10 Simple and Best DIY Computer Monitor in 2024

DIY computer monitor refers to a self-assembled display screen for computers. Users build it from individual components or repurpose existing hardware, often for customization or cost savings.

The following are examples of great DIY monitor stand projects that can be used to raise your computer. They are small in footprint and can blend nicely with the existing furnishings. Most importantly, you don’t need advanced woodworking abilities to construct the stands.

It may come as a surprise, but the popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) monitor stands is rising as more people discover the joys of creating one-of-a-kind objects. The price tag for making these displays is low. Your frames can be custom-made for a reasonable cost.

In addition, you can modify them better to fit your requirements and preferences than prefabricated stands.

Ten Best DIY Computer Monitor

Following are the top DIY computer monitor:

1: DIY Monitor Stand for your Computer

This do-it-yourself computer monitor riser will simplify your life whether you work from home or commute to a large workplace. Determine the optimal height for your needs and check your wood scraps for potential use in this DIY project.

 DIY Computer Monitor

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It is an economical solution to elevate your computer monitor for ergonomic comfort. It’s typically made from wood or PVC pipe, offering affordability at just $8.50.

Make the most of your desk space with this easy-to-build Computer Desk Riser. With the Monitor Riser, you can free up valuable desktop real estate by elevating your computer screens to eye level. This video will show you how to do everything from start to finish, down to the last detail.

2: DIY Desktop Monitor Stands

Use this simple, do-it-yourself desk monitor stand to free up valuable space for more pressing tasks. This desktop monitor stand may serve multiple purposes in your office, from holding photos and pens to holding your phone and other office tools.

DIY Computer Monitor

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Add a little of your preferred modern aesthetic to your workspace with the help of this fantastic DIY Desktop Monitor Stand idea.

The DIY desktop monitor stand is designed to help you maintain a healthier posture while you work. This strategy also minimizes file sizes, creating a cleaner and more manageable computer setup.

These versatile stands come for $99.90, offering adjustable heights and ergonomic support for your monitors. They are designed to enhance your workspace comfort without breaking the bank.

3: DIY Simple Standing Desk

If you’re trying to upgrade your workstation at a low cost and with maximum flexibility, a DIY Simple Standing Desk is the way to go. It can be built quickly and cheaply and used either standing or seated.

DIY Computer Monitor

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Its portability and adjustable height make it convenient for users to find their optimal working position.

This uncomplicated design ensures easy assembly and setup. By effortlessly modifying the desk’s height, you can create a workspace tailored to your comfort, making it ideal for individuals who wish to alternate between sitting and standing during their workday.

This DIY standing desk promotes ergonomic flexibility and productivity without needing an expensive commercial alternative.

This adaptable desk allows for both sitting and standing work, with prices ranging from $480 to $2,000. The cost varies based on the materials used and additional features selected.

4: DIY Twin Screen Mount

If you have two monitors and need a stand to keep them sturdy and off your desk, this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

The kit for this stand comes with all the necessary components for completing a successful do-it-yourself project. Be confident that you have everything you need before starting this project.

DIY Computer Monitor

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This monitor stand was created to fit perfectly on top of your desk, and it can accommodate two screens of varied sizes and weights. Modular in design, the height may be adjusted to suit your needs at any time.

This dual monitor mounting solution is priced at $35.99, offering an affordable way to set up two monitors side by side, improving productivity and multitasking capabilities.

The modest footprint of the base ensures that there will be enough room for all of your desk’s peripherals. While clearing space on your desktop, you can stop worrying about your display falling over.

5: DIY Cardboard Monitor Stand

The number of employees who complained of low back discomfort at a much greater rate was found to be those who did not have access to a monitor stand.

This do-it-yourself project’s goal is to create a monitor stand that is economical and comfy, and it does it by using nothing more than a cardboard box and some glue.

DIY Computer Monitor

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For $39.50, this budget-friendly monitor stand is constructed from lightweight cardboard, providing an ergonomic boost to your workspace without a hefty cost.

Make your monitor stand by recycling a cardboard box with the help of this guide.

The primary goal of this undertaking is to facilitate greater efficiency and order in your working environment. The box can be readily repositioned to any desired height. You can store things on it or use it as a desk for your laptop.

6: DIY is a Budget-Friendly Computer Monitor Stand

Having a greater area on the surface of your display or laptop is helpful since this enables you to stretch out your keyboard to type more efficiently.

If you do not move your computer farther away from you, you can rest your arms in a more comfortable position and avoid putting pressure on your neck.

DIY Computer Monitor

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This fantastic blueprint for a monitor stand is offered because of these factors. The 1914 x 11-inch, 1.5-inch thick work area is large enough to accommodate a computer screen, laptop, or tablet and the paper, pens, and pencils needed to create it.

This versatile monitor stand offers a cost-effective solution, with prices starting at just $10 and up to $120. The final cost depends on the materials and design complexity chosen.

7: DIY Corner Dual Monitor Stand

This corner two-monitor stand was explicitly built for the area that I have available and the specifications that I have outlined. It is constructed to fulfil the same functions as a desk without more space.

My experience with this dual corner monitor stand, which I’ve had for a few months now, has been excellent, and I couldn’t be happier with it if I tried.

DIY Computer Monitor

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At the perfect height for working, you may position here not one but two monitors measuring 24 inches, as well as a keyboard and a mouse. Even though it is small enough that it does not need to be hidden while it is being used regularly, when I have visitors over, I like to move the wheels under my desk or into my closet to be out of sight.

At a reasonable price of $35.99, this stand is designed to hold two monitors in a corner setup, optimizing your workspace efficiently.

8: DIY Computer Monitor Riser Stand

With the Computer Monitor Riser Stand, your screen will be at an ideal, more ergonomic height. It works wonderfully with electronic displays like notebook computers, TVs, and monitors. The sturdy, understated form is ideal for any work surface.

DIY Computer Monitor

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The riser stand has cutouts for cables to keep everything neat. Height adjustment makes it simple to find the most comfortable position in front of the screen. This layout was created to reduce stress at home or in the office by eliminating cable clutter.

This simple and affordable riser stand is priced at USD 23.49, providing an ergonomic solution to elevate your monitor for improved viewing angles.

9: DIY interesting Monitor Stand

The DIY Interesting Monitor Stand is a terrific alternative to a plain old box for elevating your screen to a more comfortable viewing height. It combines practicality with style. The wheeled base serves as a monitor stand, differentiating it from more conventional options.

DIY Computer Monitor

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While waiting for the parts to arrive at your house or place of business can be annoying, everyone should be capable of performing even the most fundamental assembly tasks.

With a price of USD 35.49, this unique and intriguing monitor stand offers functionality and aesthetics in one package.

10: DIY Lego Monitor Stand

A DIY LEGO monitor stand is a custom-made computer monitor stand constructed from LEGO bricks, offering a creative and adjustable solution for elevating and organizing your computer screen.

DIY Computer Monitor

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Because of its modern and streamlined design, the height of your display can be easily adjusted to provide the most comfortable viewing experience possible. You can construct support for your laptop out of everyday objects found around the house for around ten dollars and within five minutes.

You won’t have to spend as much time squinting or hunching over, which means you’ll have more time to accomplish the things that please you. This Lego project is the one you’re searching for if you want to construct a support for your monitor.

This stand has not indicated wear or movement even though it has been used for over a year. Because Lego bricks are designed to be assembled modularity, it is easy to customize the height of your stand to meet your requirements.

This extraordinary monitor stand, constructed entirely from LEGO bricks, is priced at  ‎US$75,192, combining creativity with utility.

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