10 Free DIY Playhouse Plans and ideas for Kids

DIY Playhouse plans to open a world of creativity and adventure for parents and children alike. These meticulously crafted blueprints and instructions empower DIY enthusiasts to create enchanting play spaces in their backyards.

Whether you envision a whimsical cottage, a rugged fort, or a miniature palace, DIY playhouse plans cater to a wide range of designs and preferences. These plans are not just about constructing a physical structure; they’re about crafting cherished memories.

DIY playhouses provide a canvas for imaginative play, where young minds can explore, dream, and create unforgettable experiences. From charming details like pint-sized doors and windows to customizable features like slides and swings, these plans offer endless possibilities to tailor the playhouse to your family’s unique desires.

This guide will explore the exciting world of Diy playhouse plans. We’ll give you ideas, tips, and inspiration to help you build a play space that will become a favorite place for your kids to play.

Diy playhouse plans

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List of DIY Playhouse Plans

This is the list of 10 DIY playhouse plans.

1. Simple Wooden Playhouse

Diy playhouse plans

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This DIY playhouse is an excellent project to save you money and space. Because it is constructed with commonplace stuff, you won’t need to go out and purchase any raw ingredients. Because it is on the diminutive side, this playhouse is suitable for children as young as infants and as old as those in their early teens.

The assembly of the top, doors, and windows will be relatively easy. The person who made this playhouse used a homemade 3D wall, which gives it a different look. Overall, this playhouse looks nice for little kids to hang out.

Simple Wooden Playhouse-view plan

2. Wendy’s House

Diy playhouse plans

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A Wendy House is simple with girly touches, like the one above. But don’t worry; all kids can use this idea to make a home. It has a small porch in front, surrounded by a small fence, and a roof that slopes down.

The inside and outside the playhouse could be decorated in a way your kids like. Putting a small table and chairs on the porch will make it look cute.

Putting small flower pots along the fence will make the house look cute, and the kids might be interested in caring for their small garden. You could add some color to your little Wendy’s house by painting cartoon characters on the walls.

The Wendy’s House-view plan

3. Simple Playhouse Outside

Diy playhouse plans

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Create an uncomplicated yet delightful play space for your children with this Simple Playhouse for your yard. The instructions are user-friendly and bolstered by a helpful video guide, making the construction process accessible to all skill levels.

This charming playhouse features a front porch and a modest play area in front of the house, providing ample room for imaginative adventures.

The structure boasts a single-sloped roof that covers both the main room and the porch, ensuring that your little ones can enjoy their outdoor playtime, rain or shine. With this project, you can easily provide a fun and sheltered play haven for your kids in your backyard.

Simple Playhouse Outside-view plan

4. Classic Playhouse

Diy playhouse plans

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These plans are just what you’ve been looking for if you want to build a classic playhouse in your yard but want to avoid any of the extras that come with a theme. It’s a small building that looks like a small house. In front, there’s a porch with screens.

The windows are big enough to let in a lot of natural light and fresh air. The cozy decor makes for a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

It reminds me of the cute houses you can find in the woods of England. The outside the house is painted in light, airy colors, which adds to the feeling that the whole place is clean and bright. When you look at this playhouse, you can’t help but feel happy all over.

Classic playhouse-view plan

5. A Playhouse made of Pallets

Diy playhouse plans

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For those on a budget or lacking extensive DIY experience, a Playhouse Made of Pallets is an ideal project for smaller-scale endeavors. This playhouse plan offers an affordable and accessible solution, as the entire structure is crafted from recycled or readily available wooden pallets.

These pallets are easy to come by, often discarded or sold at minimal cost. This eco-friendly approach keeps costs low and repurposes materials, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

The simplicity of construction is another advantage, with basic tools and minimal carpentry skills required. Following this plan, you can transform ordinary pallets into a charming playhouse for your children, providing them with a creative and budget-friendly outdoor retreat that doesn’t compromise on fun or sustainability.

A Playhouse Made of Pallets-view plan

6. Cob-Style Playhouse

Diy playhouse plans

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The Cob-style Playhouse is a whimsical and naturalistic children’s playhouse constructed using cob, a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. You can use natural materials to make a small straw house for your kids.

It makes you feel like you’ve been taken out of the city and into the woods. This playhouse is so small that it could be in a fairy tale or a place where elves like to live.

It looks very nice because the roof is made of grass. Using dirt and stone also helps control the temperature inside the building, so your child can play outside in the summer heat without you having to worry. Allowing plants to grow naturally around this playhouse will make it seem fantastic.

The Cob-style Playhouse-view plan

7. Malay Style Playhouse

Diy playhouse plans

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Kids love going to the beach. The sand, water, and palm trees are all so beautiful. With this playhouse, your child can dream of being on an island daily. It’s a simple playhouse that resembles a tropical island home from the backwoods.

The long shutters on the windows, the designs on the fences, the small steps, and especially the stilts all fit in with the style of the house.

A grass-thatched roof will give your playhouse a more natural look. You can make it look like an island by building a small pond under the playhouse and putting a pool next to it.

Malay Style Playhouse-view plan

8. Play Fort Playhouse

Diy playhouse plans

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The Play Fort playhouse is a fantastic addition to any kids’ castle-themed adventure. This two-story fort is designed to unleash young knights and explorers’ imaginations. Adding drawbridges or fabric tarps transforms the fort’s appearance, making it reminiscent of the Middle Ages or a modern-day stronghold.

To enhance the ambiance, consider decorating the interior with plush rugs, artificial flower arrangements, toy swords, shields, axes, small lamp lights, and hanging pictures. For an immersive experience, add a portable speaker playing epic music and war sounds, further fueling their fantasy play.

You can create a circular pond around the fort for an even grander touch, elevating this imaginative play space’s overall look and feel. With the Play Fort Playhouse, you’ll provide your children with a captivating realm for adventures and creative play.

Play Fort playhouse-view plan

9. The Three-Pointed Playhouse

Diy playhouse plans

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The Three-Pointed Playhouse is a simple and charming DIY project that doesn’t demand extensive skills, and replicating it is a breeze due to its straightforward instructions. This compact, triangle-shaped playhouse is adorable and perfect for small spaces.

It’s designed with practicality, featuring a small room for play, storage space under the stairs, and a standout feature: a fold-down roof. The foldable roof is a brilliant addition, ensuring your children’s toys stay safe and protected from the elements when stored inside.

This intelligent design removes toy damage concerns, making it a great alternative for parents looking for a simple outdoor play solution. The Three-Pointed Playhouse gives youngsters a creative and safe place to play while protecting their items.

The Three-Pointed Playhouse-view plan

10. DIY Hobbit Hole

Diy playhouse plans

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This playhouse is great for your kids if they like to live like Hobbits. It’s short, so no grown-up can get in and ruin the fun. The unusual pattern is fun to see in the backyard, and your little project will amaze friends and other kids.

You can make it even more fun by adding Hobbit-related things like the widely infamous one ring, copies of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, a few plushies of the characters, and maybe some Hobbit-themed pies on the weekend.

Putting a small portable speaker inside and playing the fun Hobbit on music will take the kids to Middle Earth.

DIY Hobbit Hole-view plan

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