10 Best DIY End Table Plans

DIY end table plans are here to help. Making your end table isn’t just a DIY job; it’s also a chance to add style to your home. These plans are step-by-step instructions for people of all skill levels.

Creating your end table is fun and doable, no matter how much building experience you have. You decide on everything, from the materials to the finishing touches. This DIY project will save you money and give you a useful piece showing your identity.

Please find out how good it feels to make something that lasts and has meaning. Using our DIY end table plans, you can add a touch of imagination and skill to your home. To learn more about tables, read our article on DIY Coffee Table and DIY Farmhouse Table.

10 Best DIY End Table Plans

Following are the top 10 DIY end table plans:

1:    DIY End Table Plans

DIY an end table for less than a good coffee’s price and test your abilities. This practical table may be made for as little as $10 or $20, depending on where you buy your plywood, and will bring style to any room. Tools like a table or circular saw, a nail gun, and a drill are needed for the construction.

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Add some edge banding for a polished look using thin strips of wood or another material you prefer. Put the legs, rails, and top together as instructed, then use drywall Spackle and sandpaper to round out the end grains.

Apply a coat of flat white paint and primer to the bottom, and then finish up the top with a coat of red mahogany gel stain to reflect your unique style. To protect and prolong the life of the finished product, polish it with a mixture of linseed oil and beeswax.

This woodworking project will not only be a lot of fun, but it will also only cost you a small fraction of what it would cost to hire someone else to do it.

2:    Original DIY Wooden End Table

An engaging interior project, a rustic-chic side table, is shown in this tutorial. With only a few screws, some spruce two-by-sixes, and some one-by material, you can assemble this sturdy table with a two-by design.

DIY End Table Plans

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Following the instructions below, you may build a beautiful and functional table for your home by cutting, drilling, sanding, and putting it all together.

Another advantage of its forward-thinking design is that the tabletop can be removed and kept in a different location when not in use. This stunning design for an end table will surely get you in the spirit of the upcoming celebrations.

3:   Free Rustic End Table Plan

This simple woodworking design includes instructions for constructing a rustic end table that is both attractive and practical. A stunning black frame joins two shelves and a top made from reclaimed wood to create a timelessly rustic aesthetic and provide enough storage space.

DIY End Table Plans

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The only things you’ll need to accomplish this project are some 2x4s and 2x2s, wood glue, screws, a pocket whole jig, and a lot of patience. If you have any extra 2x4s lying around, this is a fantastic way to turn them into something useful around the house.

4:   Two Tier End Table Makeover

DIY two-tone weave approach may give your worn wooden end table a designer’s look without the designer’s price tag. It is all for using paint with a specialized weaving method; this DIY project takes a table from a thrift store and turns it into a showpiece for any area.

DIY End Table Plans

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This DIY project takes a cheap piece of furniture found at a yard sale or thrift shop and transforms it into a fashionable and functional item with aesthetic and functional appeal. This revamped end table has a bright white paint job and a woven tray for contrast and additional charm.

It shows how much paint, wax, and paper fiber rush thread can transform ancient furniture. A two-tiered end table that looks and feels like high-end furniture but costs less. Encourage a creative approach to your next furniture restoration.

5:    End Table With a Shelf

This step-by-step tutorial takes the mystery out of building a simple, chic DIY end table with a bottom shelf out of 2x2s. For this fun and simple weekend project, you’ll need 2x2x8s, a saw, a drill/driver, wood glue, clamps, wood screws, black timber screws, and a sander.

DIY End Table Plans

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The project calls for creating the top and bottom shelves, building the end table frame, drilling pilot holes, and ultimately putting it together for a beautiful finish, focusing on simplicity and utility.

6:    Best Narrow Side Table Design

Create a simple DIY narrow-end table to spruce up your living room. This space-saving furniture is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. You may put your coffee cup, book, or TV remote in it, making it look elegant. This undertaking is meant to be accessible, using commonplace supplies and equipment.

DIY End Table Plans

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A four-foot 18, a thirty-inch 112, a twelve-foot 24, and self-tapping wood screws are required. The cut list guarantees that you have the right measurements for every part.

The two-leg sets, shelves, and tables can all be assembled with the help of the detailed, step-by-step instructions provided. Is this the result? In the living area, a slim end table works well. Building your furniture is a satisfying way to use your imagination and hands.

7:    Crate End Table

Find beautiful and functional DIY end table ideas with hidden storage, customizable heights, and more. Make your wooden box into a chic end table for your living room.

This simple build combines the natural beauty of wood with the industrial style of steel to a stunning effect.

DIY End Table Plans

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A medium-sized box, a hardwood board, and steel components like floor flanges, pipes, and elbows make up the list of items. Putting together the end table is as easy as laying out the components, constructing the legs, and reinforcing the crate side with the board.

Perfect for those seeking a budget-friendly way to infuse their homes with personal style. It’s a fantastic afternoon project, offering lasting utility. Transform an ordinary crate into a unique, long-lasting furniture piece that reflects your taste and meets your needs.

8:    Square End Table

Constructing a geometric do-it-yourself end table is a great way to add stylish and practical furniture to your living room. The intricate appearance belies the simplicity of the construction, which is sure to be a welcome addition to your home.

Tools including a miter saw, drill, Kreg pocket whole jig, tape measure, clamps, and safety gear are needed for this job.

DIY End Table Plans

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The primary components of this table are the legs, made out of timber measuring two by two, and the top, made out of lumber measuring one by four. The combination of the early American stain and the whitewash stain gives this side table a traditional and up-to-date look.

This end table is the epitome of form and function, and it would look great holding your favorite plants, books, or a warm light. Feel the feeling of accomplishment as you construct your furniture.

9:    DIY End Table for Living Room

A homemade, rustic end table in the living room is a great way to give your house some personality. It’s stylish and cheap, at an estimated $80 (not including table legs). You will need wood glue, a project board, a 1.25-inch brad nail set, and several 1/2-by-4s.

DIY End Table Plans

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First, we glue the boards to the panel and carefully cut 45-degree angles to form a chevron design. Thirteen trim pieces give the table a clean, tray-like look, adding to its allure. After you have assembled everything, make sure the legs are secure, and then have a look at your creation.

Introducing elements of rustic chic into your home may be done in a dynamic and engaging manner using this approach. It is possible to turn it into a tray by affixing pulls to the sides of the container.

It is important to keep in mind that the only purpose of this Endeavor is not the building of a table. The goal is to create a unique piece of furniture that exemplifies your taste and sense of design.

10:     Stylish DIY Industrial End Table

You may make modern end tables using ingenious storage options, eye-catching metal embellishments, or recycled wood. These end tables you can make yourself are fantastic for letting your creative side shine through.

DIY End Table Plans

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Two months of careful planning and labor have resulted in these one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that harmonize the warmth of wood with the cold, sleekness of metal.

You’ll use a metal band saw and an angle grinder, among other equipment, to shape flat bar steel and birch plywood into finished products.

Be encouraged if you’ve never worked with metal before; with little effort and the support of loved ones, you can make something that looks just like the real thing.

What’s more, these lovely end tables only cost $80.05 altogether, saving you a ton of money compared to the retail price! These contemporary industrial end tables can help you create the home of your dreams. I’m going out into the woods.

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