10 Best DIY Barn Door-DIY Barn Plans for Every Home

DIY barn door projects have become a captivating trend in home improvement and interior design. These unique sliding doors add rustic charm to any space and offer practical solutions for room separation, saving valuable floor space compared to traditional swing doors.

Building your DIY barn door allows you to unleash your creativity, tailoring the design, finish, and size to match your home’s aesthetics and your specific needs. In this exploration of DIY barn doors, we embark on a journey of craftsmanship, innovation, and functional design.

Explore crafting your DIY barn door, from material selection to sliding hardware installation. Ideal for both DIY pros and novices, it blends style and utility, enriching any home with creativity and practicality.

Diy barn door

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10 Best DIY Barn Doors

Following are the ten best DIY barn doors

1.      Sliding Barn Door Plan

Diy barn door

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Adding a door to your barn is much easier if you build a sliding door instead of reframing and tearing up an existing wall.

Paneling design adds tradition to the barn door, while smooth rollers ensure easy sliding. Covering a 30-inch gap is straightforward, but inserting pallet boards may pose a challenge.

You should spend about $350 on tools and materials to construct and install the door. In addition, you may wrap up the project in a few days. It is a terrific way to save money around the home while learning some woodworking skills.

Sliding Barn Door Plan

2.      Beneath My Heart Barn Door Plan

Diy barn door

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The “Beneath My Heart” Barn Door Plan is a blueprint or design for constructing a barn-style sliding door, often used in home decor. You may not think it’s a good idea at first, but you could change your mind after you realize what this strategy can accomplish for you.

The barn door has been installed instead of a conventional internal door, and the fact that it is white contributes to the overall attractiveness of the location.

The door is strong and durable due to the raw materials utilized, making it an excellent choice for usage both inside and outside. The fact that this gorgeous white barn door has very little Christmas ornament adds to the allure of the structure.

Beneath My Heart Barn Door Plan

3.      Modern-Style Barn Door

Diy barn door

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The modern-style barn door was initially crafted to serve a functional purpose, dividing two separate areas within a home. However, it has evolved into a striking embodiment of aesthetics and practicality.

This barn door stands out with its sturdy build for durability. It slides effortlessly, saving space and enhancing aesthetics, especially in smaller rooms where swing doors need clearance.

This transformation from a room divider simplifies design and eliminates furniture rearrangement for door swings, offering both style and convenience. Modern barn doors combine beauty and function, making them popular in contemporary home design.

Modern Style Barn Door-view plan

4.      Advanced Barn Door Plan

Diy barn door

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Most do-it-yourself barn door projects do not demand a high level of woodworking expertise; nevertheless, if you seek a challenge, this design is the way to go. It presents several fresh approaches to woodworking along with a few innovative procedures.

The plan does not include any exact dimensions, allowing you to alter it to meet the requirements of your ideal house design. It is a practical choice that can be installed inside or outside your house, separating the bathroom from the bedroom.

This blueprint includes a wealth of useful information, like the kind of stain to use, the best way to install without requiring readjustments, and the optimal layout for the door.

Advanced Barn Door Plan

5.      Double Pantry Barn Door

Diy barn door

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This barn door may be used instead of dull bi-fold doors; it is also cost-effective and works well in areas with limited floor space. This barn door’s unique framework comprises two smaller doors with magnetic cabinet closures, optimizing space utilization and fulfilling your design vision.

While constructing, ensure the paint has the right water content to avoid messy application. This unconventional approach enhances functionality and aesthetics, offering a distinct solution for your barn door needs.

If it is not diluted sufficiently, on the other hand, it will cover the wood finish. Before painting the door, it is recommended that the paint be tried on a different area first.

Double Pantry Barn Door-view plan

6.      Jenna Sue’s Barn Door Plan

Diy barn door

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This design will provide accuracy when constructing your barn door since it includes blueprints for each door layer. In addition, this strategy considers that not all barn doors will fit into all openings since variety is a consideration.

The provided schematics allow door customization while exploring material options beyond budget-friendly white wood. White wood’s challenging painting process prompts consideration of more suitable materials.

This flexibility ensures functional, aesthetically pleasing doors tailored to specific needs, enhancing the overall project’s quality and appeal. This barn door, however, after it has been completed and polished, exudes an air of contemporary chic wherever it is hung.

Jenna Sue’s Barn Door Plan

7.      Wide Rustic Barn Door

Diy barn door

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This particular barn door has a width of 6 feet, allowing it to fit over far more expansive openings. The fact that the thing has such a massive size, on the other hand, allows it to have a weathered look or fulfil several different functions.

Even though it is a huge undertaking that might take quite some time to finish, putting it together is not a tough task. Your correct presumption is that installing a huge door would not complement your home’s ambience.

However, this strategy considers it as well! Please read it to find out how they gave the entrance of their sitting area a seaside feel by decorating it to match the rest of the room.

Wide Rustic Barn Door-view plan

8.      Simple and Affordable DIY Barn Door

Diy barn door

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This plan offers some novel recommendations on how to save costs by using non-traditional materials rather than conventional ones. In addition to that, it offers beginning woodworkers helpful guidance on measures.

Ideal for DIY newcomers aiming to cut home expenses, this strategy utilizes tongue and groove wood for a traditional door look, deviating from the initial material choice.

It contributes to a significant reduction in the expenditures you incur. Reading the design will enlighten you on the numerous additional advantages that come together with the utilization of tongue-and-groove timber.

Simple and Affordable DIY Barn Door-view Plan

9.      Closet Sliding Barn Door

Diy barn door

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Replaced closet bifold doors with a trendy white barn door featuring top windows for style. Peek inside without revealing clutter. The rounded profile of this barn door gives the space a sense of rustic charm while maintaining a streamlined and contemporary appearance at the same time.

Pine was used to construct this sliding barn door for the closet, and the project only cost $120. The layout demonstrates that to give a space an appealing appearance, you do not necessarily need doors that conform to the mainstream of current design.

Closet Sliding Barn Door-view plan

10. Upcycled Barn Door

Diy barn door

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This barn door is created from an ordinary door already in your house, which helps you save money while giving your property a more traditional look. The entire cost of transforming the door is just $25 if you already have a door with a strong core to work with, which is required for the transformation.

If you want to avoid spending a lot on door hardware, you can reduce your expenses by switching to a knob instead of one of those more elaborate options. This door has the traditional “X” pattern on barn doors; however, you can experiment with other designs to find which looks best in your house.

Upcycled Barn Door-view plan

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