10 Free DIY Toy Boxes-Easy Toy Box Plans

DIY toy boxes have become popular among parents and craft enthusiasts, offering a creative and practical solution for organizing children’s toys. These homemade toy storage solutions help declutter playrooms and bedrooms and allow customization and personalization.

Various possibilities are available for people who want to make their toy boxes, ranging from traditional wooden designs to quirky and thematic choices. The adaptability of toy boxes you make yourself is one of the most impressive features of these boxes.

Crofter can tailor these toy chests to match the decor of a child’s room or create unique, eye-catching designs that stimulate a child’s imagination. Additionally, these DIY projects often emphasize safety features, ensuring that little fingers remain unharmed during playtime and cleanup.

This guide covers DIY toy box options, from conventional wooden chests to colorful and entertaining storage alternatives. DIY toy boxes provide unlimited practical and aesthetic options for parents and crofter. Let’s explore DIY toy storage’s amazing possibilities.

Diy toy boxes

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List of DIY Toy Boxes

Following is the list of the top 10 DIY toy boxes

1.      Traditional DIY Wooden Toy Box

Diy toy boxes

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This classic do-it-yourself toy box made of wood has an air of quaintness thanks to its design, which has stood the test of time. The painting technique on the box achieves the ideal combination of unpretentious elegance and uncomplicated attractiveness.

Because of its vast storage space, it is an ideal option for fitting huge toys or an extensive collection of varying sizes. Even a zoo’s worth of stuffed animals could fit inside of it if one so wished.

The lid is a standout feature, equipped with both hinges and a torsion hinge, ensuring child safety by eliminating the risk of accidental finger injuries when closed. This classic toy box design combines aesthetics and functionality for a versatile and safe storage solution.

Traditional DIY wooden toy box-view plan

2.      Charming Rolling Wooden Crate Storage

Diy toy boxes

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Simplify playtime and cleanup for kids by considering a mobile toy storage solution on wheels. Rolling storage offers the advantage of conveniently moving the toy box closer to the play area, making playtime more enjoyable.

Furthermore, it transforms tidying up into a stress-free and fun activity. This setup is especially suitable for children with fewer items to store or for keeping their most-played toys and stuffed animals easily accessible.

You can even enhance the charm of the wooden crates by giving them an attractive coat of paint, adding character and personalization to the storage solution.

Charming Rolling Wooden Crate Storage-view plan

3.      Large do-it-Yourself Toy Box on Wheels

Diy toy boxes

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Create an expansive and user-friendly DIY toy chest with this project, perfect for children with many toys or large play items. The wooden box is practical and has a charming antique appearance, capturing attention and evoking a sense of nostalgia.

What sets this toy chest apart is the caster wheels integrated into its design, allowing easy mobility around the room as needed. Moreover, the addition of an entertaining pull string adds both elegance and functionality.

This feature enhances the chest’s visual appeal and makes it more user-friendly for children. With ample space, charming aesthetics, and convenient mobility, this DIY toy chest combines style and practicality to meet the needs of both parents and kids.

Large Do-It-Yourself Toy Box on Wheels-view plan

4.      Project Featuring a Fun Monster Toy Box

Diy toy boxes

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This engaging toy storage solution is designed to make tidying up a breeze for your kids. It features captivating and non-scary monster designs, and this vivid and colorful box adds a delightful touch to any children’s room.

We start with repurposing an ottoman, offering an eco-friendly twist while creating a unique spot for your child to store all their toys neatly. It’s a win-win situation – sustainability meets entertainment! Your kids will be eager to fill this friendly monster with their beloved toys, making cleanup an exciting adventure.

Project Featuring a Fun Monster Toy Box-view plan

5.      Rolling Ottoman Toy Box

Diy toy boxes

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When considering DIY toy box ideas, a rolling ottoman toy box is practical and engaging for kids. Its mobility allows children to carry it around while playing and cleaning up, making organization enjoyable.

The built-in wheels provide flexibility to place it anywhere in the room, adapting to your space’s changing needs. Moreover, the ottoman is a comfortable seat, offering a dual-purpose solution.

Kids can lounge on it, enhancing its versatility over the years. This DIY project combines functionality and playfulness, making it an excellent addition to any playroom or child’s bedroom.

Rolling Ottoman Toy Box-view plan

6.      Calm-Styled DIY Toy Box

Diy toy boxes

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We are crafting a DIY toy chest with a calming aesthetic that offers a versatile and soothing storage solution suitable for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. This homemade creation provides ample space to stow away plush animals and larger toys, reducing clutter and promoting a serene atmosphere.

The lid’s safe and dependable design ensures children’s safety while accessing their belongings. This project allows for size, color, and design customization, making it a charming addition to any space.

It enhances organization and adds tranquility to the room, making it an ideal DIY project for parents seeking functionality and aesthetics.

Calm Styled DIY Toy Box-view plan

7.      Nice DIY Upholstered Toy Box

Diy toy boxes

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Adding a custom-made upholstered toy box can benefit a child’s bedroom. While it may seem simple at first glance, the padded lid adds a touch of sophistication while remaining inviting. You have the creative freedom to choose any fabric pattern that complements the room’s overall theme.

It is the thoughtful design of the lid; children can easily close it without the risk of pinched fingers. For an extra decorative touch, you can place some pillows on top of the box that match the fabric of the lid, enhancing both style and comfort.

Nice DIY Upholstered Toy Box

8.      Customized Wooden Toy Chest With Paintwork

Diy toy boxes

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When crafting a toy chest for your child, why not make it as unique and special as possible? This wooden toy box provides ample storage space and stands out with its eye-catching exterior.

The hand-painted designs on the white backdrop allow you the freedom to add accent colors or specific artwork, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Consider adding your child’s name to the lid of the box; this personalization enhances the sense of ownership and adds a fun and distinctive touch to the room’s decor.

Customized Wooden Toy Chest with Paintwork-view plan

9.      Large Wooden Crate for Toys

Diy toy boxes

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Consider this oversized wooden toy crate when searching for a toy storage solution built to stand the test of time. This chest offers a substantial depth, making it ideal for storing many children’s toys.

Its chic yet rustic design sets it apart, allowing it to grow with your child and accommodate a wide range of items, including board games. Its adaptability makes it a versatile storage choice. Children of various ages will find this chest easy to use, and there’s no need to worry about getting trapped inside, as the lid is hinged and can be kept open when necessary.

Large Wooden Crate for Toys-view plan

10. Simple and Classic do-it-yourself Toy Box

Diy toy boxes

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A timeless and straightforward approach is always a great choice when generating ideas for homemade toy storage solutions. If you’re looking for a basic way to tidy up the clutter of toys or stuffed animals scattered around your home, opting for simplicity is often the best route.

This toy box is manageable, making it perfect for organizing a smaller collection of toys or just a few cherished items. Its charming design also features a weathered look, adding even more charm and elegance to your space. To personalize it, consider adding the child’s name to the side of the box.

Simple and Classic Do-It-Yourself Toy Box-view plan

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