10 Free Chicken Coop Plans With DIY Ideas

Chicken coop plans are the key to creating a safe and comfortable home for your feathered friends. Whether you’re a seasoned poultry keeper or just starting your chicken-raising journey, these blueprints are your gateway to providing a secure and nurturing environment for your flock.

From selecting the right materials and designing a coop that suits your space to ensure proper ventilation and protection from predators, chicken coop plans offer comprehensive guidance. They transform what might seem daunting into an achievable and rewarding project.

In this article on chicken coop ideas, we’ll look at different styles that fit different wants and budgets. Whether you want to keep a small flock of chickens in your garden for fresh eggs or a bigger poultry business, these plans will help you make a safe place for your chickens to live and grow. Join us on this trip to make a safe place for your chickens.

Chicken coop plans

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10 Chicken Coop Plans

Here are top 10 Chicken coop plans.

1.      The Tangled Nest

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 6 Chickens

Size: 6 x 3 feet

The hens who reside at the Tangled Nest have access to a run that is contained inside fencing and provides them the freedom to roam. The metal cloth buried ten inches deep into the enclosed compartment will prevent digging predators from breaching the barrier.

It has two entrances one that the chickens may use and a larger door on the opposite side, making accessing and maintaining it easy. This coop is a good alternative if you live in an urban location and have limited space to raise your hens.

The Tangled Nest-view plan

2.      Rhodes Coop

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 4 Chickens

Size: 4 x 3 feet

The Rhodes Chicken Coop is a wonderful option for anybody seeking a simple building to put up, and it comes highly recommended. This shelter may be utilized even while precipitation falls outside due to the sloping design of the roof.

In addition, it has plenty of vents for ventilation, which is essential for the well-being of the hens, and it has a back that can be opened up for easy access to the nesting boxes.  Both of these features are important for ensuring the hens remain healthy.

Those who want a chicken coop completely tailored to their needs will find this choice the most useful. The construction cost will be roughly $500, and it will have enough room for around four chickens.

Rhodes Coop-view plan

3.      Lady Goat Coop

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 3 Chickens

Size: 5 x 5 feet

Lady Goat Coop is usually a shelter or cage for female goats. It gives them safety, comfort, and a safe place to eat and sleep. If you are searching for something adorable to install in your backyard, Lady Goat’s chicken coop is an excellent option.

A path directly beneath it is relatively constrained in size and area. Because the run is enclosed, you won’t have to worry about locking up the hens at the end of the day or restricting their movement throughout the day if you let them free-range.

Despite this, the chickens can roam about and expand their wings while still being contained within the protective confines of the netting.

Lady Goat Coop-view plan

4.      Cathcart’s Coop

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 2 Chickens

Size: 3 x 2 feet

Cathcart’s chicken coop is aesthetically pleasing and quite practical, and she constructed it herself. This design combines decorative elements like picture frames and hand-sewn drapes around the enclosed run.

A sandy habitat is used by it so that it can better identify the tracks left by potential predators. In addition, it has three doors one that the hens may use, one that can be used to collect eggs, and one that can be used to clean the inside of the coop.

It is available reasonably priced, and even inexperienced users should be fine putting it together.

Cathcart’s Coop-view plan

5.      Bless This Mess, Coop

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 6 Chickens

Size: 7 x 4 feet

The DIY Chicken Coop found on Bless This Mess is an excellent alternative for anybody searching for a straightforward construction. Because it is portable, you can easily move it around your backyard regularly to avoid leaving behind areas of dead grass.

In addition to this, it has an enclosed run, which gives the owners of the flock greater liberty and adaptability in their daily activities. The fact that the roof can be removed makes it a lot less difficult to clean the hen house and collect the eggs.

Because of its portability and enclosed run, this is an excellent choice for busy flock owners who live in suburban regions.

Bless This Mess, Coop

6.      Hen Haven

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 40 Chickens

Size: 12 x 10 feet

The Hen Haven is a veritable utopia regarding roosts and coops for chickens. It is roomy, tall enough to stand in, and equipped with a full-sized door and windows to make accessing and keeping it clean as simple as possible.

In addition to that, there is a run that is completely fenced so that the hens may safely wander around outside. Because it has such outstanding ventilation and a fan, its design is an excellent choice for those living in warm regions.

Hen Haven-view plan

7.      Two Dog Farm Coop

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 6 Chickens

Size: 10 x 6 feet

The Two Dog Farm Chicken Coop is a stunning piece of furniture that can be added to a modest suburban garden. It was constructed to shield hens from bigger animals found in the region, such as coyotes.

Additionally, you can stand up in it, which makes it much simpler to clean. Because of its accessibility, this plan is excellent if you seek a chicken coop that requires little effort to clean and maintain.

Two Dog Farm Coop-view plan

8.      Pallet Palace

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 40 Chickens

Size: 16 x 8 feet

If you are searching for a project using pallets, the Pallet Palace Chicken Coop is the right option. The walls and flooring are constructed from recycled wooden pallets, reducing construction costs.

It protects the chickens from danger by wrapping chicken wire around the bottom of the coop’s apertures. The chicken wire is also extended into the grass to prevent any burrowing beneath from being done by potential predators.

Pallet Palace-view plan

9.      Wilkerson’s Coop

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 6 Chickens

Size: 5 x 4 feet

Wilkerson’s Do-It-Yourself Chicken Coop is a great option if you’re looking for accommodation that only takes up a little room. It is elevated above the ground to prevent dangerous animals from getting inside.

It features a door on the nesting box, making egg harvesting simpler. In addition, there is a sizable wall that can be removed to simplify maintenance and cleaning, and there are several windows to provide enough ventilation.

If you have prior expertise working with wood and want to construct a durable chicken coop, this one is a fantastic choice for you to consider since it can accommodate around six chicks.

Wilkerson’s Coop-view plan

10. The Homemakers of Riverton

Chicken coop plans

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Capacity: 5 Chickens

Size: 4 x 4 feet

The chicken house that the Housewives of Riverton developed is ideal for a beginner woodworker since it has everything a beginner needs to get started. It is possible to create it even with minimal or no previous expertise in the building business, so long as you follow the steps outlined in the guide.

Getting eggs out of the nest is made simpler by the provision of a door, as well as skylights.  Additionally, it has a substantially larger door on the side, making it much less difficult to clean and maintain the device.

It is an easy-to-build structure that can accommodate up to five hens and is suitable for those just starting. Putting everything together will set you back more than $290. It is the best option if you want a gorgeous home that is also simple to construct.

The Housewives of Riverton-view plan

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