10 Best Homemade DIY Birdfeeder Ideas

DIY birdfeeder is a homemade contraption that lures and nourishes birds, created by bird lovers from various materials. Creating your DIY bird feeder is a wonderful way to connect with nature, beautify your outdoor space, and support our feathered friends.

These projects range from simple designs using everyday items like milk jugs or pine cones to more complex ones involving woodworking or crafting skills. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner seeking a fun project, there’s a DIY bird feeder.

Crafting a bird feeder allows you to tailor it to attract local bird species, making it a welcoming haven for them. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing you’re providing much-needed food, especially during challenging seasons.

So, get ready to roll up your sleeves, gather your materials, and embark on an enjoyable journey into the world of DIY birdfeeder. It’s a fulfilling and nature-loving endeavor waiting for you.

10 DIY Birdfeeders Ideas

Following are the top DIY birdfeeders:

1:    Juice Carton Feeder

Build this bird feeder out of an old juice carton throughout the weekend with the help of your children. Your children will have a great time working on this Do-It-Yourself project because of the beautiful and eye-catching form it takes.

DIY Birdfeeder

You will need a juice carton, garden enamel paints, a Stanley knife, and plastic bottle caps to devise the most effective method for feeding the birds. You might use it as a decoration for your horror party if you want to give the party’s atmosphere a creepier feel.

2:    Milk Jug Feeder

A Milk Jug Feeder is a DIY bird feeder made from recycled milk. It’s an eco-friendly way to repurpose plastic containers to provide food for birds.

In spring this year, have the youngsters make a bird feeder from a repurposed milk bottle. Making a bird feeder for the winter from a plastic water or milk bottle is easy and cheap.

DIY Birdfeeder

The jug may be prepared for hanging from a tree by cleaning, slicing it into sides, drilling holes for a thin dowel or chopstick perch, and filling it with birdseed. If you paint, you can hide the fact that your homemade bird feeder is made from a plastic bottle.

3:    Tube-Style Bird Feeder

You may spend hours of fun watching birds at a tube feeder. The long, thin tubes prevent moisture from getting to the seeds and provide plenty of space for several ports, allowing many birds to consume at once.

DIY Birdfeeder

Birdwatchers with busy backyards will love tube feeders for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Because there is such a wide variety of bird feeders available, you should be able to find one that satisfies both your needs and the requirements of the birds you want to see.

To attract birds during the colder months, you may purchase or create a feeder with a tube design. Almost any bird seed may be used in this Feeder, which can accommodate many birds simultaneously. These DIY feeders use a variety of PVC tubes and are easy to assemble.

4:    Pumpkin Feeder

Turning a pumpkin into a bird feeder is a creative and entertaining project. A pumpkin with its insides removed makes a convenient bird feeder. You have a great, open surface space for the bird feeder, and the sides provide perfect perches for birds to use while they eat.

DIY Birdfeeder

From scooping out the mould to filling it to hanging it, children (and adults) will have a blast getting their hands messy. Once your pumpkin bird feeder is set up in the garden, you can urge children to watch for wildlife.

Great for those who have extra pumpkins after Halloween but don’t know what to do with them. Instead of wasting them, you might quickly sketch some cute animals to feed them. In addition to the pumpkin, a stick and some string will also be needed.

5:    Log Hole Feeder

Log feeders cater mostly to clingers, or birds that don’t simply perch in the branches but also constantly wander up and down the vertical surfaces of trees. A bird feeder and your kid would get along swimmingly.

DIY Birdfeeder

Your newborns and toddlers will love this easy-to-make Rustic Log Bird Feeder. This plan is perfect if you like rustic interiors and want to give your yard a new, rustic appeal.

To construct this design, you’ll need a log with a diameter of three inches and a length ranging from one to two feet, as well as a large eye hook, twine, or rope.

6:    Star Shape Feeder

A Star Shape Feeder is a bird feeder designed in the shape of a star. It offers an aesthetic and functional way to attract and feed birds in your outdoor space. This method does not use hazardous compounds on birds; it may be used on any species.

DIY Birdfeeder

To make this, you’ll need 12 cups of water, three tablespoons of corn syrup, three tablespoons of unflavored gelatin, three cups of birdseed, and four cups of flour. These are the most important and useful do-it-yourself bird feeder ideas. All the parts for this Feeder may be found at a secondhand store.

7:    Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder is a refreshing departure from traditional bird feeders, offering an exciting DIY project for bird enthusiasts. This user-friendly endeavor is perfect for anyone wishing to attract birds and relish their enchanting melodies.

DIY Birdfeeder

The design is straightforward and versatile, making it adaptable to various locations and times. It provides a unique way to present birdseed, ensuring your offering stands out and entices feathered visitors.

Whether you seek a novel bird-feeding experience or an opportunity to engage with nature’s songsters, this Automatic Bird Feeder is an excellent choice. It promises a simple yet innovative approach to enhancing your connection with backyard birds.

8:   Gazebo Feeder

The eastern red cedar used to construct the Gazebo Bird Feeder is beautiful and regenerating and stands up well to the elements. The birds are protected from harm while they eat, and the open window design allows for optimal viewing.

DIY Birdfeeder

The gazebo bird feeder is larger and more elaborate than the window feeder and other do-it-yourself feeders. A multi-panel roof protects it from the elements and has six open sides.

It is surprisingly easy to build a birdhouse of this size and complexity. To learn more about birdhouses, read our article on birdhouse plans for additional information.

9:   Snow Corn Shape Feeder

Snow Corn Shape Feeder is a delightful DIY bird feeder designed for the colder seasons, specifically fall and winter. It offers an attractive and practical way to feed birds during these chilly months.

DIY Birdfeeder

This project involves creating a feeder using snow corn and chestnuts, which can be a fun and eco-friendly activity. The website provides comprehensive instructions detailing all the materials and steps required for the project.

If you’re seeking a beautiful and seasonally appropriate bird feeder to enhance your outdoor space while ensuring the well-being of feathered friends, this project is an ideal choice. Check out the full instructions on the website for all the details.

10:    Monitor Feeder

The monitor Feeder option offers an intriguing technical challenge, incorporating an Arduino Yun and a capacitive touch sensor. This setup provides real-time data on the number of visiting birds and their feeding duration, displayed on a monitor.

DIY Birdfeeder

This information can be exported to a spreadsheet for research, enhancing data analysis efficiency. Notably, the monitoring system operates automatically from just before dawn until slightly after sunset, ensuring comprehensive data collection throughout daylight hours.

This project is ideal for those seeking an engaging technical endeavor while studying bird behaviour and habits.

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