10 Best DIY Fire Pit Plans for your Backyard

DIY fire pit plans are your ticket to creating warm and inviting outdoor gathering spaces. These plans are accessible to all, offering step-by-step instructions and materials lists for various fire pit designs, from simple stone pits to sophisticated gas-powered options.

Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or a beginner, these blueprints simplify the process, allowing you to transform your outdoor area into a coy oasis perfect for relaxation and socializing.

Because it comes with various modification choices, a fire pit may be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the individual who will use it. Explore the possibilities, let your creativity flow, and elevate your outdoor space into a welcoming retreat with the help of these easy-to-follow DIY fire pit plans.

10 DIY Fire Pit Plans

Following are the top 10 DIY fire pit plans

1.      Brick and Mortar Fire Pit Plan

The Brick and Mortar Fire Pit Plan is an excellent example of how form and function coexist harmoniously. Closure bricks, a trowel, a fire clay, shovels, a hammer, mortar, and a cement mixer will all be necessary for this job. It is necessary to carry out extensive preparation; first, draw your concept on paper and then work out all the specifics before getting started.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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The herringbone brick pattern makes this fire pit stand out from others. The constructor chose this option even though it requires more time due to its higher aesthetic value. This intricate layout elevates the fire pit’s decorative aspect, creating a striking and professional appearance.

Beyond its visual charm, this fire pit promises a durable and secure structure, offering a delightful blend of artistry and practicality for outdoor gatherings and relaxation by the fire.

Brick and mortar fire pit plan

2.      Rustic Fire Pit Project

This pit for holding fire is relatively easy to construct and will survive many years. Cement, rocks, a mixing drill, trowels, gravel, and cement sealant are the necessary components of this project. Arrange the rocks in the desired pattern, mix the cement and put down the first layer.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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It is recommended that you construct two more layers on top of the rocks before you apply the cement sealer to the rocks. The rocks will be preserved, and the cement will be protected from chipping and cracking.

Rustic Fire Pit Project-view plan

3.      Concrete Fire Pit Blueprint

It is not a complicated fire pit, and it can be assembled in quite a short amount of time. The fact that it is cubed provides the idea that it is quite high-priced and innovative because it is always on the leading edge of technology.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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The construction industry utilizes a wide range of tools and materials, some of which include plywood, a band saw, concrete, sandpaper, and hot glue, amongst others.  It is necessary to cut and measure the pieces of wood to be used in construct

Ng a cube before gluing the parts together. When you have completed pouring the concrete mixture into the mould, you will need to allow it to cure for somewhere in the region of two days. After the plywood mould has been taken out of the fire pit, you will finally be ready to start using the pit for its intended purpose.

Concrete Fire Pit Blueprint-view plan

4.      Square Concrete and Stone Fire Pit

There is no difference in quality between fire pits that are round or square. The method for constructing a square fire pit instead of a circular one is the same, and the only materials you will want are concrete blocks and concrete mix.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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You begin by creating a border around the area you desire to work in, and from there, you create your pit. After you are finished, you may remove the barrier. There should only be a need for two or three layers of blocks to fill up a hole entirely.

Square Concrete and Stone Fire pit-view plan

5.      DIY Round Fire Pit With Back

Consider constructing a fire pit in the form of a teardrop if you want something that will attract people’s attention but aren’t satisfied with simply having a standard fire pit.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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If you want to get the appropriate form out of it, you may need to pay more attention to where you put the blocks. Before you put the blocks in stone, you must double-verify the measurements you took and where they were placed.

DIY Round Fire pit with Back-view plan

6.      Super Easy Stacked Stone Fire Pit

The Super Easy Stacked Stone Fire pit is a simple and quick-to-build fire pit using stacked stones, perfect for outdoor gatherings. Dig a hole and add a few big stones on sandy or muddy terrain to make a fire pit.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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You may also pile the rocks on top of one another to create extra height for your fire pit if you want more space between the rocks. Although using concrete to secure them in place is not required, it might be beneficial to utilize this pit for a significant amount of time.

Super Easy Stacked Stone Fire pit-view plan

7.      DIY Round Brick Fire Pit

The area required for a fire pit on a grass base may also be quickly created. Dig a hole in the earth to the desired depth for your fire pit, and then arrange bricks in a circular formation around the pit and at its base.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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Pay attention to the importance of using stones and pebbles in the mix if you want it to be more stable.

DIY Round Brick Fire pit-view plan

8.      Upcycled Truck Wheel and Stone Fire Pit

If you have one lying around your house, you may construct a foundation for your fire pit out of the inner section of a spare truck tire. You have to take off the rubber casing that surrounds the tire.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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If you don’t do this, you will smell like burned tires. The appearance of the fire pit may be improved, and the interior can be concealed by piling concrete slabs around it in a stacked formation.

Upcycled Truck Wheel and Stone Fire pit-view plan

9.      Barbecue Grill Set in Blocks and Stones

You could utilize concrete blocks of two different colors if you want your fire pit to have greater visual appeal. To get a more put-together appearance, you might switch them up.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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A fire pit with two levels looks much more impressive, particularly if you insert a few stones and pebbles in the space between the two levels of the pit.

Barbecue Grill Set in Blocks and Stones-view plan

10. Large Cinder Block and Stone Fire Pit

The Large Cinder Block and Stone Fire pit offer a spacious and practical solution for outdoor gatherings. Unlike smaller fire pits, this design utilizes larger cinder blocks stacked atop each other to create a more expansive fire pit area.

DIY Fire Pit Plans

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This flexibility accommodates larger groups, perfect for hosting extensive family barbecues and social gatherings throughout the year. The beauty of this design lies in its adaptability to the available space.

It contributes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere and acts as a practical centerpiece for the entertainment that may be enjoyed outside. Your outdoor space is given a more natural look and feel thanks to the piled cinder blocks, which also contribute to the area’s overall visual appeal.

Large Cinder Block and Stone Fire pit-view plan

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