10 Free DIY Hay Feeder for Goats-Homemade Hay Feeder

DIY hay feeder for goats is a homemade device designed to provide goats with easy access to hay for feeding. Making a homemade hay feeder for your goats is an economical and clever approach to guarantee their well-being.

A DIY hay feeder may be a wonderful addition to your farm or house. Goats require quality food to flourish.

Making your hay feeder allows you to customize it to meet your unique requirements while saving money. You may tailor your homemade hay feeder to your goats’ specific needs, whether you have a small herd or a larger one in your garden.

In this guide, we’ll discuss why DIY hay feeders are great for goats and provide simple step-by-step instructions for making one using easy-to-find materials.

By the end of this journey, you’ll have a hay feeder that helps your goats eat well, reduces waste, and keeps them content.

Diy hay feeder for goats

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Top 10 DIY Hay Feeder for Goats

Following is a list of DIY hay feeder for goats:

1:    Steel 8-Foot Hay Feeder Plans

Diy hay feeder for goats

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The construction of a steel hay feeder 8 feet tall is an excellent project for novice builders. Steel is an option that is both long-lasting and economical. To construct it, you will use 40x40x2.0 SHS steel bars for a height of 8 feet.

With this arrangement, you will have an easier time watching your goats. Hay feeders made of steel are vital for farms since, compared to wood, they are more robust and resistant to damage by goats. Because they have a mesh base that is attached firmly, they are simple to replenish.

2:    DIY Goat Hay Feeder With Wheel

Diy hay feeder for goats

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Crafting a DIY Goat Hay Feeder with Wheels offers numerous benefits for your goats and simplifies hay management. Its impressive three-fold hay bale capacity suits both baby and mature goats. Beyond functionality, its unique appearance adds aesthetic value to your yard.

You’ll need wire mesh, wheels, and 2x4s to create this feeder. The wire mesh forms a V-shaped second section supported by 2×4 boards, with a wooden tray at the base to prevent hay scattering.

An X-shaped frame made from 2x4s fits into the V-shaped metal rack, with added legs and wheels for mobility.

This setup includes a tray beneath for hay collection, reducing waste. This simple DIY project offers practicality and visual appeal for any goat owner.

3:    Pallet Hay Feeder Large

Diy hay feeder for goats

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Hay will be deposited in this huge hay feeder that looks like a cradle for a newborn. V-shaped designs have two sides, including the distinctive “V” form, thus the name. These characteristics make goats unable to knock hay out of this feeder’s bottom.

The two sturdy wooden sides of the feeder keep the sanitized pallet from falling apart while it is being stored. You are free to make it whatever size you choose, provided that it can handle many number of goats that are hungry at the same time.

You could choose to go with long-side pallets so that feeding can be done more straightforwardly and effectively.

If you reuse long-sided pallets, you can adjust the size of your storage unit to fit the dimensions of the floor space you have available in your warehouse.

To make these pallets the right size for feeding your goat and robust enough to last, remove the pieces you don’t need, such as the short sides.

4:      Fence Line Connected Goat Feeder

Diy hay feeder for goats

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This integrated fence-line layout may accommodate your requirements. You may be certain that this will facilitate easier feeder repairs while freeing up valuable floor space in your barn or shed. In addition, it can simultaneously provide hay for many goats.

The absence of a roof makes it easy to shed rain and eliminates the need for hay quality protection, but it also affects building efficiency.

This goat feeder may be placed under a porch or other covered area to guarantee goats always have food, even in hard winters. In the US, fence-mounted goat feeders are typical. A metal sheet covers the bottom, and a little wall keeps the hay dry.

5:    DIY Pallet Goat Feeder for the Wall

Diy hay feeder for goats

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According to these instructions for a do-it-yourself project, you can transform an old pallet into a contemporary goat feeder mounted on the wall. It does not need any knowledge or experience in welding, and it may also be used for rabbits.

You will only need one pallet, two hours, and the ability to measure and cut straight lines to complete this work accurately.

The bracing arms and the bottom supports of the pallet are both made out of leftover wood from the construction of the pallet. It is easy to use and clean, and there is more space inside for hay every time.

This wall-mounted goat feeder requires few tools and little time to construct. It can be attached to the wall in a matter of minutes. We need one pallet and some 2x4s for this job. Nails or screws aren’t even necessary; use two 2x4s on top, two on the bottom, and one on each side to secure the pallet.

6:   DIY Futon-Frame Hay Feeder for Under $30

Diy hay feeder for goats

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Following this method, you may build a new hay feeder in 30 minutes for minimal money. Some think goats can eat hay from the storage area without feeders, which may surprise you. Hay feeders bring hay to animals’ mouths, making feeding more enjoyable.

Measure your goat before putting it on the futon to ensure comfort. This hay feeder’s futon structure is cheap and durable, making it popular with goat owners. To construct these, you’ll need four 5-inch U-bolts and some plywood or similar substrate.

The box must be square so that it may slide under the legs of the futon frame. Make the legs out of 1 x 3 timbers, u-bolt them together, and secure them with wire.

7:      Build a Scrap Hay Feeder

Diy hay feeder for goats

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Following this straightforward plan, you can construct a hay feeder suitable for a barn with slatted walls. It includes step-by-step instructions pictorially and verbally presented; anybody can follow them.

Hanging the feeder at a 45-degree slant is a simple solution. No longer will you have to empty the feeder because of wasted hay constantly.

Building it is easy and inexpensive, using just a few tools and scrap wood. All of your farm’s animals will appreciate the convenience of a hay feeder built right in. You may customize its shape using the included square and triangle pieces.

The slats in the walls of a barn may double as stabilizers for this DIY project if you go with the triangular design. It also implies that you may use this design with any wall material, such as brick or plywood.

8:    Hay Feeder with Roof

Diy hay feeder for goats

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The goats must consume hay to keep their health in the best possible condition. However, because goats consume their food so slowly, it might be challenging to provide them with hay without causing gastrointestinal issues. Because of this, we designed a one-of-a-kind hay feeder just for your adorably fluffy goats.

Like munching on hay in their natural habitat, goats may take advantage of the feeder’s gravity-based design to get their fill. The box at the bottom prevents hay from dropping too much, while the roof keeps the hay dry and pest-free.

The connection is solid, and the frame is constructed from high-quality redwood to provide years of reliable use. Its lean-angle design and sturdy, reliable connection make the most of gravity’s pulling strength to guarantee that all goats always have enough to eat.

9:   Double-Side Hay Feeder

Diy hay feeder for goats

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One that feeds on both sides, especially for you! This sturdy goat hay feeder is made of plastic and aluminum and can hold up to 30 pounds of hay. The huge doors on both ends ensure that even your largest animals, such as a flock of chickens, may easily enter and exit.

The big capacity allows you to fill it from the top, and the animals may eat from either side. The top tray doesn’t need to be removed because of the convenient one-piece construction.

It lasts long and may be cleaned quickly. With a capacity of up to one thousand pounds, a double-sided hay feeder may help you save money. The feeder is a worthwhile investment for smaller farms or herds of boars.

10: Wall-Mounted Hay Feeder

Diy hay feeder for goats

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This hay feeder may be hung on the wall and constructed from salvaged materials. You can save up some floor space by mounting it to the wall, but you’ll need to leave yourself enough clearance to lift the lid.

This compact, wall-mounted hay feeder keeps the goat’s head off the floor and away from dangerous sharp corners as it eats. In addition, unlike a trough-type feeder, a goat must tilt the rear down to get the hay, which prevents unnecessary waste.

Because of the compact design, you’ll have plenty of wall space for accessories like beautiful paint or other chicken supplies. Put it at the base of your stairs or where you need the goats to reach food or water easily.

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