10 Free DIY Bluetooth Speaker Plans for 2023

DIY bluetooth speaker plans open a world of sonic creativity for tech-savvy enthusiasts and music lovers alike. These projects empower you to craft your portable audio systems with a personalized touch.

The beauty of DIY Bluetooth speaker plans lies in their simplicity and accessibility. Whether you’re a seasoned electronics whiz or a complete novice, these plans offer step-by-step guidance to help you build a speaker that suits your style and sound preferences.

With readily available components and a dash of creativity, you can fashion speakers that deliver impressive audio quality and reflect your unique design sensibilities.

From choosing speaker drivers to assembling circuitry and fine-tuning audio performance, creating your Bluetooth speaker is an exciting blend of technology and craftsmanship. So, let’s embark on this sonic adventure together and discover the world of DIY Bluetooth speaker plans.

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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List of DIY Bluetooth Speaker Plans

Here is the list of DIY bluetooth speaker plans

1. DIY Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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DIY Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker is a creative twist on portable audio. This project lets you craft a speaker to broadcast your music across impressive distances. You’ll need basic supplies like wire, scrap wood, and a wooden speaker enclosure.

This enclosure can be made from unconventional items like a large Altoids tin or repurposed from an old Bluetooth boombox with substantial speaker cones. These bigger cones enhance sound quality, allowing sound waves to travel farther for clear audio.

This DIY speaker is designed for outdoor use and is perfect for enjoying music in the open air. With this project, you can enjoy your music in a whole new way, all while experimenting with materials and design to create your unique DIY Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker.

DIY Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker-view plan

2.  DIY WiFi/Bluetooth Speaker

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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You may construct it using inexpensive, commonplace items purchased online or at a nearby hardware shop. The speaker’s sound is robust and can be personalized to match your aesthetic preferences.

In this instructional video, you’ll see how to construct a Bluetooth speaker out of wood using basic tools and methods.

The maker begins by assembling the speaker from wood parts cut to size and marked to match, followed by the addition of a wireless receiver for Bluetooth communication.

DIY WiFi/Bluetooth Speaker-view plan

3. DIY Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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Create your impressive sound system with the DIY Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker. This DIY project guides you through assembling a high-quality speaker that delivers rich, resonant audio. With this kit, you can craft a powerful 4-ohm, 8-watt Bluetooth speaker.

The robust woofer is paired with soundproof cotton and fabric, ensuring exceptional sound quality. While this project is accessible to those with electrical engineering expertise, newcomers may want to seek assistance.

Following these instructions, you can transform basic components into a top-notch Bluetooth speaker, filling your space with immersive sound. Enjoy the satisfaction of building your speaker and relish the superior audio experience it provides.

DIY Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker-view plan

4. DIY Bluetooth Speaker

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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It is a simple to prepare and transportable option. The DIY project’s housing was made using a 3D printer. You’ll be able to create a speaker that produces high-fidelity sound with ordinary craft supplies and equipment found around the home.

After you have finished your masterpiece, you may connect your device and listen to your chosen music. You may play music confidently, knowing that the sound quality is high, and the build is sturdy.

This Bluetooth speaker is easy to assemble and would make a thoughtful present. Making your own Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have to break the bank.

DIY Bluetooth Speaker-view plan

5. DIY bluetooth speaker with power bank

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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This home-built MOSDART speaker packs a punch thanks to its innovative construction. This do-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker is built for booming bass and crystal-clear sound.

You can charge your phone or other device from its strong batteries, so you can listen to music for hours without worrying about your battery dying. It contains a 5200mAh built-in battery that doubles as a power bank and three speaker cones with a passive radiator for low-frequency response.

Thanks to the speakers  high-fidelity sound, you can expect an exceptional listening experience. You may pair the speakers wirelessly using Bluetooth or the audio port on your phone.

DIY Bluetooth Speaker with Powerbank-view plan

6. DIY Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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Show your love with a crafted gift – a DIY Bluetooth speaker. Easy-to-follow instructions come with the purchased kit, making it a thoughtful and personal present for your loved ones.

You can assemble your Bluetooth speaker from a few inexpensive components and do it all independently. To construct your speakers at home, you must adopt an inventive strategy and give the undertaking your complete attention at every stage.

For instance, the maker will first drill holes in the wooden framework for the wires, and then they will install the cones into the structure once the holes have been drilled. After you finish everything, you can put the parts together by laying them out and then putting them together.

Those members of your social circle who deeply appreciate music would be thrilled to get this item as a gift, as it would be their perfect present.

DIY Wooden Bluetooth Speaker-view plan

7. Constructing a Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker at Home

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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Crafting a Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker at home is an economical and uncomplicated DIY endeavor. Begin by fashioning a square plywood box, leaving a space between the left and right edges. Assemble the boards, adhering to their specified dimensions.

To enhance the subwoofer’s sound quality, consider connecting it to a retired surround sound system. This straightforward project yields a custom-built speaker ready to deliver impressive audio.

Following these steps, you can repurpose materials, create an affordable sound solution, and enjoy the satisfaction of a successful DIY subwoofer Bluetooth speaker in your home audio setup.

Constructing a Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker at Home-view plan

8. Easy-to-make Bluetooth Speaker 2.0

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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Here is an enjoyable do-it-yourself project that won’t need soldering and can be finished in under an hour. It costs a little money, is easy to assemble, and has a respectable volume.

However, It is important to remember that you may cause permanent harm to your phone if you use the speaker function while your headphones are disconnected.

Use the 50W Digital Amplifier Board with this setup; however, several boards may be chained together to achieve higher levels.

Here is a rundown of the remaining components: We’ll need a 5.0-volt DC power supply, a waterproof push button, a voltmeter, many wires, and several 5.0-millimeter light-emitting diodes.

Easy-to-Make Bluetooth Speaker 2.0

9. Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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The Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker, while not portable due to its wooden build, excels as a stationary audio companion. It has a simple appearance, consisting of a single cone and a switch that can be turned on and off. The device’s defining characteristics are the Bluetooth bookshelf speaker’s ease of use and versatility.

While it may not satisfy the discerning ears of an audiophile who craves top-tier sound quality, it caters to those who prioritize aesthetics. This speaker is ideal for individuals who appreciate the visual appeal of their audio setup, making it an excellent choice for home decor enthusiasts.

Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker combines form and function, offering a sleek and unobtrusive addition to your living space while delivering a noteworthy auditory experience. Its unique blend of style and utility makes it a compelling choice for those seeking an audio solution that complements their sense of style.

Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker

10. Three DIY Bluetooth Speakers

Diy bluetooth speaker plans

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Three DIY Bluetooth Speakers plan guides three different do-it-yourself projects to make custom sound systems that connect to Bluetooth. It is not a project for amateurs, but when finished, you’ll have the coolest speaker in the neighborhood.

Wood is utilized for most of the enclosure, while 3D-printed components comprise the rest. As a result of its mobility and compact size, Bluetooth speakers may be used in a wide variety of settings. You can purchase one already in excellent form or design and build your own.

A speaker, Bluetooth module, power source, and sometimes a resistor are required components. You may use anything you choose for the speaker’s actual physical form.

Three DIY Bluetooth Speakers-view plan

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