10 Best DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans-Fantastic DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

DIY arcade cabinet plans are detailed guides that help you build your custom arcade cabinet. In these designs, selecting the components necessary to assemble the cabinet, wiring it up, and configuring the game software are all covered.

They even include a shopping list! Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or just a casual gamer, the following step-by-step instructions will make it easy for you to construct an arcade cabinet that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

You may even select and install your preferred arcade games, recreating the atmosphere of a traditional arcade in the comfort of your own home.

These blueprints provide the framework for an exciting and customized project you can use, whether you want to re-create the feeling of being in an old-school arcade or construct a one-of-a-kind gaming centerpiece.

Top 10 DIY arcade cabinet plans

Here are the top 10 Diy arcade cabinet plans

1.      Diy Home Arcade Cabinet

The Diyer chose the 80s DIY style and only brought the bare necessities for this arcade cabinet. You’ll build a little control deck after creating a preferred monitor mounting design.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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Additionally, you’ll get a few pointers about the acrylic utilized, the graphics, wiring, lighting, and audio. The Marquee’s setup is the most straightforward component, and you will be given three tips on handling it.

DIY Home Arcade Cabinet

2.      DIY Wall Mounted Arcade Cabinet

A DIY Home Arcade Cabinet is a custom-built gaming console resembling classic arcade machines, typically created by individuals for playing retro arcade games at home using emulation software.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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The budget of 700 euros ought to be plenty to ensure your success in constructing this do-it-yourself arcade cabinet idea. It would be best if you weren’t astonished to see that this machine is suspended from a rail used for hanging furniture.

Despite this, the wall has been reinforced with substantial beams made of wood. If there is a problem, it will not be necessary to open the arcade cabinet because all electronic components are on the backplate.

DIY Wall Mounted Arcade Cabinet

3.      DIY Custom Arcade Cabinet

This arcade cabinet might be constructed for as low as $404 if scrap wood, specifically reclaimed wood from an old wardrobe, was available. The control panel installation will need the majority of your attention and some competence.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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Either consult the separate construction guide for the control panel or consider buying the Raspberry Pi type that has been proposed. You could feel overwhelmed while going through this guide, but taking things one step at a time could work wonders for the product you end up with.

DIY Custom Arcade Cabinet

4.      DIY Portable Arcade Suitcase

It is a part of the bag. Thus, it may be transported to any location. When it comes to the various components that make up a high-quality arcade system, there is a plethora of visual evidence and descriptive text available for your perusal.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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Remember that this makes use of a Raspberry Pi. To avoid attaching a cooling fan, you should acquire a casing for your Raspberry Pi. Additionally, use plenty of Velcros to secure everything in place.

DIY Portable Arcade Suitcase-view plan

5.      DIY Barcade Arcade Mini Cabinet

A DIY BarCade Arcade Mini Cabinet is a compact, homemade gaming cabinet that combines a mini-bar setup with arcade gaming, allowing for entertainment and refreshments in one unit. You are free to install this arcade cabinet in any room of your house, and it is also relatively easy to move from place to place.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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Do you have an old computer and monitor collecting dust in the basement? Consider disassembling it to reuse its components. If this do-it-yourself expert could make it for less than forty dollars, you should be able to get very close.

DIY BarCade Arcade Mini Cabinet

6.      DIY Trashcan Arcade Cabinet

This lightweight arcade cabinet achieves the desired retro look and feel with a thin-film transistor (TFT) display, allowing for a more space-efficient overall design.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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To construct the fundamental framework of the cabinet, we will utilize either MDF or HDF board in conjunction with plexiglass as the significant material.

This one is for those of you who have a very high commitment to the X-Arcade board and considerable excitement. If you have some used items and electronics lying around, you should seriously consider the possibility of selling them.

DIY TrashCan Arcade Cabinet-view plan

7.      Retro DIY Arcade Cabinet Plan

The word “vintage” doesn’t even describe how old this arcade game is! This tutorial is worth your time because of the skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that it demonstrates.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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If you dabble in the world of do-it-yourself projects on the side, selling this to a local coffee shop could result in a healthy profit for you. The joystick button, the micro switches, and the LEDs would all be connected via the controller, which would take the form of a miniature PAC keypad.

Retro DIY Arcade Cabinet Plan

8.      DIY Ohio State Arcade Cabinet

The height of this space-saving arcade cabinet exceeds its width by a significant margin. A higher piece of 1.5-inch-by-1.5-inch wood is positioned in the middle to support the topsides.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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There is much panelling work to be done in general, including for the rear, controllers, speakers, and several other components, in addition to the building stage, which has received much attention already. You have to gain a solid understanding of what must be done to complete the project by using the photographs provided to you. This information should be gleaned from the images sent to you now.

DIY Ohio State Arcade Cabinet

9.      DIY Sleek Tabletop Arcade Cabinet

The DIY Sleek Tabletop Arcade Cabinet is a captivating project that allows enthusiasts to craft a stylish and compact arcade gaming unit that sits conveniently on tabletops. This DIY venture combines aesthetics with nostalgia, offering an engaging and functional gaming experience within a minimalist footprint.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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This cabinet is constructed with meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, and it often boasts a streamlined and contemporary style that frequently places a strong emphasis on aesthetics. It is a departure from the conventional, more cumbersome arcade cabinets, making it an excellent choice for individuals with restricted space.

Builders utilize MDF or plywood to build the cabinet, then add arcade controls, a screen, and emulation software to play old arcade games. Its mix of DIY creativity, gaming passion, and modern design makes it a great addition to any home or game room.

DIY Sleek Tabletop Arcade Cabinet

10. DIY Single Sheet Plywood Arcade Cabinet

The DIY Single Sheet Plywood Arcade Cabinet is a compact and innovative project that involves constructing an arcade cabinet using just a single sheet of plywood. It is intended to be easy to use and inexpensive while simultaneously providing a gaming experience that is true to the spirit of arcade games.

DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans

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This do-it-yourself arcade solution is ideal for folks with restricted space or looking for an inexpensive alternative to traditional arcade options. The single sheet of plywood is carefully cut and assembled to create the cabinet’s structure. The cabinet can be customized with a screen, controls, and emulation software to play classic arcade games.

It’s a creative and accessible way to bring the joy of arcade gaming into your home without needing extensive materials or woodworking expertise.

DIY Single Sheet Plywood Arcade Cabinet

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