10 Best DIY Outhouse Plans-(Free Plan)

10 DIY Outhouse Plans (September) Updated 2023

DIY outhouse plans to transport us back to a simpler time when outhouses were common in rural landscapes. These blueprints offer a unique and nostalgic DIY experience, allowing you to recreate a piece of history while adding rustic charm to your property.

Outhouses, once a staple of rural life, are now popular for their vintage appeal and eco-friendly nature. Constructing your outhouse provides a practical and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional bathrooms. It’s a project that marries functionality with a touch of whimsy.

Build your DIY outhouse by choosing materials, measuring accurately, and making a comfortable and sanitary place. These DIY designs will help you improve your off-grid existence or research history for every step. DIY outhouse ideas provide a unique and rewarding DIY experience.

Ten Best DIY Outhouse Plans

Here are 10 DIY outhouse plans:

1.      Ana White’s Simple Outhouse

Adopting its blueprint is highly suggested for do-it-yourselfer planning to construct an outhouse in a cold location. You will only need to put in a little work and can do it independently without needing anybody else’s support.

DIY Outhouse Plans

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For the greatest results while building an outhouse, it is recommended that you use wood that has been either treated or that naturally resists the effects of weather. It is also feasible to shift the panels of the outhouse to a new site where they may be installed. It can be done to make the outhouse more accessible.

The state of Alaska is responsible for the construction of this outhouse. As a direct consequence, the components and procedures of the overall design are ideal for use in conditions characterized by severe weather.

Ana White’s Simple Outhouse-view plan

2.      Stylish and Up-to-Date Outhouse

Those who wish to construct an outhouse on a larger plot of land may consider using this plan instead of others. This outhouse is designed to be unique and stands out from the others because it looks different from most.

DIY Outhouse Plans

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This outhouse is the best choice for you if you frequently visit a property that is really large. This project is an excellent opportunity to put your hands-on design and construction skills to the test. It does not involve any special or remarkable skill and provides just what you need.

Stylish and Up-to-Date Outhouse-view plan

3.      Traditional Outhouse

This DIY outhouse plan is perfect for those who are just starting with the hobby or are more experienced. It also comes with a precise blueprint and step-by-step instructions to follow along with it. If you have not gained prior experience creating and constructing things, your best bet is to follow this technique. It is the most appropriate course of action.

DIY Outhouse Plans

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If you want your outhouse to be the finest it can be, it is strongly advised that you spend as much money as possible on the highest quality material you can get your hands on.

You can do everything you want if you consider the importance of precise measurements. This outhouse is perfect for utilization in areas with restricted space since it requires less work to build and can be done with relative ease.

To make it, you will need only standard equipment and materials, which will take a whole day. In addition to that, the platform that is incorporated into the front of this outhouse raises it to a level that is higher than the other outhouses.

Traditional outhouse-view plan

4.      Off-the-Grid Chic Out-House

This kind of outhouse was conceived with those living off the grid in mind initially. You will be given step-by-step instructions on how to build an outhouse that is suited for secluded areas. A modern look may be achieved for your outhouse by adhering to this plan, which is another reason why it’s a good idea.

DIY Outhouse Plans

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Both the decomposition of organic matter and the elimination of waste may be sped up using a variety of effective techniques, which can also be used to dispose of waste.

It also contains several images that depict the many phases of the construction process, which can be found throughout the book. Please make use of this plan to educate yourself on how to create an outdoor toilet and maintain it appropriately.

You will even learn how to design a sturdy foundation that can resist unfavorable weather circumstances. It has an excellent plan for constructing a stylish outhouse, complete with the necessary measurements, images, and procedures to follow.

Off The Grid Chic Out-House-view plan

5.      Affordable and Contemporary Outdoor

You have found the ideal blueprint if you were looking for plans for an inexpensive outhouse like the one you see here. It instructs you on how to construct an outhouse utilizing things that are already in your home. One may even call it the “art of repurposing.”

DIY Outhouse Plans

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For instance, wood salvaged from another building or faucets that are currently unused could be put to good use. Even a video showing the outhouse is included to make the idea easier to comprehend for you.

Every action is accompanied by an image showing what the completed task should look like in its completed state. It will be easy for you to recreate the steps and construct the outhouse on your own property.

Affordable and Contemporary Outdoor-view plan

6.      Simple Outhouse

Here’s some good news if you’re tired of reading the same set of directions repeated in different outhouse blueprints. The plan is explained by a dog companion with one less leg. As a result, it stands apart from every other strategy you’ve encountered.

DIY Outhouse Plans

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This plan contains the ideal balance of comedy and information to motivate you to construct your outhouse. It is unremarkable in appearance and construction, but it performs its function admirably.

The plan includes illustrations of each stage, and the canine friend appears in every one of them. If you have a dog in your place, getting your pet involved in this activity is a great way to keep yourself busy while creating something helpful.

Simple Outhouse-view plan

7.      Repurposed Outhouse Floor Plan

The construction of your outhouse should use upcycled materials if you are concerned about the environment’s health. Although the exterior of upcycled outhouses may have a more run-down appearance, the interior is fully equipped with all the amenities a standard outhouse should have.

DIY Outhouse Plans

Source Pinterest

In addition to that, it shows you how to protect the toilet seats in your outhouse from being chewed on by porcupines and how to make your outhouse porcupine-proof. This outhouse is one of the most eco-friendly outhouses that you could create for your property.

It does things like upcycle objects, drain sewage in an environmentally friendly way, and conserve water through various techniques. You, too, can construct your repurposed outhouse if you follow a few easy instructions.

Repurposed Outhouse Floor Plan

8.      East Texas Outhouse

Following this idea will result in a sleek, insect-resistant outdoor toilet. This outhouse has been given a charming appearance by having its wooden components brilliantly painted, and the attention to detail in its design only adds to its overall allure.

DIY Outhouse Plans

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According to this plan, you only need a small amount of peat moss and lime to turn your outhouse into an odor-free zone. The finished product has a vibrant appearance on the outside and comes equipped with beaded paneling, stained-glass windows, a 12-volt PC vent fan, and other decorative elements.

The appearance of this outhouse was greatly improved by including a few little plant decals around its sides.

The roof is pitched so that it eliminates any possibility of water accumulation. It is the perfect idea for you if you want to construct a quaint outhouse that is attractive on the outside and functional.

East Texas Outhouse-view plan

9.      Pallet Outhouse

This outhouse is created entirely from shipping pallets; no additional materials were used in its construction. In addition, the constructing approach might be helpful when developing an outhouse at a minimal cost.

DIY Outhouse Plans

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It provides a comprehensive explanation that considers each stage that must be completed to develop a sturdy structure. You can take advantage of the modest storage compartment included in the outhouse’s design. This compartment allows you to store items linked to gardening and clothing.

The walls of this outhouse have a substantial amount of breathing room between them on all sides. As a consequence, it functions as a location in which you can position a few plant containers to improve the aesthetic appeal of your outhouse as a whole.

In addition to having all those components, it also includes solar inlays that are used to power the light bulbs connected inside

. Pallet Outhouse-view plan

10. Mother Earth News’ Outhouse

This design has detailed drawings that will guide you through each step of the building process for the outhouse. While building a simple outhouse in the rural style provides some important pointers to keep in mind.

DIY Outhouse Plans

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Even the potential advantages of utilizing wood ash, coal ash, and trays as odor-neutralizing agents in outhouses are discussed in the design. In addition, to make things easier for you, it includes the fundamental dimensions you will need to employ to construct an outhouse for yourself.

Mother Earth News’ Outhouse-view plan

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