10 Different Types of DIY Dice with Pictures-DIY Walnut Wooden Dice

DIY dice is all about crafting your unique dice for gaming fun. It’s a cool blend of creativity and gaming excitement. With DIY dice, you get to be the designer and make dice that match your style and interests.

Creating your DIY dice is easy and fun. You pick the materials, shapes, colors, and patterns you like, giving you total freedom to let your imagination run wild. Not only do these dice look awesome, but they also make your gaming experiences more personal and special.

DIY dice are not just game pieces; they’re pieces of art. They show off your creativity and style, making them a fantastic addition to tabletop gaming.

In this journey into DIY dice, we’ll dive into the crafty world of dice making and introduce you to the vibrant community of dice creators. Let’s roll into the world of creativity and fun.

Diy dice

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10 DIY Dice

Following are 10 DIY dice:

1:  Travel Dice Box with Built-In Tower

Diy dice

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This idea is adaptable and may be used with any square craft box. This dice tower is ideal since it has a built-in tower and can be folded and taken with you. A tower is on one side of the box, and a tray on the other.

Dice will tumble down this tower with complete randomness, thanks to the baffles. Dice in a tower with baffles are less likely to roll erratically. Feel free to be creative with how you decorate the box, but remember that threesome nice touches are already included in the original design.

The case is stained with rosewood and embellished with wooden accents and gold paint. Finally, a template was used to adhere felt to the inside and outside of the box for a polished final touch.

2:  Lego Dice Tower Plan

Diy dice

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A Lego Dice Tower Plan is a set of instructions for building a dice tower using Lego bricks for tabletop gaming. Everything from the foundation to the top of this dice tower is made with Lego bricks.

Several plates joined together would provide a sturdy basis for the building. After the foundation is built, the tower and tray will need careful placement of Lego pieces. Moreover, the creator has some leeway regarding design options with this blueprint.

Lego bricks may be arranged in various ways to form various figures. Also, for a more interesting appearance, you may use Lego bricks of various colors.

3:  DIY Dice Tower Plan for Beginners

Diy dice

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It is the approach that needs to be utilized first by first-time do-it-yourselfer. Simplify your work with this strategy, reducing effort. Visual learners can use design drawings. A dice tower from leftover foam board minimizes waste.

You’ll need glue, foam board, and scissors, eliminating wood cutting and staining hassle while maximizing reuse and recycling. You can still build the dice tower even if you do not have a needle and thread.

Pins keep the structure in place while the glue dries so that it may be further constructed. Even though the tray and the tower have been built separately, they may still be used together without any problems.

4:   Upcycled Mini Dice Tower

Diy dice

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An Upcycled Mini Dice Tower is a compact gaming accessory created by repurposing materials, typically used to enhance dice rolls during tabletop gaming.

Repurpose an empty Pringles box into a compact, noise-friendly dice tower using this strategy. Quick to make in just 12 minutes, it adds fun and functionality to your games.

You may always paint this dice tower to make it seem better if you find its current looks unappealing. It would be best to have some adhesive, a blade (or a nail file), and an empty Pringles-style box to make your own. Once everyone is gathered, you’re ready to go.

5:   Jenga Dice Tower

Diy dice

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A Jenga Dice Tower is a unique gaming accessory constructed using Jenga blocks. It is a dice-rolling tower for tabletop games, adding an entertaining twist to gameplay.

For a budget-friendly and fun dice tower, use Jenga pieces and foam board. It costs under $5, especially if you find Jenga blocks secondhand. Minimal cutting required. Gather 30 Jenga blocks, adhesive, foam board, and scissors for this project.

Felt may be added to dampen the noise generated by the dice as they go up and down the tower, but it is not required. This layout can be built in less than 2 hours and stands out visually from standard dice towers.

6:  Arduino Automatic Dice Tower

Diy dice

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An Arduino Automatic Dice Tower is a mechanical tower powered by Arduino technology that automatically rolls dice for tabletop games. Elevate your board game night with an impressive dice tower layout.

It features a dynamic twist with Arduino-controlled servo motors, creating six separate dice containers. Each compartment has buttons on the tower for easy opening and closing, enhancing the gaming experience with friends and neighbors.

The Arduino also illuminates the tray when pressed, improving the tower’s look. This tower’s buttons are 3D-printed. Resin printers are an alternative to 3D printers for individuals without access. A chainsaw can halve dice.

7:   See-Through DIY Dice Tower

Diy dice

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A See-Through DIY Dice Tower is a homemade gaming accessory with transparent sides, allowing players to witness the dice rolls inside. This distinctive dice tower design features transparent plexiglass, allowing you to watch the dice tumble.

Crafted from black cherry and strong maple wood, it boasts a visually striking contrast. A final lacquer application gives it a sleek, professional look. It folds flat for storage and should match tray dimensions. You can even add custom artwork using a laser printer and toner transfer.

You can take family game night to the next level with the addition of a dice tower. Fortunately, our strategy is tailor-made for your needs.

8:   Decorative Upcycled DIY Dice Tower Plan

Diy dice

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This design demonstrates that upcycled towers do not always need to be massive and understated in appearance. This castle-like dice tower, repurposed from an Apple Watch box, features an illuminated dice chute.

It’s crafted from recycled materials, including transparent plastic, white gift wrap, and discarded comic book boards for the bricks, making it an eco-friendly and visually impressive gaming accessory.

The owner of the idea recommends putting some moss on the tray to give the tower a more natural appearance, but you may decorate it as you wish. Invest a few hours of your weekend into building this impressive-looking dice tower.

9:   Castle-like Dice Tower

Diy dice

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A Castle-Like Dice Tower is a dice-rolling accessory that resembles a miniature castle, adding a thematic touch to tabletop gaming. Prepare to be amazed once more by the Pringles box concept.

This dice tower crafted from a Pringles container not only saves money but also impresses with its stair-like baffles, adding a touch of realism. If you have a fondness for paper mache from your youth, this method will become your favorite choice for crafting in no time.

Paper Mache was used to give the Pringles box greater stiffness and a smoother finish than it would have had it not been used. It is a fun project, regardless of whether you use it as a decorative item or a dice tower at the end.

10:  Zebra wood and Brass Dice Tower

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When the result is this excellent, it’s a good idea to go all out with your dice tower. Woodworking, brass work, handmade dowels, and wet ink transfer are all displayed in this entertaining endeavor.

This plan draws inspiration from the abundance of dice tower designs available online and tries to combine elements from each. You already have hand files, pencils, and sandpaper at home.

The extensive list of necessary equipment suggests this will be a complex task. As a result, skilled do-it-yourself woodworkers are encouraged to take on the challenge. The tower’s polished wood, small sign and 45-degree slope in front give it a distinctive and dramatic appearance.

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