10 Best DIY Motorcycle Lift Table Plans and ideas in 2023

DIY motorcycle lift table plans open the doors to an exciting world of custom-made solutions for motorcycle enthusiasts and home mechanics. These meticulously crafted plans are a comprehensive guide for building a personalized motorcycle lift table.

The appeal of DIY motorcycle lift tables lies in their ability to provide a cost-effective and tailored solution for tasks like maintenance, repairs, or customizations. These plans allow you to select the right materials, dimensions, and specifications that meet your unique needs and preferences.

DIY motorcycle lift table plans offer in-depth instructions, from hydraulic systems to lifting mechanisms, ensuring a safe and efficient construction of the lift table. DIY motorcycle lift tables need self-sufficiency, craftsmanship, and practicality.

Explore the many design possibilities and methods and improve your motorbike maintenance and customization with a custom lift table. These ideas improve your motorbike experience and give your garage a vital tool, whether you’re a technician or a rider.

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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List of 10 DIY Motorcycle Lift Table Plans

Following is the list of DIY motorcycle lift table plans.

1.  Custom Motorcycle Lift

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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You are not alone in not being up-to-date on what is occurring in this topic area at the time; many others are in the same position that you are in. Sometimes, even the most informed people are perplexed by something.

Because there is room for two bikes on the Custom Motorcycle Lift, it is ideal if you still decide which one you want to buy.

This Motorcycle Lift also has space for storing two helmets and two pairs of boots, ensuring that your whole collection, regardless of whatever bike you decide to buy, will be kept safe and sound inside its garage.

Custom Motorcycle Lift-view plan

2.  DIY Motor Lift

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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The Do-It-Yourself Motor Lift is an effective means of elevating and lowering a motorbike. The lift may be used in your garage, carport, or driveway to make getting beneath your motorcycle less hassle. One may find several applications for powered elevators.

The engine doesn’t even need to be taken out of the car or trailer for the enthusiast to go to work on it. In the hands of a trained technician, they may shorten the time required to swap out engines by a significant margin.

This straightforward construction may be finished in a single day with the help of a comprehensive kit that supplies everything you need.

DIY Motor Lift-view plan

3.  DIY Motorcycle Work Stand

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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This homemade motorcycle work stand weighs less than ten pounds, making it convenient to transport and store when not in use. One person can move and assemble it using just standard equipment.

Using aluminum pipes, hooks, and wooden planks, the author of this tutorial erected a scaffold. It folds up neatly and may be stored in a closet or garage. The motorbike is held firmly on any surface thanks to the non-slip feet.

The maximum height of the motorbike raise stand is 34″, making it suitable for riders up to 6 feet. Even though this article doesn’t include step-by-step directions, following the author’s lead by mimicking his explanation will be very simple and quick.

DIY Motorcycle Work Stand-view plan

4.  Low-Cost Motorcycle Lifting Kit

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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Building a motorbike lift for your garage may be a fun and rewarding job if you want to save money and have some free time on the weekend. First and foremost, think about your safety.

Motorcycles are potentially lethal vehicles, so take your time and check that your motorcycle lift can support the weight of such strong bikes. It is a wonderful DIY option if you need a motorbike lift but want to save money on something other than a commercial one.

Everyone should be able to construct this simple wooden motorbike lift. The motorbike may be lifted using this do-it-yourself hoist, simplifying maintenance. No special equipment is needed, but you’ll need some carpentry knowledge and a lot of time to assemble it.

Low-Cost Motorcycle Lifting Kit-view plan

5.  DIY Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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If you need to elevate or lower your car, so you can work on it, this DIY hydraulic lift table is perfect for you. If you need more confidence working beneath your vehicle, this piston and cylinder setup can elevate the platform, so you can easily get to the undercarriage.

Building a hydraulic lift table from scratch that can support up to one thousand pounds of weight might be a satisfying accomplishment. Try your hand at a do-it-yourself hydraulic motorcycle lift.

You can adjust the height of this reclaimed wood table with a handy hydraulic pump. This tabletop can easily support hundreds of pounds, making it ideal for heavy work. When you have a basement or garage, you may utilize it there.

DIY Motorcycle Hydraulic Lift-view plan

6.  DIY Motorcycle

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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Building a motorbike lifts you to make garage maintenance and repairs a breeze. Motorcycle suspension and undercarriage repairs are made easier when the bikes are raised off the ground.

Using this cheap and basic design fashioned from repurposed materials, you could get your bikes off the ground and into a more manageable position in a few hours.

A time-lapse video and detailed instructions for building this lift from scratch are provided in this post so that you may put it together without hurrying.

DIY Motorcycle-view plan

7.  DIY Motorcycle Lift Using Table

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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Its specially designed-motorcycle lift table will keep your bike secure while you work on it. The table bed may be adjusted in length, so you can easily operate beneath the bike to inspect and service its different parts.

The bike may be lowered or raised with the help of a motorized winch and a simple rope pull. This motorbike lift uses a winch to get the bike off the ground, making it easy to work on. Bikes up to roughly 200 kilograms may be securely stored.

Cost around A$500 if you purchase all the new; however, you can find most of them lying around in scrapyards or easily replace them with cheaper materials.

DIY Motorcycle Lift Using Table-view plan

8.  DIY Motorcycle Lift Kit for $200

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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You bought a motorbike lift but need to know whether you can still use it since your garage layout has changed. Make a new one instead of throwing the old one away—the guide for making your motorbike lifting mechanism for about $200.

This surprisingly sturdy contraption may support the motorcycle’s whole weight, consisting of a few pieces of wood fastened to two jack stands.

With some tweaks and some simple equipment, you can make it fantastic. If you don’t have a suitable surface in your apartment for working on bikes, this lift will allow you to do it in your garage or home.

DIY Motorcycle Lift Kit for $200-view plan

9.  Homemade Motorcycle Lift

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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Learn the steps to construct your motorbike hoist with the help of this guide. The video shows how to construct a sturdy bike stand from a long wooden frame and pallet. A $17 scissors jack and some scrap wood fashioned into an x-frame make up this motorbike lift.

If you need more support for cash, the scissors jack is your best and simplest option for moving this load. If you like tinkering with bikes or plan to construct your bike from the ground up, this lift will be very handy.

Homemade Motorcycle Lift-view plan

10. DIY Wooden Motorcycle Lift

Diy motorcycle lift table plans

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This do-it-yourself wooden motorcycle raise is ideal for motorcycles with rear swing arms and frame-mounted front driveshafts found in Honda X4 or XR650L 4-wheelers or Jeep Cherokee axles. It could be better, but if the bike is tilted, it will work on dirt motorcycles with eccentric bottom units.

This do-it-yourself motorbike lift aims to provide a means of elevating the vehicle off the floor. By constructing it yourself, you may save money and get the same enjoyment as if you had purchased it from a big-box retailer.

DIY Wooden Motorcycle Lift-view plan

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