10 Free DIY Garage Shelving Plans and ideas

DIY garage shelving is a practical and cost-effective solution for maximizing storage space and organization in your garage. Having shelving units in your garage that are made specifically for your needs might be the solution you’ve been looking for to make your space more organized and functional.

Building DIY garage shelving, whether you’re experienced or new to DIY, brings organization to your space. Customized shelves provide order, safety, and accessibility, accommodating tools, gardening items, sports gear, and decorations.

This article will discuss DIY garage shelving options and give step-by-step directions. Your messy garage may be organized and productive with a little work and basic carpentry. Let’s explore DIY garage storage and make your garage smarter.

Diy garage shelving

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10 List of DIY Garage Shelving

Here is top 10 DIY garage shelving.

1. Garage Organizing and Storage Wall

Diy garage shelving

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These hardwood garage shelves can be assembled for under a day’s work and cost $300. They are designed to accommodate plastic storage bins and may be assembled in this manner. Using plywood, you may construct a shelf unit that is 26 feet long with the help of this blueprint.

It can only be constructed with a cordless drill, a framing square, and a tape measure, all vital equipment. Purchasing the storage bins before beginning construction is a piece of additional advice that may be followed when working with this strategy.

Because of this, you can modify the proportions of the shelf to accommodate the various sizes of the bins. If you want to paint your shelves, it will be much simpler for you to do so if you paint them before you put them together.

Garage Organizing and Storage Wall-view plan

2. Floating Garage Shelves

Diy garage shelving

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When trying to place shelves in a garage, more space may need to be available. On the other hand, this should keep you from having shelves in any way, shape, or form. This suggestion provides a solution in the form of freestanding shelves that may be used in the garage.

You will be able to maximize the use of the floor space in the garage and increase the amount of storage space available by putting shelves on the walls.

You should try mounting the shelves in the center of the wall, but if you can only mount them against the wall’s edges, you will likely have to put in some further effort. Installing a shear plate or cross-beams on the wall perpendicular to the reinforced one is recommended.

Floating Garage Shelves-view plan

3. helves Over Garage Door

Diy garage shelving

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This concept is suitable in almost any garage with a high ceiling. These shelves were originally constructed in a garage that was 10 feet tall, demonstrating that any portion of the garage may be utilized as storage.

You may be concerned that the shelves will make it difficult for you to open the door. It has been shown that even if the shelves are positioned such that they are at a height of two feet from the ceiling, the door can still be opened.

If you follow the Plan’s specifications to the letter, you will be able to fit a total of twelve storage containers on each of these shelves. As a direct consequence, there will be ample area for you to organize the contents of your garage. Eye hooks are strongly suggested to ensure the shelves are supported enough.

Shelves over Garage Door-view plan

4. Heavy-Duty Storage Shelves

Diy garage shelving

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The equipment and materials used to construct these heavy-duty racks are rather straightforward. However, the strategy author recommends investing in a few fundamental power equipment to expedite your task.

One of the benefits of this layout is that it makes use of plywood that is waterproof. Using waterproof plywood protects the shelves from drooping, which happens to most shelves over time because of weight and dampness.

You might save time and effort by purchasing pre-cut particle boards instead of cutting them yourself. Continue reading the Plan for helpful advice on drilling, finishing, and attaching angle clamps.

Heavy Duty Storage Shelves-view plan

5. Low-Cost Storage Shelves

Diy garage shelving

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It is one of the cheapest garage shelf ideas found online since it is constructed using scrap 2x4s and plywood. It can be finished in a single day, and the only equipment you’ll need is the standard ones like a drill, circular saw, miter saw, and tape measure.

These shelves are 16 inches deep at their deepest point. It is a structure that is deep enough to accommodate tool cases but shallow enough so that the tool cases do not get buried inside them.

It is vital to remember that you may elevate the cross bracket by using spare wood, which will make it much simpler to screw the ends together. Last, you must ensure your shelves are flush against the wall.

Low-Cost Storage Shelves-view plan

6. Polished Habitat Garage Organizer

Diy garage shelving

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Creating customizable and cost-effective garage organizers with IKEA components is possible. These open shelves perfectly complement the open shelves often seen in the kitchen. However, they perform well in the storage room as well.

The tool storage and work tables are made of low-cost dressers purchased from IKEA. As a result, the layout will function both as a place to store things and as a place to work.

Because the shelves are extremely heavy, it is advised that you get help from someone who has a lot of physical strength to install the shelves.

Both the workstation and the shelves are constructed individually. Therefore, you may construct the shelves if you need more room for a workstation.

Polished Habitat Garage Organizer-view plan

7. Organizing your Garage Using 2x4s Plan

Diy garage shelving

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These garage shelving ideas are among the most cost-effective ones available. Because of the significant cost difference, this application uses an OSB subfloor instead of plywood. The act of drilling can be a challenging one to do.

However, this design provides the ideal answer in the form of a drilling template that can be used for the end pieces and the sides. Cut the notches bigger than necessary to simplify installing the shelves.  It is also possible to split the shelves in half; however, you would need to provide additional support below the splice.

Organizing Your Garage Using 2x4s Plan

8. Shelving Concealed Behind the Garage Door

Diy garage shelving

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When the entrance to the garage is opened, these shelves disappear completely despite having the capacity to carry about four totes side by side.

This shelving system, which costs $50 to make, will provide different functionality than metal shelving systems that cost between $120-$140. On the other hand, you may use it to store light equipment, such as camping gear, seasonal decorations, and seasonal apparel.

The measuring component of this strategy is of the utmost importance. The dimensions must be accurate because the garage door must be able to open and close without coming into contact with the shelf.

Remember that after the shelves have been installed, the plywood has to be placed on them. In addition, the weight of the bins and the objects being kept will keep it down, so you won’t need to use as many screws in this location.

Shelving Concealed Behind the Garage Door-view Plan

9. Overhead Hanging Storage

Diy garage shelving

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One more of the garage shelving designs uses the space and money available, and the total cost to complete it is just $74. The shelves have a storage capacity of 164 cubic feet and call for using four standard tools: a drill, a saw, a level, and a stud finder. The formation of the foundation is a crucial stage.

It is important to remember that you should not create it too huge since it will become difficult to raise and connect to the wall if it is. If you want to store heavy materials on these shelves, you must provide a support beam at a distance of at least 30 inches between each shelf. If you cannot accomplish your goals, your shelves will begin to sag, and they may fall over completely.

Overhead Hanging Storage-view Plan

10.Strong Shelving Plan for the Garage

Diy garage shelving

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Shelves that are sagging not only have an unpleasant appearance, but more significantly, they may be hazardous. This Plan has allocated $200 to construct a rack designed to withstand the test of time.

In addition, the blueprint offers excellent guidance to do-it-yourselfer on constructing a simple and robust structure. It is optional to construct all shelves at the same height; moreover, you should construct at least two rows of shelves high enough to accommodate more outsized goods.

These shelves have a depth of 21 inches and are an excellent choice for storing tubs and other big things. On the other hand, you may base the depth on the measurements you took.

Strong Shelving Plan for the Garage-view plan

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