10 Free Dog Kennel Plans for 2023

Dog kennel plans offer a way to create comfortable and personalized spaces for our furry friends. Whether you have a small or large yard, these plans come in various sizes and designs to meet your needs.

In this guide, we’ll explore dog kennel plans, providing easy-to-understand insights and tips for crafting a safe and cozy space for your dog. From simple kennels to more elaborate dog houses, these plans offer options to suit your preferences and your pet’s requirements.

With these blueprints, you can ensure your dog has a secure and comfortable home. So, whether you’re a novice or an experienced builder, these plans provide a path to create a welcoming haven for your beloved canine companion.

Dog kennel plans

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List of 10 Dog Kennel Plans

Following are top Dog kennel plans.

1.  Simple Dog House

Dog kennel plans

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The Simple Dog House plan offers a fantastic solution for pet owners seeking an attractive yet straightforward shelter for their furry companions. This free plan is tailored to accommodate dogs of average size, ensuring a comfortable and cozy home for your four-legged friend.

Within this comprehensive plan, you’ll find a step-by-step overview that includes a list of all the necessary equipment and materials, cutting guidelines, and detailed construction instructions, complete with illustrative examples.

Crafting a dog house using this plan provides your pet with a safe and inviting haven and offers a rewarding and enjoyable DIY experience. With the Simple Dog House plan, you can create a charming, functional, and comfortable space for your beloved canine companion in no time.

Simple Dog House-view plan

2.  Plan for the Crooked Dog House

Dog kennel plans

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The Crooked Dog House blueprint offers a unique and charming twist to your pet’s shelter while being budget-friendly. This free plan, guided by Ana White, provides a detailed step-by-step walkthrough accompanied by many images, diagrams, and clear instructions.

This user-friendly approach ensures you can quickly and effortlessly construct this quirky dog house, giving it character and personality.

With this blueprint, you’ll not only create a cozy haven for your canine companion but also add a touch of creativity to your outdoor space. It’s a perfect DIY project for those seeking a distinctive, budget-conscious dog house design.

Plan for the Crooked Dog House-view plan

3. Straightforward a-Frame Dog House

Dog kennel plans

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It is a simple concept for a dog home that is not only straightforward to construct but also results in a dog house that looks fantastic when it is built and placed in your yard.

You won’t spend more than one hundred dollars on the supplies, which can be assembled in less than half a day. The construction of this dog home requires no guessing on your part since blueprints, a material list, step-by-step directions, and even videos are included in the free dog house design.

Straightforward A-Frame Dog House-view plan

4.  Dog House With a Deck Plan

Dog kennel plans

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The free dog house layout from Jen Woodhouse has a deck, toy box, and space for food and water bowls. You must sign up for their free newsletter to get the plans.

Once you have done so, you will be sent a PDF file with a list of tools, materials, cuts, illustrations, and thorough instructions on constructing the item.

You may obtain further guidance, in the form of images and even a video tutorial, at Wood Shop Diaries, which will assist you in finishing this straightforward and uncomplicated job.

Dog House With Deck Plan-view plan

5.  Free Blueprints for a Dog House

Dog kennel plans

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Free blueprints for a dog house are a boon for owners looking to provide their furry friends with a cozy and customized shelter. These user-friendly resources offer a comprehensive package, including a materials list, a cutting guide, and detailed construction instructions.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced builder, these free blueprints simplify the process, making it accessible. By downloading these plans, you’ll have everything you need to create a comfortable and secure home for your canine companion, ensuring they have a dedicated space to relax and seek shelter from the elements.

These blueprints are a valuable resource for dog lovers looking to enhance their pet’s living conditions without breaking the bank.

Free blueprints for a dog house-view plan

6.  Custom insulated Dog House Plan

Dog kennel plans

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This insulated dog home can be constructed to accommodate dogs of any size, from toy to giant breeds, and it has insulation to keep your pet warm. It makes it possible for the dog to enter a portion of the doghouse shielded from the elements and move to the rear of the structure.

It is a fantastic concept for an all-around dog home that is simple enough for a novice to build. This free dog home design comes with accompanying videos that walk you through each stage of the construction process and several schematics that show the dog house seen from various perspectives.

Custom Insulated Dog House Plan

7.  Insulated a-Frame Dog House

Dog kennel plans

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The Insulated A-frame dog house blueprint presents an adorable and charming design that can enhance any corner of your yard. Resembling a dollhouse with its window pane door and steeple roof, it provides comfort and adds a delightful aesthetic touch.

This comprehensive plan includes a shopping list of necessary tools, detailed instructions, and diagrams, making it a user-friendly resource for crafting this insulated dog house.

Perfect for those seeking functionality and style, this blueprint ensures your furry friend enjoys a cozy and visually appealing shelter, making it a wonderful addition to your outdoor space.

Insulated A-frame dog house-view plan

8.  Indoor Dog Kennel End Table

Dog kennel plans

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Indoor Dog Kennel End Table offers a multifunctional solution for pet owners, combining stylish furniture with a comfortable space for your dog. This blueprint provides clear textual instructions and includes helpful images, diagrams, and visual aids to ensure an easy and enjoyable construction process.

With this innovative design, you can create a practical indoor kennel for your pet that seamlessly blends into your home decor.

It’s a perfect DIY project for maximizing functionality and aesthetics. It offers your furry friend a cozy retreat while serving as an attractive end table in your living space.

Indoor Dog Kennel End Table

9.  DIY Wooden Doghouse Tutorial

Dog kennel plans

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This charming doghouse is outfitted with two teeny windows, each with its own set of shutters, guaranteeing that your pet will have the prettiest home on the street. It has a contemporary but homey air to the cedar shingles that cover the roof.

Because it is constructed out of pine boards and plywood, it will remain in good condition for many seasons. The room looks complete, with a blackboard nameplate on the wall over the entrance.

The construction of this dog home is simple, and the free blueprint includes everything you want to get the construction process underway.

DIY Wooden Doghouse Tutorial

10. East Fork Free Doghouse Plan

Dog kennel plans

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The East Fork Free Doghouse Plan provides a charming blueprint for a doghouse that can enhance the aesthetics of any yard. Its window pane door and steeple roof design give it the delightful appearance of a dollhouse.

This comprehensive plan includes a shopping list, a tool list, clear instructions, and helpful diagrams. It’s a user-friendly resource that makes assembling this cute dog home a straightforward and enjoyable DIY project.

Perfect for pet owners who want their furry companions to have comfort and style, this plan ensures that your dog’s shelter becomes a charming addition to your outdoor space.

East Fork Free Doghouse Plan

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