10 Free DIY Greenhouse Plans for Gardeners

DIY greenhouse plans offer gardening enthusiasts the blueprint for transforming their outdoor spaces into thriving havens of lush vegetation, regardless of climate or season. These ingenious designs empower individuals to harness the benefits of controlled environments, fostering the growth of everything from delicate flowers to hearty vegetables.

Beginning with a vision and culminating in a sanctuary of greenery, DIY greenhouse plans guide novice and experienced gardeners through constructing their horticultural wonderland.

From selecting materials and determining size to implementing heating and ventilation systems, these plans serve as comprehensive roadmaps for cultivating botanical paradise. We will examine various ideas in this investigation of DIY greenhouse plans, from simple, cost-effective options to more complex, personalized buildings.

Whether you want to grow exotic plants, sow seeds, or prolong your gardening season, the DIY greenhouse offers a useful and ecological solution to fulfil your green-thumb ambitions.

Diy greenhouse plans

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List of 10 DIY Greenhouse Plans

Following are the top 10 DIY greenhouse plans

1. Coop-Style Greenhouse

Diy greenhouse plans

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The construction of this greenhouse, as depicted in the designs, is highly similar to a chicken coop. It is because the greenhouse was designed to seem like a chicken coop. Because of its singular shape and size, a personal greenhouse can easily be accommodated against the side wall of a garage or another structure.

When the top is installed, it is moved until it is positioned directly underneath the overhanging eaves. Its small footprint ensures that it won’t take up any of the space you need for working, while the ample space within makes it ideal for tending to seedlings and storing young plants. A miter saw will be essential for putting this one together since it will involve cutting angles.

Coop-Style Greenhouse-view plan

2. Greenhouse Box

Diy greenhouse plans

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Greenhouse Box is square, may be placed on a tabletop or potting bench, and can shield a bigger plant or an entire seedling tray from the elements. Even if there is nothing particularly complicated about this greenhouse box, it is certainly a working greenhouse that is surprisingly beneficial.

These little greenhouse ideas might be what you need to protect a few plants or succulents from the harsh winter weather that you currently have in your collection.

Greenhouse Box-view plan

3. Scenic Sloped-Roof DIY Greenhouse

Diy greenhouse plans

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Even though it is a commercial kit, the greenhouse you can build with these free designs is surprisingly straightforward in its construction.

Constructing your greenhouse for anybody with building expertise should be a straightforward method. You may acquire extra information about the project by consulting the online handbook, which will provide details such as the timber requirements.

If you are just getting started, you may get a beginning kit with all the components pre-cut and ready to be assembled. If you get this kit, you won’t have to worry about cutting or preparing parts.

Scenic Sloped-Roof DIY Greenhouse

4. Tomato Tunnel DIY Greenhouse

Diy greenhouse plans

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This simple design for a hoop house works well for growing tomatoes, peppers, and other plants with comparable needs. It is tall enough to provide shelter from the wind and rain, and its design uses PVC pipes, which are straightforward to install in a single day.

When protecting a greenhouse from the elements, utilize poly sheeting. During the warm summer months, you may replace it with shade cloth. Ours is one of the more straightforward free greenhouse ideas on our list, and depending on what you already own, it may be possible to build it yourself for free.

Tomato Tunnel DIY Greenhouse

5. Wall-Mounted Folding DIY Greenhouse

Diy greenhouse plans

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Find a wall facing south and connect this foldable little greenhouse you made yourself to. It is constructed like a lean-to but has a drop-down feature that shields your plants from the weather.

It may be folded against the wall so that it is out of the way when unused. These free greenhouse designs are another option that lends nicely to rapid assembly because of the few components required.

Another idea for a free greenhouse that you may build yourself is shown here.

Wall-Mounted Folding DIY Greenhouse

6. Repurposed Bottle Cloche

Diy greenhouse plans

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You can put those empty soda bottles, water jugs, and juice containers piling up in the recycling bin to good use by repurposing them with these free greenhouse ideas.

Although a cloche is not strictly speaking the same thing as a do-it-yourself greenhouse, it serves a similar purpose: protecting tender plants without taking up excessive room.

This easy-to-make project can be put together in minutes and requires just a small amount of supplies. For most people, it’s a free do-it-yourself greenhouse! It can preserve early development while also withstanding the winter cold without difficulty.

Repurposed Bottle Cloche-view plan

7. Two-Pipe Crossover DIY Greenhouse

Diy greenhouse plans

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When it comes to free greenhouse designs, there are instances when you want something simple. This greenhouse can be constructed with some unused PVC pipes, some polythene sheeting, and a little time if you ever find yourself in a situation like that.

This greenhouse’s design is deceptively simple; its structure is an X, and it can be set up in any garden bed without effort. Putting everything together will take up to a few minutes, but the time you invest now will be well spent. If you already have all the necessary materials, it might also serve as a free greenhouse that you build yourself.

Two-Pipe Crossover DIY Greenhouse-view plan

8. Scenic Sloped-Roof DIY Greenhouse

Diy greenhouse plans

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Even though it is a commercial kit, building the greenhouse that you can make with the help of these free designs is surprisingly simple.

Anyone with experience building should find this a simple approach to constructing their greenhouse. You may get more information about the project by checking the online manual, which will provide specifics such as the wood needs. If you do this, you can get further information on the project.

If you are starting, you should acquire a starter kit with all components pre-cut and ready to assemble. If you get this kit, you won’t have to worry about cutting or preparing parts.

Scenic Sloped-Roof DIY Greenhouse-view plan

9. Clamshell Greenhouse

Diy greenhouse plans

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This kind of greenhouse combines a cold frame and a greenhouse, and it gets its name from the way it opens, which resembles the shell of a clam. Utilizing a hoop house to construct your greenhouse requires less work than traditional methods.

Instead of using plastic to cover your plants, you may utilize floating row covers, which can be reused year after year because they are easily stored away.

When it is decided that it is no longer necessary, it is feasible to delete all until it is again required. It can happen when it is discovered that it is no longer required. People who keep their plants in raised beds will find that these greenhouse layouts provide the ideal answer. There is no need for a miter saw.

Clamshell Greenhouse-view plan

10. Reclaimed Wood and Window Greenhouse

Diy greenhouse plans

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Here’s a project that will be fun to work on if you have extra timber around the yard and access to old windows. This little greenhouse looks like a lean-to and is constructed with repurposed windows of varying sizes and shapes to provide a safe environment for your plants.

As long as you have the patience to acquire everything you need and figure out the spacing, constructing your greenhouse may be accomplished straightforwardly using this method.

These greenhouse ideas allow you to save money while also reusing any materials, including any old windows you already own. You may need a miter saw for this project.

Reclaimed Wood And Window Greenhouse-view plan

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