10 Best DIY Dice Tower Plans for Fun

DIY dice tower is a delightful fusion of craftsmanship and gaming ingenuity. For tabletop gaming enthusiasts and creative minds alike, the DIY dice tower is a captivating project that blends artistry with functionality.

A DIY dice tower is a handcrafted contraption to enhance dice rolling during board games and role-playing adventures. This ingenious device ensures fair and random outcomes by guiding the dice’s descent through a series of obstacles within the tower, ultimately delivering a satisfying roll.

This complete tutorial will explore DIY dice tower designs, materials, and construction methods. There are designs for medieval towers and space-age wonders.

With step-by-step directions and creative ideas, you can create your own DIY dice project to enhance your gaming experience and personalize your tabletop adventures. Join me in the wonderful world of DIY dice towers.

10 Best DIY Dice Tower

Following are the best DIY dice tower:

1:   Compact and Portable Dice Tower

This plan, which was developed using a square craft box, can be modified to work with any box size. This dice tower is ideal because it has a built-in building and can be folded and taken with you. One side of the box is a tower, and the other is a tray.

DIY Dice Tower

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Dice will roll down this tower with complete randomness to the baffles. Dice in a building with baffles are less likely to roll erratically. Feel free to use your imagination when decorating the box, but remember that the blueprint also includes instructions for enhancing its visual appeal.

The case is finished with a rosewood stain and decorated with additional wooden accents and gold paint. Finally, a template was used to adhere felt to the inside and outside the box for a polished final touch.

2:   DIY Dice Tower

All first-time do-it-yourselfer should start with this plan. This plan, broken down into just a few easy steps, is intended to minimize the effort you must put in. Those who are more visual learners would like the supplementary sketches of the design.

DIY Dice Tower

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This dice tower, fashioned from scraps of foam board, is an example of a thoughtful application of upcycling principles. In addition, you’ll need some commonplace items like scissors, needles, glue, and form board. Thus, the effort of cutting and staining wood is avoided.

Making a dice tower doesn’t even require any needles or pins. Thanks to the nails, the construction is held in place while the glue cures. The tray and building have been constructed independently, but their close fit guarantees they will remain joined once assembled.

3:   Lego Dice Tower Plan

The Lego Dice Tower is a unique creation crafted entirely from Lego bricks. It begins with a solid base constructed by joining several Lego plates, ensuring a stable foundation. Building the tower and dice tray atop this base demands precision, as each Lego brick must be carefully placed.

DIY Dice Tower

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The result is a functional and visually appealing dice tower designed for tabletop gaming. Using Lego bricks adds creativity to the gaming experience, making it a fun and engaging project for Lego enthusiasts and tabletop gamers.

4:    DIY Transparent Dice Tower

This concept for a dice tower is one of a kind since the dice can be seen falling through a thin piece of plexiglass that covers the top of the building. Both black cherry and hard maple hardwood, two extremely distinct types of wood, were employed in creating it.

DIY Dice Tower

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Because these two types of wood were used in the construction of the building, it gave the impression of having a more luxurious quality. The last process, which is the application of a layer of lacquer, provides the box with a polished and elegant appearance.

When not in use, the tower may collapse and stow away within the tray by simply following the instructions. It is essential to remember that the tower’s dimensions need to be the same as those of the tray for it to nest in the appropriate manner.

It’s even possible to print custom artwork directly onto your box using a laser printer and a toner transfer. The following family game night could use an upgrade, and that’s where a dice tower comes in. Luckily, our strategy will work perfectly for you.

5:   Upcycled Mini Dice Tower

Most of us have empty Pringles boxes, yet none has ever considered using one to make a dice tower. The good news is that the information you need to make that happen is included in this strategy.

DIY Dice Tower

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The dice tower is compact and will only hog a little room in your game. Even the noise of the dice being thrown could be enjoyable to some. It may be built in as little as 12 minutes. Plus, a bag of Pringles.

If you believe that the existing appearance of this dice tower is unpleasant, you may always paint it to make it seem nicer. You only need some glue, a knife, and an empty box like Pringles to create your own. Once everyone has gathered together, you can go on with the plan.

6:   Jenga Dice Tower

Since Jenga is the undisputed king of party lounder, here’s another concept for a fun dice tower. This plan only costs you $5 because it requires some Jenga blocks and some leftover foam board.

DIY Dice Tower

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Getting Jenga from secondhand shops or garage sales is one way to reduce expenses. The amount of cutting needed for this job is minimal. Only 30 Jenga blocks, adhesive, foam board, and scissors are required to build this structure.

Felt can be added to muffle the dice rolling through the tower, while it is not required. This layout can be built in less than 2 hours and stands out visually from standard dice towers.

7:   Arduino Automatic Dice Tower

It is one of the most stunning dice tower patterns you can create if you’re hosting a casual board game night with some friends or neighbors. Although the tower is relatively straightforward, the Arduino makes it more exciting and interactive.

DIY Dice Tower

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Six separate dice boxes, each with a servo motor, are at the tower’s entrance. Each of these compartments has its own set of buttons on the outlook for opening and closing.

The Arduino improves the tower’s aesthetics by illuminating the tray in response to button presses. The buttons on this tower are 3D-printed. Since 3D printers are out of reach for some people, you could choose a resin printer instead.

8:   Zebra wood and Brass Dice Tower

When the outcome is this good, it’s a good idea to go all out with your dice tower. This entertaining piece combines several types of craftsmanship, including woodworking, brass work, bespoke dowels, and wet ink transfer.

DIY Dice Tower

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Sandpaper, hand files, and pencils are things you already have in your home that may be used for DIY projects.

The extensive list of equipment needed to be completed successfully may be a complex task. Consequently, experienced do-it-yourself woodworkers are strongly urged to take on the charge.

The tower’s polished wood, small sign, and 45-degree ramp in front give it a distinctive and dramatic appearance.

9:   Decorative Upcycled DIY Dice Tower Plan

This design demonstrates that recycled high-rises need to be more genuine and understated. This dice tower, fashioned from a recycled Apple Watch box, may pass for a fortified outpost. Even the slot the dice used to escape is illuminated.

DIY Dice Tower

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The remaining components of this skyscraper are similarly made from repurposed materials. Examples include clear plastic from packing and white gift wrap. The tower’s bricks, too, are fashioned from recycled materials, specifically old comic book boards.

The tray’s decoration is up to you; however, the tower’s designer proposes moss to ground the structure. Take some time over the weekend to construct this impressive-looking tower of dice.

10: Castle-Like Dice Tower

Get ready to be awestruck again by the Pringles box idea. Reusing a Pringles box makes this magnificent dice tower for pennies. This dice tower’s baffles are designed to look like stairs, adding to its realism.

DIY Dice Tower

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This strategy will be your new favorite if you ever liked working with paper Mache as a youngster. The Pringles box is more rigid and beautifully painted, thanks to Mache’s report. Whether you use it as a decorative piece or a dice tower, it is a fun project.

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