10 Best Floating Shelves: Step by Step Guide

Floating shelves are modern marvels of storage and decor. They appear to “float” on walls without visible supports, giving spaces a clean, stylish look. These shelves do more than hold things; they enhance a room’s beauty.

People love floating shelves because they save space while adding a touch of contemporary charm. You can use them for almost anything: displaying collectables, organizing books, or tidying your home.

These shelves are versatile, fitting into any room. They’re perfect for the kitchen, displaying spices and pans, or showing off art or decorations in the living room. Home offices benefit from their organization, and bathrooms get a chic storage solution.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of floating shelves, seeing how they blend practicality and style, becoming essential in modern interior design.

10 Floating Shelves

Following are Floating shelves:

1:      Simple DIY Floating Shelves

Simple DIY floating shelves are an affordable and user-friendly solution to enhance any room’s aesthetics and functionality.

Specifically highlighted in a bathroom context for storing towels and essentials, these shelves are easy to create with basic materials like wooden boards, wall brackets, screws, and common tools.

Floating Shelves

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The process involves measuring and cutting the boards, securely attaching the wall brackets, and then sliding them onto them, creating the illusion of floating shelves. These versatile shelves can be tailored to fit any space and cater to diverse storage needs, whether in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

They provide refinement to your decor while organizing your items stylishly and simply. Simple DIY floating shelves are a cheap and easy way to make your house more tidy and attractive.

2:      DIY Floating Shelves Kitchen

Bringing the convenience of do-it-yourself floating shelves into your kitchen will be nothing short of a godsend for you. If this is the first time you have attempted something like this, consider this the greatest way to get started with anything new.

Floating Shelves

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You can quickly add some wonderful new capabilities to your woodworking repertoire according to the instructions provided by the person who designed this floating shelf project. These wooden shelves come in various sizes, and you can modify them to fit your needs and the kitchen layout.

3:      DIY Floating Shelves With Brackets

Including brackets in your DIY floating shelf project is smart, especially when you want to pick where to place your shelf. Brackets give your shelf essential support without messing up its look.

Floating Shelves

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This tip is super handy when you’re thinking about adding a strong wooden shelf to an empty living room wall. Brackets keep floating shelves fastened to the wall.

They provide support for the shelf and anything placed on it, which is particularly useful for shelves that hold a lot of weight. Shelving may be modified to suit your preferences, thanks to the availability of brackets. So, remember that brackets make DIY floating shelves appear attractive, robust, and useful.

4:      DIY Floating Shelves Solid Wood

Enhancing your workspace with DIY floating shelves made of solid wood is a great idea. By incorporating brackets, you can create sturdy and long-lasting shelves. These brackets add crucial support, ensuring your solid wood shelves remain durable for years.

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This DIY concept offers a sleek and shallow design, making it aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Whether it’s for displaying books, decor, or work essentials, these shelves are up to the task.

With the reliability of solid wood and the stability of brackets, you can trust that your workspace will look stylish and stay organized and clutter-free for the long haul.

5:      DIY Floating Shelves Plans

DIY floating shelf plans are detailed guides for creating attractive and functional floating shelves. These plans provide step-by-step instructions, material lists, and measurements to help you build custom shelves for your home.

Floating Shelves

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They’re a valuable resource for adding style and storage to your living spaces. Whether you install them in the kitchen or another room entirely, these floating shelves are a stylish and practical addition.

They are the most practical and dependable shelves you have ever seen. Get some wooden board screws, and you will have a respectable solution for heavy-duty shelving in almost no time.

6:      Homemade Floating Shelves

Homemade Floating Shelves are a stylish and practical way to add storage and aesthetic appeal to your home decor. We provide you with this one-of-a-kind and sophisticated concept for decorating your house with floating shells.

Floating Shelves

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It will be an excellent choice for enhancing any property designed in a contemporary style, and it will provide a breathtaking backdrop to shoot photographs and create unforgettable recollections.

You may use these shelves to store picture frames, art pieces, and any other items you like, but regardless of what you store on them, you will undoubtedly find the shelves to be a wonderful purchase.

7:      DIY Floating Shelves for the Lavatory

DIY Floating Shelves for the Lavatory are a clever solution for maximizing storage and style in a compact space. They offer a chic and organized way to keep toiletries and essentials handy. The majority of bathrooms use space-saving fixtures.

Floating Shelves

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We will have to be extremely cautious to use every inch of them. If you want to add a less space-consuming but incredibly helpful DIY floating shelf option for your bathroom, this concept will be ideal for you to consider implementing.

While you are sitting on the bathroom or taking a shower, you may store any of your necessities, such as towel buckets or other items that you find useful, close to reach.

8:      DIY Floating Shelves Under the TV

Include a TV stand with a respectable design and a sleek style that is fitted with floating shelves that you have made yourself below it.

Floating Shelves

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It will be the finest choice for a floating shelf that you have ever seen since it will support your TV, and the extra shells function like a drawer or box to put all the connected goods like DVD players, gaming consoles, chargers, tablets, or anything else you want.

Because of this, you will find that it is the greatest alternative for a floating shelf you have ever seen. Because installing this incredible floating shelf will provide the answer for you, there is no need for you to be in a hurry to store your TV-related goods, nor will you ever find it difficult to retrieve them again.

9:      Wall Shelves in the Family Room

Wall shelves in the family room are wall-mounted shelves that appear to “float” without visible brackets, offering stylish and practical storage for decorative items, books, and more. When you bring people to your house, they will most likely congregate in the living room.


Floating Shelves

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Why not add some decent-looking, stylized, inexpensive, unique DIY floating shelves to make your living room look amazing?

If you are having a movie night, all your family members will sit in the living room, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the most important part of any home is its living room. If you are having a movie night, all of your family members will sit in the Room Used as a Living.

10:      Floating Shelf Tutorial Laundry Room

The laundry room is often the space in most of our houses that could be more organized and manageable. However, we have a solution for this problem; you can attempt to arrange and store the things in your living room in the most effective and best method possible for less than one hundred dollars.

Floating Shelves

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Over these incredible, sturdier, and more affordable do-it-yourself floating shelves, you can store all the necessities for the laundry room, such as buckets, towel rolls, detergent buckets, and anything else you choose.

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