller can look for a buyer nearby to make it easier for the buyer to pick up the products.

9.      Sotheby’s Home

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Check out Sotheby’s Home if you’re willing to spend more for high-quality secondhand furniture. They have an online auction platform offering home decor and designer goods. Like with eBay, you can “buy it now” or make an offer while using Sotheby’s Home.

Online shoppers may choose from high-end consignment furniture alternatives from Sotheby’s Home. The items in Sotheby’s Home are vintage, antique, lightly used, and new. Whatever you buy from them is assured to be in great condition.

10. Bookoo

Online Second Hand Furniture Stores

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Bookoo is a service that was created by and for people who are passionate about yard sales. When I was a college student, I found that it was the most convenient and affordable way to decorate my apartment.

The website that caters to families and provides classified advertisements also functions as a social networking platform. Bookoo, much like Offer Up, makes purchases from individuals in the surrounding area.

In contrast to Craigslist, where you have a chance of knowing something about the potential buyer once you meet in person, social networking sites make the process safer. Because buyers and sellers can comment on Bookoo listings, it is simple to avoid making unsatisfactory acquisitions.


Online second hand furniture stores have become vibrant hubs for sustainable and budget-conscious shoppers. These platforms offer a treasure trove of unique furnishings and champion eco-friendly practices by promoting furniture reuse.

They allow customers to create unique interiors for their homes while lowering their ecological imprint. The need for inexpensive and ecologically responsible options is expected to continue to rise.

As a result, online second-hand furniture businesses are positioned to take on an increasingly critical part in establishing the future of furniture buying.

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