10 Best DIY Boat Steering Console Plans and ideas in 2023

DIY boat steering console plans empower boating enthusiasts to take control of their vessel’s design and functionality. Crafting a custom boat steering console is a rewarding endeavor that allows for personalized adjustments to suit individual preferences and specific boating needs.

These plans provide a comprehensive guide for constructing the steering console, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with the boat’s layout. From selecting the right materials to step-by-step instructions on assembly and installation, these DIY plans are a valuable resource.

The possibilities are endless, whether you’re aiming for a sleek and modern console design or a classic and functional setup.

Boat owners can tailor their consoles to accommodate navigation equipment, steering systems, and other essentials, optimizing their vessel’s appearance and efficiency.

Embarking on the journey of DIY boat steering console plans opens the door to a world of customization and innovation on the water.

Diy boat steering console plans

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10 Best DIY Boat Steering Console Plans

Here is the list of DIY boat steering console plans

1.  Minivan Center Console DIY

Diy boat steering console plans

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Designing the center console in a minivan as a sleek wooden box serves aesthetic and functional purposes. The chosen wood must look pleasant and be smooth. Before completion, ensure all necessary holes are drilled.

The lid is crafted from plywood or boards, fastened with clamps, and a staple gun. It maintains accessibility to the holes, and thin wooden strips are created. These flexible strips may be put between flat panel sections to remove anything you desire quickly.

Even if everything seems OK without a spray primer, always paint everything. It is particularly important for brown or black surfaces since these colors collect dust and filth rapidly.

Minivan Center Console DIY-view plan

2.  The Wood Center Console

Diy boat steering console plans

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The significance of this center console is better communicated by its design, which is more substantial overall. Expand your workspace with more staff as needed. For this project, gather dense foam, wood, black canvas fabric, and equipment with oscillating cutting blades.

A glue gun and staple gun will be essential for constructing a sturdy structure. After you have finished putting everything else together, it is time for you to utilize the whole saw set to drill holes for the switches.

If it becomes essential, these holes should be made to make it possible for the switches to be removed from the housing.

Center Console Out of Wood-view plan

3.  Custom Center Console

Diy boat steering console plans

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A custom center console refers to a uniquely designed and personalized control and storage unit typically found in the interior of a vehicle, such as a car or a boat. Unlike standard or factory-made consoles, custom ones are tailored to meet specific preferences and needs of the owner.

These consoles can serve various purposes, including housing electronic controls, multimedia systems, cupholders, storage compartments, etc.

They are often crafted from wood, plastic, metal, or leather, and their design can vary widely, from minimalist and functional to elaborate and decorative.

Custom center consoles offer a way to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a vehicle’s interior to suit the individual’s style and requirements.

Custom Center Console-view plan

4.  Build your DIY Center Console

Diy boat steering console plans

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Those with a Ford F150 of the third generation who require more storage space may benefit from this center console box’s low-cost, do-it-yourself installation. The undertaking is straightforward, simplistic, and laid back, depending on how one phrases it.

You only need an MDF board, synthetic leather, Matt black paint, and a few other supplies to construct an armrest storage box. There is no need for a pattern since all you need is these materials.

This approach will also work for individuals who want an armrest storage box for various reasons, such as repairing it or making it seem as if it were brand new.

Build Your Own DIY Center Console-view plan

5.  The Center Console is out of Wood

Diy boat steering console plans

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Those individuals who are interested in constructing their very own wooden center console may benefit from the guidelines that are provided in this video tutorial. The designer creates his plan in two dimensions and then carves the first pieces of plywood into the desired form.

From there, he builds the foundation of the console and then molds it on both sides. Before firmly attaching the pieces with wood glue, he confirms that they are flush with one another and then joins them.

The primary benefit of choosing a wooden board rather than plastic or glass for the dashboard is that it is more durable than either of those materials, and its texture adds a special touch to your vehicle.

Center Console Out of Wood-view plan

6.  Custom Center Console with a Secret

Diy boat steering console plans

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The convenience of having quick access to one’s belongings was a primary design goal for this one-of-a-kind center console. The cupholders in the center console may be pulled up to reveal a hidden storage area that can be accessible.

There is sufficient space in the hidden compartment for eyeglasses and other small things you wish to have while driving.

The cupholders are designed to accommodate standard soda cans, but they can also hold a portion of a beer can if you have enough space on your lap for it. Because of the innovative design, getting to everything included inside the console is a lot simpler.

Custom Center Console with a Secret-view plan

7.  The Car Console Box DIY

Diy boat steering console plans

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Your vehicle would benefit greatly from the installation of a center console. If you are involved in an accident or collision, it protects your mobile phones, keys, and other small items from being broken.

This instruction will teach you to quickly create one if your present console needs to meet your demands more closely or if it has been destroyed due to an accident.


You needed wood boards and carpentry equipment to duplicate the center console with a more comfortable armrest and fitting amenities, such as cupholders that match the depth of handrail measures. Now is the ideal moment to put your stamp on the inside of your vehicle.

Car Console Box DIY-view plan

8.  Building a Center Console

Diy boat steering console plans

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An exceptional center console provides a location to store all of your necessary boating equipment, making it simple to get to those items whenever needed.

Using a variety of equipment and having some fundamental carpentry abilities are required to construct a center console tailored to your boat. If you have never made cabinets, you should become familiar with the fundamentals before using more complicated techniques.

Following the instructions, you will learn how to construct bespoke cupholders, assemble a drink holder that won’t spill, manufacture flip-up lids, and various other skills.

Building a Center Console-view plan

9.  DIY Center Console for Land Rover

Diy boat steering console plans

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You can create the center console for your Land Rover with nothing more than a wood plank. You can take advantage of the enhanced comfort and the fashionable upgrade.

By watching this instructional video, you will discover how to construct a center console for your vehicle that is tailored to suit it like a glove. The supplies are affordable, and if you follow the procedures in the right order, you may get an excellent finish quickly.

If you follow the instructions in this video, you won’t need any specialized equipment to complete the project, and you can get all the necessary components at any arts and crafts store. You will also learn how to paint the console to be consistent with the rest of the inside of your car.

DIY Center Console for Land rover-view plan

10. DIY Aluminum Center Console

Diy boat steering console plans

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DIY aluminum center consoles are custom-made control and storage units crafted by individuals using aluminum materials. These are often created for boats, cars, or other vehicles as a personal project.

You’ll be able to give your GTJ vehicle a modern and sophisticated look with the help of the Aluminum Center Console that you build yourself. This aluminum console is not only simple to install but can also be adapted to the cabin of your particular car.

It has enough space for all your necessities, like your mobile phone, sunglasses, a snack, a water bottle, and other items, so you won’t have to lug them about while you’re driving.

You will be able to construct an aluminum center console all by yourself with the aid of this instruction. This undertaking will not require specialized equipment and will cost around $150.

DIY Aluminum Center Console-view plan

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