10+Creative DIY Spice Rack Plans

DIY spice rack plans are step-by-step instructions for making customized spice racks to organize and beautify your kitchen. Creating your spice rack is a delightful way to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics while efficiently organizing your spice collection.

With a well-organized spice rack, you’ll easily access the flavors you need for your culinary creations. Organizing our large spice collection is essential for a better cooking experience. DIY spice racks are cheaper and more fun than purchasing one; they clean up and add character to your kitchen.

The beauty of DIY spice racks is that they can go beyond the conventional designs. You have the freedom to get creative and build something truly unique. To inspire your creativity and provide easy-to-follow guidance, we’ve gathered various impressive designs for you to explore.

Diy spice rack plans

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List of DIY Spice Rack Plans

Many people find DIY spice rack plans difficult from scratch, so a collection of spice rack designs like this is useful. The collection includes blueprints of varied complexity and difficulty. Following are DIY spice rack plans.

1. Covered Spice Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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Here is a modern take on the classic wall-mounted spice rack. You can view the spices without even opening the door to the chicken wire door on this simple DIY rack layout. This kitchen rack is attractive, but the white paint makes it stand out even more.

Depending on the size of your spice jars, you should be able to fit between 25 and 35 on its four shelves. A Kreg jig, drill, miter saw, and sandpaper are all required to construct this do-it-yourself plan.

Pine wood is desirable because it is reasonably priced and simple to color. Use a different kind of wood for the shelves and only stain them to keep them appearing unique for added visual appeal.

Covered Spice Rack –view plan

2. Below the Cabinet Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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The often-overlooked real estate beneath a hanging cabinet might benefit DIY spice racks. This layout is particularly important in kitchens with limited counter or floor space for storing spices.

The area beneath your cabinet may be used by installing a rack, giving you a convenient new spot to store your spices. Because of its limited capacity, this container is best reserved for regularly used spices rather than a whole collection.

The shape resembles a stairway; three levels accommodate more than 15 spice jars of varying sizes. Matching the rack’s finish to the cabinet’s color scheme, if not its design, is as vital as the construction itself. Having a rack the same color as the cabinet will prevent it from seeming like an afterthought.

Below is the Cabinet Rack-view plan

3. Triangular Concrete Spice Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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Replace your wooden spice rack with this modern concrete version. This one-of-a-kind rack used moulds to get the desired form and dimensions. It’s hardly surprising that the rack weighs so much, given that it’s constructed out of concrete.

You may use traditional cement and sand, or you can use ready-mixed concrete. Having as many shelves as possible ensures all your spices have a home. One drawback is that you’ll need a lot of flat surface area to store the racks.

The rack requires a special spice jar, which may be purchased separately. This layout works well for keeping a small quantity of spices but would be impractical if you wanted to store tens of different containers. Using boxes to construct a mould for your concrete is one option.

Triangular Concrete Spice Rack-view plan

4. Door Spice Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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Create a door spice rack for an organized kitchen or pantry. This DIY project utilizes supplies like drill bits, boards, dowels, buttons, and plywood. The provided design includes dimensions and a material list for customization.

It’s beginner-friendly, and your finishing choice should complement your door’s design and color. This practical solution keeps spices out of sight, optimizing space. Once built, your door racks efficiently organizes and stores spices, ensuring their easily accessible yet unobtrusive.

Enjoy a clutter-free kitchen or pantry with this straightforward and customizable door spice rack, tailored to your specific needs and decor.

Door Spice Rack

5. Magnetic Space-Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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The magnetic substance in this design allows you to arrange the sheet of cans wherever in your kitchen, even vertically. Spices, JB weld steel and hardener, and labels for your spices all come in tins. The vertical storage of spices on the fridge door or a sheet on the wall is a nice space-saving feature of this layout.

Putting together this rack is simple since it requires just the installation of magnetic material to which the spice jars will adhere and the application of labels that will be legible from any angle. Keeping this magnetic spice rack neat will bring its full charm.

Magnetic Space-Rack-view plan

6. Spice Storage Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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Here is a space-saving, multi-tiered, freestanding spice rack design for your kitchen. Since you’ll probably be storing this rack on the floor, you’ll need additional clearance in your kitchen.

You will also need an oak post, a hobby board, a table saw, sandpaper, glue, and a pin nailed. You may use a single oak post to support shelves made from a hobby board. From the ground up, the sizes of the shelves become progressively smaller.

For the base of the post, you’ll also need a piece of hobby board. Last, and the rack pieces before installing them on the post. Getting the final appearance you want is crucial.

Spice Storage Rack-view plan

7. Secret Spice Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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For a clean, organized kitchen with hidden spices, consider a disguised spice rack. This self-supporting rack features multiple shelves and safeguards to secure your spices. Designed for accessibility from both sides, it offers convenience.

You’ll need a 2×4, spray paint, sander, drill, table saw, and four small wheels to construct it. The rack’s mobility allows easy rolling in and out. Choose a color that complements your kitchen decor for a seamless look.

Keep your spices neatly organized and out of sight with this clever and functional concealed spice rack, maintaining kitchen aesthetics while ensuring easy access to seasonings.

Secret Spice Rack-view plan

8.  Basic Spice Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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You may get a basic wall spice rack to mount on doors of this type. Despite its small footprint, the rack’s number of shelves allows it to store many spices.

You’ll also need a chisel, a band saw, glue, stain, finish, and a table saw or router. Taking accurate measurements is the first step in constructing this spice rack, which has a simple design.

Secure the spices to the base of the shelves with wood. After the wood has been cut to size, the next step is to nail the pieces together and fill any exposed nail holes with wood putty.

Basic Spice Rack-view plan

9.      Crooked Spice Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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The Crisscross spice rack draws inspiration from wine racks, offering a unique departure from traditional spice storage. Its design includes multiple storage areas for organizing spices into easily identifiable groups. Beyond its organizational functionality, this rack serves as a platform for showcasing personality.

Resembling stitched-together strips, it’s versatile, suitable for wall mounting, table placement, and vertical or horizontal orientation. The customization possibilities are endless, making it a powerful spice storage solution.

To build it, you’ll require a single wooden board, nails, cutting tools, and materials for finishing or staining, providing an adaptable and creative approach to spice organization.

Crooked Spice Rack-view plan

10. Door DIY Spice Rack

Diy spice rack plans

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The door DIY spice rack is a clever solution for maximizing kitchen space while organizing spices. Even beginners can tackle this project with just $30 and basic woodworking tools.

It offers an ideal balance between simplicity and a satisfying challenge, making it suitable for newcomers and those with some intermediate skills. This practical and cost-effective design allows you to utilize unused door space efficiently, ensuring that your spices are easily accessible and neatly arranged.

Whether you’re looking to save space or embark on a straightforward DIY venture, this door spice rack is a fantastic choice that delivers both functionality and affordability.

Door DIY Spice Rack

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