10 Best Free DIY Jewelry Box Plans-How to make a Free Simple Jewelry Box

DIY jewelry box plans encompass various crafting blueprints that empower individuals to create personalized jewelry storage solutions. These plans typically include step-by-step instructions, measurements, and design ideas for constructing unique and functional jewelry boxes.

Crafting your jewelry box allows you to tailor the piece to your specific tastes and needs, making it an ideal project for those who appreciate jewelry and woodworking.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DIY enthusiast, there are DIY jewelry box plans to suit your skill level and style preferences. From intricate, hand-carved wooden boxes to simpler, elegant designs, these plans allow creativity to flourish.

Additionally, they often suggest various materials, finishes, and decorative elements, enabling you to create a jewelry box that not only organizes your precious items but also serves as a beautiful home decor piece.

DIY jewelry box ideas are perfect for customizing your jewelry storage while enhancing your creative skills. If you want to read more about DIY plans, read our article on DIY Earring Holders.

10 Best DIY Jewelry Box Plans

Here are the best diy jewelry box plans:

1:  DIY Oak Jewelry Box Featuring Box

This DIY wooden oak jewelry box will make a lasting impression while protecting your most prized possessions. Box joint construction may be seen in this one-of-a-kind jewelry box.

A simple box is transformed into a work of beauty thanks to the superb skills of the artisan.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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Box joints, which are often referred to as finger joints, are joints that are both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. You may easily complete this task by following the instructions and using common tools like a box joint jig to make box joints and then staining and finishing them.

As long as the directions are followed, it should be possible to construct the box, the top, and the trays. This magnificent and durable keepsake will remain for generations, providing a sense of coziness and heart to your wood jewelry box.

2:  DIY Multi Leveled Jewelry Box

Design and construct a beautiful DIY multi-tiered jewelry box from unusual woods like Wedge and Maple. This somewhat challenging woodworking project will give you a beautiful place to put all your possessions.

This piece is fashionable and functional and made with wood glue, toothpicks, Star bond Medium-Thick Adhesive, and Accelerator.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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Bring a measuring tape and a drill bit measuring 3/32 inches in diameter for accurate predrilling. Modify the kind of wood used or the height at which the shelves were placed so that your small home looks perfect.

Always put your safety first, and do not go forward hastily if you are unsure of what you are doing. You can use your woodworking expertise by working on this unique jewelry box project, which will also result in a beautiful box when it’s all said and done.

3:  Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box

Create a one-of-a-kind jewelry box for your Valentine that combines the DIY spirit of the holiday with the refined beauty of handiwork. An intermediate-level project may be completed in half a day, offering the chance to flex your creative muscles while providing a meaningful present.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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Baltic Birch Plywood, sandpaper, wipe-on polyurethane, wood glue, and hardwood or plywood comprise the bulk of the box’s construction.

A box with an inlaid signature tray may be made by following a detailed 11-step method that walks you through cutting, grooves, dry-fitting, gluing, and sanding the wood.

It will also have cleats attached to improve its appearance and performance. Affordable (between $20 and $50), the finished result combines artistic expression with loving sentiment, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day present.

Make a one-of-a-kind craft as a tangible token of your emotions to add a creative twist to your festivities.

4:  Walnut Jewelry Box

It has hand-cut dovetails, stopped dado, hardwood drawer runners, and specialty hardware. The jewelry box you make out of walnut is a wonderful project that will help you strengthen your woodworking abilities.

This stunning box is a useful solution for keeping your treasures and a display of your impressive woodworking talents.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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Constructing this jewelry box adds another dimension to your woodworking skill set by providing you with the opportunity to learn about the individual components of the box as well as the functions that are performed by those components.

The process, despite its complexity, is workable and has the potential to provide favorable results. Your hard work and the natural elegance of walnut wood have come together to create this gorgeous jewelry box. It’s aesthetically pleasing, practically useful, and a pleasure to make one’s own.

5:  Homemade Jewelry Box

Discover the fun of making a marbled jewelry box from scratch. Whether you want to spruce up your space or give a special present, this do-it-yourself project is perfect.

Making this box is simple and rewarding, using an unfinished wooden jewelry box, Craft paint, Vintage Wash, and EnviroTex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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Before you get to the fun part of creating the gorgeous, marbled appearance with resin and craft paint, you’ll want to paint and seal your jewelry box.

The result is an artistic jewelry box that perfectly captures your individuality and sense of style. Feel free to begin working on that beautiful jewelry box right now.

6:  Adorable DIY Jewelry Box

This charming do-it-yourself wooden jewelry box is ideal for storing and protecting your most treasured jewelry pieces.

Use this blueprint to construct a beautiful jewelry box that is uniquely yours. The drawers slide easily, and the retractable dividers accurately accommodate various jewelry sizes.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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Grain alignment is maintained with the help of carefully selected external wood, and individuality is added with the help of figured wood tops. The sculpture is completed with elegance by the hand-carving of its handles.

The detailed instructions bring the reader to a finished box with a beautiful interior and outside. Learn new woodworking techniques as you create a treasured souvenir.

A beautiful jewelry box is the product of your careful work on this project, which requires patience and dedication.

7: Simple Shabby Chic Jewelry Box Plan

Enjoy a charming shabby chic storage option with this easy Do It Yourself wooden box project! An ordinary wooden box can be transformed into a beautiful rustic trinket holder with just a few readily available supplies: brown, white, and turquoise acrylic paint, paintbrushes, a sponge brush, pattern stamps, and sandpaper.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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The box’s top features a charming design made from softly inked stamps of birds and words. This lovely box is a great way to store bracelets or other little items while maintaining a shabby chic look, thanks to its white and turquoise color scheme.

This adaptable and low-cost DIY demonstrates that making your home a reflection of your personality and needs does not require much effort or money.

8:  DIY Vintage Rose Jewelry Box

Whether you’re shopping for your mother, sister, niece, or best friend this Valentine’s Day, a handmade DIY jewelry box will surely be appreciated. After you’ve given your craft box a good sanding and coat of paint, print off an image of your choice and carefully cut it out.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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If there is any text to be printed, do so in reverse, as it will be read backward after the label is applied to the box. Use a lot of gel medium to coat the image, then place it on top of your box and ensure the edges are tucked in.

Spend a few minutes polishing your appearance using a buyer, book, or credit card. Wait three hours, then slowly wet the paper backing with a sponge and peel it off. You can remove the remaining paper once you’ve achieved the desired effect.

After an hour, please proceed to cut the felt to the box’s width, wrap it up firmly, and glue it into position within the box. Give the gift of a gleeful expression by giving this one-of-a-kind jewelry box infused with your love and imagination.

9: Free Jewelery Box Building Plan

This beautiful wooden jewelry box made from purple heart and ash is a great way to show off your woodworking skills. This woodworking project, which would make a wonderful personalized Christmas present, uses high-quality materials, including purple heart wood and ash.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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The box combines expertise and originality to provide a haven for valuables. Use the detailed directions to turn inexpensive supplies into priceless mementos.

This box is a one-of-a-kind work of art that also serves a practical purpose, and its creator’s aesthetic vision is on full display. Get your woodworking juices flowing with this exciting challenge.

10:   Nifty Rectangular Jewelry Box

This gorgeous take on the classic jewelry box style features an elegant latch and sleek silhouette. Plywood, hinges, a hasp, paint or stain, and a plush fabric for the inside are all essential woodworking supplies.

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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To round out the supplies list for this undertaking, you could even utilize some of the leftovers from your workshop. Using leftovers and scraps may help you save a significant amount of money.

On the other hand, the idea is straightforward enough that almost anybody with a little carpentry skill can copy it at a minimal cost. The components of this layout are straightforward, but the lock is the focus, so go all out when choosing a style for it.

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