10 DIY Gun Rack Plans and Ideas-Wooden Gun Rack

DIY gun rack plans are comprehensive guides that provide step-by-step instructions, materials lists, and design ideas for creating custom firearm storage and display solutions. Responsible gun users and fans know how important it is to store and show guns correctly.

DIY Gun Rack Plans provide step-by-step guidance, material lists, and creative design options for organizing and displaying firearms safely. These plans encompass utility and security, enabling you to exhibit your firearm’s while keeping them secure proudly.

Whether you prefer wall-mounted displays or portable gun racks, these versatile plans accommodate various preferences and space constraints.

Whether you’re a hunter, collector, or enthusiast, DIY Gun Rack Plans offer the ultimate solution for well-organized and attractive firearm storage. Step into the world of DIY Gun Rack Plans to take charge of your firearms’ presentation and organization as never before.

Diy gun rack plans

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List of 10 DIY Gun Rack Plans

Here is the list of 10 DIY gun rack plans.

1.      Outside Standing Gun Rack

Diy gun rack plans

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The Outside Standing Gun Rack differs in complexity from the Inside Horizontal Gun Rack. Building requires more time and work than building a single board and utilizing two.

We suggest this design if you’re on a tight budget and need a simple gun rack to construct independently. Some more hardware and wood will be needed to finish this. The directions and schematics in this gun rack layout are some of the finest online.

Outside Standing Gun Rack-view plan

2.      Lee’s Wood Project Drawer Rifle Gun Rack

Diy gun rack plans

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The Rifle Rack with Drawers from Lee’s Wood Project is a sturdy rifle rack that can be placed anywhere. The rack and the drawers in this gun cabinet are crafted from sturdy oak wood, so they can withstand the weight of heavy firearms and other equipment for years to come.

This gun rack is simple to construct and may be installed in private or public settings. With this rifle gun rack, you may store your hunting gear, prescriptions, and other small things in the two drawers.

Lee’s Wood Project Drawer Rifle Gun Rack-view plan

3.      Basic 3-Gun Rack Plans

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A cheap and useful accessory, the three-gun rack, would be appreciated by any gun owner. Thanks to the clear and illustrated directions, this gun rack is simple enough for a child to assemble. You might customize the colors to support your favorite team! To make a wonderful present for a nature lover, you need just some wood, standard home equipment, and measurement implements. It will be a fantastic do-it-yourself project for your house, and you can take pride in the finished product.

Basic 3-Gun Rack Plans

4.      Standard Gun Rack Design

Diy gun rack plans

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The Popular Mechanics Firearms Display Cabinet Plans are an excellent choice if you’re looking to exhibit your firearms collection to others. Even a small collection of weapons may be safely stored and organized using one of these plans, which can be utilized to construct an attractive and functional gun cabinet.

These miniature weapons must be stored appropriately since it may be costly to replace them. You may keep your firearms and any other large goods in the enormous storage space in the cabinet’s center, while you can use the drawers on either side to store smaller stuff.

Standard Gun Rack Design-view plan

5.      Regular Gun Rack

Diy gun rack plans

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Use this blueprint to construct a stylish and functional gun rack. Rifles, shotguns, and pistols of all sizes may be stored safely and securely in our Standard Gun Rack Plan. The blueprint includes comprehensive instructions for constructing a strong and suitable rack for mounting on any wall in your house or garage.

If you have a passion for firearms and are looking for a safe and secure place to keep them, the Standard Gun Rack Plan is what you need. They are functional, efficient, and well-made to endure a long time. Secure your firearms effectively without putting yourself in danger. Most gauge rifles and shotguns will fit on this gun rack.

Regular Gun Rack-view plan

6.      Horizontal Rifle Gun Rack Plan

Diy gun rack plans

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This solid and stylish gun rack is within the reach of any woodworker with a modicum of ability and talent. The Horizontal Gun Rack is ideal for stowing away three guns in an upright posture and proudly exhibiting them in a custom-created setting.

There is a compartment at the rack’s base, ideal for keeping pistols or other small goods within easy reach. A pre-cut plywood panel and other standard woodworking items make this project easy enough for a novice. The rack’s bottom may hold handguns or other shooting accessories.

Horizontal rifle gun rack Plan

7.      Vertical Gun Rack

Diy gun rack plans

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All gun extort designs available on this website are meant for use inside a secure facility rather than as a measure of portable or Oregon temporary worker safety. They are intended for usage in a locked room or as temporary wall-mounted vertical gun rack designs and high hat State fixtures in places where an upright groin hit guy is needed.

This rack is versatile since it may be placed against a wall or freestanding in various settings. The convenient carry handle makes it simple to transport. Our brand-new program is 100% downloaded, so there are never shipping or delivery delays.

Vertical Gun Rack-view plan

8.      Build a Gunroom Gun Rack.

Diy gun rack plans

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Before everything else, remember that a gunroom needs a sturdy base. This is essential for ensuring the safety of any firearms in the rack. The structure of their rack may be assembled in many different ways.

Woods like pine and cedar are often utilized, but any material may be used to create a one-of-a-kind design for a display rack. Several gun racks may be used depending on the quantity of firearms and the available wall space.

Build a GunRoom Gun Rack-view plan.

9.      Mosinvirus’s Gun Rack

Diy gun rack plans

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MosinVirus’s DIY rotating gun rack is a brilliant way to keep his collection of weaponry. He quickly put it together using a pipe hanger, a 55-gallon drum, a cover, rope, and other supplies.

The flexibility to spin the whole cabinet around means you can store more guns in a smaller area and quickly get the one you want. Because this is a DIY rotating gun rack, you can rotate it to accommodate your storage needs and provide quick access to any firearm.

MosinVirus’s Gun Rack-view plan

10. Wooden Gun Rack

Diy gun rack plans

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Your airguns, rifles, and shotguns will be safely stored on this wooden gun rack. Your firearms will be safely stored off the floor and out of sight on the wall-mounted rack. The holes for mounting this wood gun rack have already been drilled.

You may proudly display this piece of furniture in your house or cabin. All the necessary hardware is common, off-the-shelf goods. It was constructed using both power and manual tools, with the latter being mostly a router. The complete thing can be assembled in one weekend.

Wooden Gun Rack-view plan

How to Make a Gun Rack?

Materials Needed

  • Plywood
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Rifle or shotgun

Steps to make a DIY Gun Rack

Step 1: Determine Rack Size

Decide on the rack’s size, ensuring it is tall enough for the gun’s length, plus a few inches for clearance. The width should match or be slightly narrower than the gun for stability.

Step 2: Cut Plywood

Cut a piece of plywood to the chosen size. Using a saw, create a 1-inch wide vertical slot running down the center of the plywood.

Step 3: Assembly and Nailing

Attach another piece of wood perpendicularly to the bottom edge using nails and a hammer. This results in two long pieces with 1-inch slots and two vertical pieces attached perpendicularly on the sides.

Step 4: Drill Holes

Near one end of the top and bottom pieces, drill holes. These holes should be wide enough to accommodate screws or nails for wall attachment but close enough to the plywood edge not to weaken it.

Step 5: Secure the Top and Bottom

Screw or nail the top and bottom pieces in their respective drilled holes, ensuring no protrusions that could cause harm.

Step 6: Wall Attachment

Fasten both plywood pieces to a wall stud using long screws with flat heads for easy access to the guns.

Step 7: Add a Lock

Attach a padlock to the front for added security, particularly during gatherings with many guests.

Step 8: Clean Up

Wipe down the plywood and all assembled parts with a cleaning solution and a rag. Allow the rack to dry completely before use.

Pros and Cons of DIY Vertical Gun Rack

Pros of DIY Vertical Gun Rack


Crafting a DIY vertical gun rack offers the advantage of tailoring the design to your specific firearm collection. You can create slots and compartments that perfectly fit your guns, ensuring a snug and secure fit for each one.


Building your own gun rack can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing pre-made ones. You can save money on materials and labor, making it a budget-friendly option for firearm enthusiasts.


Engaging in a DIY project allows you to showcase your woodworking skills and craftsmanship. You have the creative freedom to design a gun rack that serves its purpose and reflects your style and attention to detail.

Control Over Materials

When you build a DIY vertical gun rack, you have full control over the choice of materials. You can select high-quality wood and finishes that match your home decor or the aesthetic you desire for your gun storage solution.


Completing a DIY project like a vertical gun rack can be deeply satisfying. The sense of accomplishment and pride from constructing a functional and attractive piece of furniture can be a rewarding experience.

Cons of DIY Vertical Gun Rack

Skill Requirement

Building a vertical gun rack from scratch requires a certain level of woodworking skill. Beginners may find it challenging to create a well-crafted and secure storage solution for their firearms.


DIY projects can be time-intensive, especially those involving precise measurements and woodworking. Constructing a vertical gun rack may require a substantial time commitment; mistakes or adjustments can lead to delays.

Safety Concerns

A homemade gun rack may provide a different level of security than professionally manufactured gun safes or racks. It could pose safety risks if not constructed correctly, such as accidental firearm access or damage to the firearms stored within. Proper attention to security measures is essential when building your gun rack.

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